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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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I've seen it used as the handicapped entrance (it is the way to the elevator, after all.) But I have never seen it used for a single riders line.


In 2010 I used it many times during my visits in July. I'm always by myself, so it was perfect for me, plus fills the train.

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Nee-ope, no single-rider lines either (to my knowledge).


RXCC has a single-riders line as did Fahrenheit in it's first year of operation.


Here's a brand-new update with a few other photos I took today.



Behold! The all-mighty and all-knowing Coaster Box!













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^IIRC, that was done because they found out there would be a clearance issue when the train went over the station between the reduction and the main brakes (block brakes? brake run? Main brake run? Which term is properly used in this case?)

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^You'll line up like a normal coaster, four people will walk through the air gates and they'll take their seats. Just like any four-across coaster. So you just have to battle it out with your friends for who gets which seat!

I find that odd maybe a separate queue for each row with a normal and winged seating?

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^^No. It's exactly what I said - one line, four people. Done deal. These seats aren't arranged like the new B&M hypers, they're arranged like the GIB trains - and loading one row of them from two separate rows is an absolute mess. You're just going to need to figure out which seat you're taking and which your friend is getting before you sit down, simple as that.

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I can confirm from our tour in January that the four people per row will board all at once, with no separate queuing for the winged seats.


You can't board and restrain outer and inner seats separately because the person that sits in the seat closest to the queue gates will end up blocking the two people who will sit in the center. Subsequently, having the two people in the center sit down first will block the person who will sit on the outer seat that is farthest away.


So, the only solution is to board four at once, with everyone moving across the row and filling in the seats.

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