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What is your local park?

Where abouts are you from?  

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  1. 1. Where abouts are you from?

    • USA - Western
    • USA - Eastern
    • USA - Mid West
    • USA - "The South"
    • United Kingdom
    • Europe - Germany
    • Europe - Netherlands
    • Europe - France
    • Europe - Other Mainland Country
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Somewhere efluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and gooe in the world (post where)

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my closest theme park is sea world sanantonio,about 2 min away from home a stop sign away.

and...SFFT about 30-45min away

i can see the steel eel out of my back yard the parks 70+mhp hyper coaster at sea worldSanAntonio

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SFMW is about an hour-1/2 away.


PGA is about 2-1/2 hours away. (Can be longer depending on traffic)


BFG is pretty close to 3 hours away. (Same thing on the traffic)


SCBB is about 3-1/2 to 4 hours away.


We hit the first 3 several times each during the season, with most of those trips to SFMW since it's fairly close. We only go to SCBB once in while.


DLR, although it isn't exactly "local" is usually a once a year deal and by far the trip that we look forward to most. We'll sneak back down during the Xmas holiday season if we can swing it. We're leaving tomorrow morning for our week of summer vacation there.

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My Home Park is Kennywood Park (Just Went Yesterday 6-25-05) I live 20 minutes from Kennywood Park, 15 Minutes from Sandcastle Water Park & 5 Minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh, PA.....(I Live Behind A Highway.....But Oddly it's fairly quiet most of the time....except when there are car accidents...of course!


It was hot as all h*ll when I visted KP yesterday...sometimes I find myself wondering...Why..Why do I visit parks during the blundering heat? And then it hit me...For The COASTERS!! Phantom, as always rocked...it would have been even better had my sister not barfed on me mid-course.....wasne't her fault though...It was the cheese fries, lol.


David "Don't Let Bacon-Bits Cheese Fries Be The First Thing You Consume" Knight Jr.

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One Vote for good old germany.

I`m from Munich - so there`s no real themepark near my home.

Guess, it should be Legoland, Germany (45 min away) or the Skyline Park (40 min) but there are only two real choices:

Octoberfest Munich, about 400 visits in my life (damm close)

And more important: the beautiful EUROPA-PARK, my real Homepark, where I got married in 2002 (about 3 hrs away).



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Howdy Everyone!


I know you're all going to be jealous of my location!

I live smack dab in the middle of Nebraska. Here are my home park(s).


Worlds of Fun - 5 hours.....bleh, but Hey It's getting a new B&M next year!

Adventureland - 5 hours.....bleh

Elitch Gardens - 5 hours......bleh

Joyland Witchita - 5 hours.....bleh

Lake Okoboji - 5 hours......bleh


Yeah I pretty much live exactly between all these "bleh" type small parks.

I mostly call Sea World San Antonio my home park because my older sister lives a couple of blocks away from and also works there as an animal care specialist.....because of that I've been there about 10 times.

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^^Captain, did you get married in the park? At one of the hotels? Us other Theme Park Wedding people want to know!


Elissa "the europa park guy said they do a lot of weddings in the Greece section!" Alvey

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