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  1. The Roots are a Grammy-Award winning, platinum-selling band, and Questlove is an incredibly accomplished producer and musician with a long list of credits. They're definitely more than just a show band! Before they got the Fallon Gig, they had huge hits in the Hip Hop/RnB charts, but they're multi-genre and dable in other kinds of music. "You Got Me" with Erykah Badu even has a little 90s Drum N' Bass. Check out "Things Fall Apart" to start - classic album. Much respect for Questlove & The Roots!
  2. I grew up with CGA in my backyard so I have a soft spot for the old Marriott parks. Thanks for this report! Gotta say though, LOOK at all that airtime on whizzer!!! 165.8 seconds That's like..the whole ride.
  3. Also a PoGo'er as well! Trainer Name: JigLewPuff 0080 6618 4095 I'm still waiting on Go Fest Tickets. This slow roll-out has been killing me! Anyone else planning on going?
  4. Great TR! Seeing your pics made me want to book another trip to Japan! MariCar was a huge highlight of my Japan trip in 2017. Sooooo much fun, and it didn't feel unsafe at all. During our coffee break, we walked past a group of school kids and they cheered when we walked past. Some wanted to take pictures too! We picked a 3 hour night ride and the time flew by so fast. There's nothing like flying down Rainbow Bridge, full speed in a Go Kart. I highly recommend doing this if anyone's planning a trip to Japan. Just make sure to make reservations with them on Facebook (well in advance), and get your International Driver's License. You have to have one in order to do this. Best experience ever!!
  5. 100% Agree!! Tron, Everest, Dwarves, Vekoma & Disney come up with amazing concepts when they work together. I used to wish that Disney would work with other coaster manufacturers, but they've proved me wrong each and every time they open up a new ride together. I was BLOWN AWAY by Tron and I can't wait for this!
  6. Lovely TR! I took a trip to all of the Disney parks in Asia last year, and even though Shanghai Disneyland was AMAZING, with Tron and Pirates being among the best Disney rides anywhere, the Tokyo Disney Resort takes the cake in terms of overall experience. TDL and TDS were EVERYTHING I was expecting them to be and more! When I went, the Cast Members made sure we didn't take any photos (even without flash) inside queue lines, which surprised me since this was the first time I've come across this policy at a Disney Park. They were very strict about it, too. Did they enforce this rule during your trip as well? I'm curious as to the reasoning behind it, since the Disneyland Resort and WDW Resort encourages guests to post and hashtag everything on their social media. It's probably a cultural difference, I'm sure, and we respected and followed the rules, but still curious!
  7. Hey everyone, Just got back from my trip to China & Japan and I hope to post a TR on the Disney parks soon! Meanwhile, here's a quick look at the Beauty and the Beast construction over at Tokyo Disneyland. The structure is up to the second story, and from the looks of it so far, the show building will be pretty large. Thanks for all the advice on the Hilton & the TDR!! We loved our stay and being at the parks was an absolute dream come true! Here's a wide shot of the construction. A closer shot of the construciton. Looks like the showbuilding will be pretty big!
  8. I'm definitely aware about TDL's Pooh being vastly superior to all of the Pooh rides in the world, so it's high on my list!! I used to intern for Eddie Sotto back when he was at Progress City in Santa Monica, and am a big fan of his work. I can't miss Pooh's Hunny Hunt, for sure!
  9. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! It looks like Hilton Tokyo Bay is the place to be, and we won't have to break the bank! I think we'll probably check out the Miracosta and DLH and take pictures inside, maybe have a meal. I'm sure we'll be back! Anyway, I'm soooooo excited for this trip! I've been wanting to ride Journey To The Center Of The Earth ever since TDS opened. 16 years of seeing TDS on the internet and always wanting to go... I can't believe it's actually going to happen! I've been reading that Toy Story is the most popular ride at TDS right now, but since we have TS here in Anaheim, I might forego that and beeline for Mysterious Island when the park opens. I did hear that the queue is lovely, so I would ride it if we have extra time. Do the lines for Journey still get pretty long?
