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What is your local park?

Where abouts are you from?  

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  1. 1. Where abouts are you from?

    • USA - Western
    • USA - Eastern
    • USA - Mid West
    • USA - "The South"
    • United Kingdom
    • Europe - Germany
    • Europe - Netherlands
    • Europe - France
    • Europe - Other Mainland Country
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Somewhere efluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and gooe in the world (post where)

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Hi Elissa and other themepark-wedding-couples,


we tried to involve the "whole" park into our wedding:

In the morning we did a meeting with all our guests (about 70 people) in the Castillo Alcazar Hotel, went with one of the trains to the Norwegian Church and did our ceremony there. After that our guests were driven to the german castle (it`s even smaller than the disneyland one ), and we had a ride with the carriage( I hope that`s the word I`m looking for) through the park. In the evening we used the french restaurant, for our evening party until 2 am in the morning (the park closed at 8pm, so we had the french quarter for us!). If anyone wants to see some pictures I can try to set up some into this forum.


Andy "who`s the last person getting married in the Europa-Park with a real priest but without beeing catholic"

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hey dws_57, I lived in Mt. Hermon for most of my life, very cool, I still have many friends in that area, including my family


<<< and including this guy, Oscar my ex roommate, in Ben Lomand(sp?)



but alas, i has to move, couldn't/wouldn't buy a 2 bedroom for 700,000, not worth it, so now I'm in Albuquerque

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I live in Gainesville, Florida which is just two hours of Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Universal/IOA. Wild Adventures is about 2 hours north of me in Valdosta Georgia. All I know is that Universal/IOA is exactly 114 miles from my doorstep which takes me about an hour and 45 mins to drive to.

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The closest prak to me is Paramount Canada's Wonderland, but after being a season passholder for 15 years, this year I decded against it. The park I spend the MOST time at every year would probably be Epcot. I've been a Disney passholder for 6 years thanks to my friends on rec.arts.disney.parks.



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I live in The Netherlands,


My closest parks are:

Walibi World, 45 Minutes; 1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Efteling, 55 Minutes; 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

First time: That is when my dad brings me by car

Second Time: By Train and Bus

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Unfortunately it's the home of Chickenhawk . Enchanted Village. I prefer my adopted home park of Silverwood


Hey neighbo(u)r.

My home park is Playland at the PNE, about 30 minutes away. It has a 1958 Walter Leroy designed woodie, an Arrow corkscrew and a 202 foot S&S lift/drop tower.

The next closest park would be your "Enchanted" Village, about 3 hours away. I am thinking of getting a season pass just to get into SFMM when we drive to SoCal this summer.

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