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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 274: Pipeline photos & Howl-O-Scream trip report!

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Anyone know the descent angle on this coaster? I'm curious if it'll be more like B&M's traditional hypers around 70 degrees, or more like Shambhala/Leviathan/Fury around 80+ degrees.


Also, why hasn't anyone talked about that first element? It's a little harder to see in the concept art but it looks extremely overbanked, almost borderline top-hat like.

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Exactly, this is a great way to advertise driving from the Mid-west all the way to Florida. I also like the color scheme chosen...very nice hues!

Looks like I may be able to make it back to FL next year after 10+ years...very excited to see more stuff at SeaWorld and that they are still very much in business.

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Kind of a newbie here, so forgive any stupid comments.


It just blows my mind to see this truck and transport system. I guess I've never thought of what it actually takes to construct a coaster, especially just getting the track from the warehouse to the park.


In this case, I would guess that piece is about 50 feet long. With a track size of 4700 feet, at 50 feet a piece, that's 94 pieces of JUST TRACK.


So am I crazy, or will they have to have 93 MORE trucks, just like this one, rolling down I-75 from Ohio to Orlando?????


That seems amazing, just to get the track there. Then all of the supports, and machinery? What a MASSIVE undertaking just to get it on site.


My mind then thought of the storing, organizing, and moving (certainly by crane) of each piece from the parking lot (or wherever) to the park.


I'll enjoy the heck out of it once it's comlete, and sure am glad I'm not the project manager in charge of everything required from the beginnings of a warehouse in Ohio, to final product in Orlando.

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^ Normally the lighter color paints are the ones that fade quickly and get ugly. Darker colors not only hold up better, but they also tend to keep a lot of their tint when they fade.


I have to admit that at first, the layout seemed kind of bland, but it definitely is growing on me. Not sure if it can beat Nitro (my number one B&M) but it could come close. Especially seeing that the latest B&M designs have been a little more forceful.

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