  10. Hi everyone! I'm headed to the Tokyo Disney Resort for the first time from Friday Dec1-Dec4 (our flight is on the evening of Dec 4). It's a dream come true! Any tips besides the ones mentioned above on dealing with weekend lines? Journey, 20K Leagues, Pooh, Monsters and ToT are the rides I'm looking forward to the most from either park. I live in Los Angeles, so DL is my home park, and I've been to WDW a few times, and DLP last year. Unfortunately, we weren't able to secure a reservation at Miracosta, so we'll be staying at the Hilton Tokyo Bay. The Disneyland Hotel IS available from Dec3/4 and I'm considering booking those nights just to have the Disney Hotel experience, even if it's cut short. That would also mean taking a couple of hours out of our day on the 3rd in order to check out of the Hilton & check into the Disneyland Hotel. Any thoughts on those plans? My gut tells me to just stick with my Hilton reservation so that we don't lose out on valuable time within the parks. I would consider switching hotels if the experience will be that much more heightened, and if the benefits of staying at the DLH further outweigh the 1-2 hours it'll take to switch hotels. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the awesome replies everyone! Much appreciated and very helpful! Yeah, renting a car in England is probably something that I want to avoid, since I'm used to driving in Los Angeles (which is a hell of a battle in its own right, lol!)--so driving on the left side of the road, sitting on the right side of the car, roundabouts...they're all things that, I'm sure, will take a lot of getting used to, for the short amount of time that I'm there. That said, I'd rather take trains, buses and taxis when I can! I'm still deciding between the two, but whatever decision I make, I'll post a TR & some pics when I get back
  12. WOW! What a great TR and tour! I posted on the Alton Towers thread that I have an opportunity to visit Thorpe or Alton this summer, but I'm restricted on time, and flying into Heathrow. I received lots of suggestions, and it seems like a lot of folks were saying that because of my time constraints, that it would make more sense to just go to Thorpe instead of Alton. These pics are great and Thorpe Park seems really fun. I'm still undecided as of now..but this is making me want to check out Thorpe even more!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm travelling to Europe for the first time this summer, landing in Heathrow and then country hopping for a couple weeks. I'd like to squeeze in a trip to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park at the beginning of my trip. Ideally Alton Towers since it's been a dream of mine to visit that park ever since Nemesis opened. Looking online, it seems like going from Heathrow to Alton is a huge trek unless you rent a car -and I'd like to avoid having to rent a car during my trip unless I absolutely have to. Any tips on getting to Alton Towers from London/Heathrow Airport? Do you recommend that I stay overnight in Alton and then head back to London the next day? I really only have a day to visit the park, so it'll be a quickie. Thanks for any suggestions!
  14. Kudos to SeaWorld's Marketing Team -- really simple but clever way to create social media buzz for the ride.
  15. I bought the CD Soundtrack back in 2001 when the park first opened, and although beautiful, it was hard get a feel for the ride experience. Watching old videos - the lighting was too dark and would only capture certain scenes. This is definitely the best video I've seen for this ride. Thanks so much for creating and posting this!! The colors in this ride are gorgeous in the video, and I bet they're even more stunning in person.
  16. When my hubby and I went to WDW for the first time, we planned on spending 1/2 a day at AK..but when we went there, we absolutely fell in love with it and decided to return the next day. I love the sense of exploration and discovery. To me, AK is not like any of the other 4 parks. You have to hike through the trees & exhibits for a long way until you actually see the centerpiece of the park-the Tree of Life. In the 3 times I've gone to AK, I felt like there was always something new to see or experience. It's also a very relaxing park..the music, lush landscaping and the bodies of water really make me feel like I'm in another world. It doesn't really seem too crazy crowded- also a plus. We're not always show people when it comes to theme parks, but we love musicals and theater..so when we gave Nemo & Lion King a shot. I love "Avenue Q" - so I knew going into Nemo, that at least I would like the music. We were blown away! Everest is probably my fave in all of WDW. Yep...I know I'm totally in the minority here..but I LOVE DAK! Loved it so much that I drink coffee out of my DAK mug everyday, wishing I was there, LOL!
  17. Hi everyone! I just noticed that the Tokyo Disney Resort is now available to view in 3-D mode in Apple Maps. I don't know when they made this change, but I remember trying it a few months ago and it was still in 2-D. It's pretty cool to see Disney Sea in 3-D!
  18. The color scheme for the boomerang reminds me of Drachen Fire a little bit. Very pretty!
  19. I really wish I got to ride Horizons! After listening to the soundtrack for the ride and seeing all of the videos, makes me think it's much more re-ridable than Mission:Space (which I enjoyed..but I feel like I've done it and I have no need to ride it again).
  20. "After 30,000 years of time travel, here we are, a truly global community, poised to shape the future of this, our Spaceship Earth." Spaceship Earth at EPCOT. Whenever I see it peeking from the parking lot, I get really excited. When I'm on it, I'm blown away by the fact that we're in this gigantic sphere instead of a traditional show-building, tucked away in some corner of the park. Sure, there are moments of cheesy goodness...but I actually find the ride inspirational..which I didn't expect from a theme park attraction! LOVE Spaceship Earth!!
  21. Such an amazing, beautiful park. These pictures really make me wanna go to Germany, NOW! Thank you for this! Looks like you had an excellent time.
  22. Was there a huge applause from the riders returning from their trip through Gringotts?? After I rode USH's Transformers during previews, my entire car cheered the staff and clapped like crazy. It really made the whole experience feel special and unique--and I'm sure the ride-ops/cast members appreciated it. I'm sure from looking at the vines, the riders came back with huge smiles and thunderous applause (that is, of course, if the ride didn't break down! ) Looks like you guys had fun. I'm living vicariously through all the USF park-goers on instagram or twitter, lol
  23. Now there is something you don't hear every day. LMAO!! When I drove out of Newark, I got stuck on the Turnpike..so Google Maps directed me through the side streets...definitely a LOT more green than what I see here in LA. I missed it as soon as I drove closer and closer to the airport, of course!
  24. Thanks!! I just took it with my iPhone. I'm getting the new Sony RX 100 M3..should be coming in the mail really soon..though I wish I had it in time for this trip!! Oh well...! The weather actually made it even more thrilling. Loved it.
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