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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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I've been hearing that Mike Fehnel was interviewed by a local news channel yesterday, and he said "Cedar Fair officials hope to make Carowinds a roller coaster mecca". If he means it, then that is great news for the park. Carowinds definitely has the potential to be another coaster mecca, and it could mean that Cedar Fair might be dropping the mentality of "Everyone must bow down to Cedar Point". Should be interesting to see what this actually means.

Well, That was evident with Fury 325 being, well, 325 feet! Now, cedar point will always be the park in the chain...its now under the leadership of folks who see potential outside of cedar point and willing to expand and develop and put record breaking rides elsewhere.


^I never put much stock in PR hyperbole.

Knowing Mike, this isn't just PR garble. I mean, they are only trailing SFMM, CP and CW so technically they can already be considered a Coaster mecca.

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Had a great time yesterday, easily the best time I've ever had at Carowinds. We enjoyed ourselves last year, but at the end of the day we weren't even ready to leave.


The new food was great, we ate at Harmony Hall for lunch and grabbed some fries and nachos at Chickies and Petes before taking two last rides on Fury. We ate at Harmony Hall last year as well, but the food was better this time around. Also, we caught a live performance this time, which was very fun. Both times eating there last year, all we had were football games, ugh.


Fury is something else, doesn't even compare to any other hyper B&M has ever built. The only part of the ride I would consider drawn out/boring (barely so, it's rather insignificant... just being critical) is the transition from the over bank into the first airtime hill. You just kind of glide at an insignificant angle for a few moments. A double down element could have been much more exciting, but it is what it is. The helix rides better than it looks, not terribly forceful, but it isn't boring. The rest of the ride is very fast, and it really throws you around a good bit. The twist at the top of the "S curve" really throws you out of your seat (left side of the train, in particular). It's a short pop of airtime that shouldn't even exist, I love it, really took me by surprise on my first ride. The dive into the tunnel is fun too, but not my favorite moment. Now the airtime hills, the first and last rows are the best here. Not as strong as Maverick, i305 etc, but it's the strongest in the park. Again, I was pretty surprised by it. If you're sitting near the middle, the airtime isn't awesome- similar to the "good" airtime moments on the last row of intimidator. Got 10 rides yesterday, all over the train. Seats 1-4, and 8-4 are the best. I'm still ranking it behind i305, but before MF and Maverick (maybe that will change with those new restraints?). B&M really outdid themselves, great, great ride.


On a side note, Thunder Road was a huge disappointment this season. Only two seasons since the refurb and the whole ride was running rough. If I didn't know any better I wouldn't be able to tell you where the new track ended and the old started. Bummer, this ride was great the past 2 seasons.


Excited to see what the future hold for Carowinds, can't wait to make it back out to the park!

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^I'm curious to see the new entrance. The old "plantation house" entry way was nice, though.


I agree, the plantation house really gave it that southern feel.


I have to be honest, I've been to the park twice and never noticed the old Plantation house themeing at the entrance.

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Rode Fury 325 today for the first time. The ride is THE BEST B&M built. Smooth, forceful, and filled with airtime. It's a coaster that can be re-ridden several times with no issues, and still is interesting. Carowinds asked for a giga, and this is what they got. The GP and coaster enthusiasts will love it at the same time. The airtime almost forces you against the lap bar, and I like that fact. The length, speed, height, drop in Fury 325 is what I want in a coaster. Fury 325 is my #1 coaster.

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Hi all!


I'm an avid poster in the SFMM Updates page, but next month, I'll be visiting Carowinds for the first time. Specifically, I'll be there Friday, April 17th. As I've never been there, I wanted to hear everybody's recommendations regarding which paths to take, which coasters to hit first, etc. I know Fury 325 is brand new and probably one of the first coasters we should hit, but again, I want to hear from more Carowinds-savvy people.



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^^^^ how cool was that headchopper on the helix LOL. loved seeing everyone's hands come down at that moment. Awesome ride!!!!


We knew it was coming but even so it made me flinch!


yeah, the pov video does not do it justice....cause it really does look like your going to smack it face first

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Verdict on this whole debate: Fury 325 > Millennium Force. Go ahead and hate me.


Also, the park's baked pasta is the best park food I've ever had. I'm glad that Cedar Fair has begun placing an emphasis on food.


EDIT: Also, I happened to see on Thunder Road a bunch of people marking stuff under Thunder Road and in the parking lot next to it. Let the rumors begin!

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Hi all!


I'm an avid poster in the SFMM Updates page, but next month, I'll be visiting Carowinds for the first time. Specifically, I'll be there Friday, April 17th. As I've never been there, I wanted to hear everybody's recommendations regarding which paths to take, which coasters to hit first, etc. I know Fury 325 is brand new and probably one of the first coasters we should hit, but again, I want to hear from more Carowinds-savvy people.



Today, I heard waits were like 30 minutes to an hour. I would def hit up nighthawk first, that line only gets worst...

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Kids were off school Friday so I took the day off of work and we made the 7 hour drive to the Pass Holder preview Friday evening and Opening Day Saturday. Just got back - so here's (another) quick review. We got 1 ride in Friday - back row - it was a bit chilly and going 325' after not riding a coaster for almost 5 months is always exciting - but with that said my first impression was that it was very, very good - a solid 9/10. It didn't have that OMG! effect I've gotten with some other coasters - but I knew it was (to me) a top tier coaster. Kudos to Cedar Fair / Carowinds / B&M - it's enough of a thrill for enthusiasts - and something the general public will eat up. I found it interesting that they announced riders would be assigned a seat due to the length of the line - and they stuck to this rule. It took a while for my kids to get a ride up front Saturday and they got 20+ rides in thanks to FL+.


Though I had never been to Carowinds - so I can't compare things to the old front entrance - the new entrance was beautiful - it did not remind me of Cedar Point's at all - except for the actual gate area - with the pedestals and a smaller LCD screen. The ticket windows were also similar - but the overall look / feel was unique to Carowinds.


I was pleasantly surprised by Afterburn and Carolina Goldrusher - the rest didn't do it for me. Intimidator was typical B&M hyper to me. Liked the park overall - easy to get around - and fun to watch the planes go by - but probably won't be back until they add another big coaster (which I'm guessing won't be for a while).


Here's some more pics - just couldn't resist with such a beautiful coaster...


Love having access to the coaster from the parking lot - makes for some great pics!


Looks like it could just walk away


Does this coaster have a bad angle?


Fresh bolts!


Love the color scheme


Drop time / Air time


Another wide shot


The sight of planes all day was unique to this park


Out the other


In one side


Impressive front entrance


Main gate


Great theming


Peaking through the yet to bloom trees


81 degrees down


This ride is all about speed


and more speed


Caro _ _ _ _ _


Hands up! The only way!


Coming through


Even the Macho Man in back approves!


See you later


Loved the "newness" of the seats / restraints


'murca - had to go taller than it's Canadian brother


The tunnel element is a great touch


Zooming out the tunnel


Lots of great twists and turns


I thought only Intamin did twisty...


Lift hill motor goodness


Got my son the pin set (to match the Banshee set he "won" on the TPR tour


Back of pin set


Kid were able to snag first rider tee's - didn't seem to be as many as Banshee last year


What patrons will be greeted by overhead

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Love the first rider shirts, I wish every park did something like that.


As for the ride itself, whether you love it or are just "meh" about it, you can't deny how impressive it looks flying over the new entrance. It's very similar to GateKeeper in that way.

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Hi all!


I'm an avid poster in the SFMM Updates page, but next month, I'll be visiting Carowinds for the first time. Specifically, I'll be there Friday, April 17th. As I've never been there, I wanted to hear everybody's recommendations regarding which paths to take, which coasters to hit first, etc. I know Fury 325 is brand new and probably one of the first coasters we should hit, but again, I want to hear from more Carowinds-savvy people.



Awesome! I'll be there that day as well. It'll be my first visit also. The best thing to do is invest in the Fast Lane Plus. Especially if you don't plan on visiting anytime later in the season. My first goal is to hit Fury 325 first, and work my around the park counter clockwise. The park is open 9AM-10PM. Plenty of time to really enjoy the park and really take in the scenery. I'm ready for April, and I hope you enjoy your visit as much as I plan on doing. Who knows, we might run into each other and don't even know. LOL. By the way, I'm doing a MAJOR trip report!

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I feel so sorry for the people who found Fury 325 to be "semi-thrilling" or " mild". If I ever get off a giga coaster and think to myself "that was pretty tame", that will be the day I stop riding roller coasters altogether, because if you can't appreciate a $25 million giga coaster, then coasters have no point anymore.


Oh boy.


The people who aren't madly in love with Fury 325 still think it's a great addition for the park. Nobody has said it's a bad ride, and nobody is saying that it somehow ruins the hobby for them. They simply have different things they are looking for in a ride (ejector air and quick transitions vs. lots of sustained speed and floater air, for example). Unfortunately, some people seem incredibly defensive over this ride, and that,if anything, is more likely to make the hobby less enjoyable.


Nobody is trash-talking Fury. If it's not their favorite thing, that's fine. It doesn't cater to them specifically, nor is it meant to. This ride turned out how the park wanted it to, and that makes it a success that nobody in the enthusiast community is denying. I'm happy for Carowinds - I think this has really taken them to the next level, and I can fully appreciate it in that sense, even if I think I305 or Maverick is more fun for me personally.


Look at it this way - Most of the people giving it "standard B&M" reviews likely guessed that's what it would be from the day the layout was released, and they still journeyed out to Carowinds to go ride it. As long as they don't cause pain, almost all coasters are fun and worth riding to me, even though I prefer the more intense, limit-pushing stuff.


I think you pretty much nailed it. When you've been on quite a few coasters, you know what you like in a ride. I will hold back public comment on what I think of the ride until I actually ride, but have an idea of exactly how it will feel. I look forward more to riding I-305 again up the road, though

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It's nice to see all of the grass that's grown up around Fury 325. Hopefully we'll some new trees in that area in a few years as well.

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