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  1. Didn't see it anywhere in the thread, but could someone tell me if there are bins or other areas to store a bag at Lightning Run and Thunder Run? Thanks!
  2. I'll gladly trade you our inverted coaster for yours. I'd much rather have an impulse than an SLC.
  3. I wonder if it would be possible for them to do two RMC Projects in one Season. I don't really see why they couldn't.... They've done a lot more than two every season if you count retracking projects. Even if you don't, look at this year with Goliath and Medusa.
  4. Has anyone ever liked any of the dorms that are actually out on the point? I've always heard horror stories. Not that the other dorms were that much better. The ability to wake up, shower, and be at my ride all in 30 minutes or less was amazing, actually. Cedars might not be the most luxurious (then again, neither were Commons), but you can't beat the convenience. I'm glad I moved to Cedars when I worked there, actually.
  5. I highly doubt they'd allow the marathon on such a low-capacity coaster in its opening (and probably most popular) year. You'd pretty much have to close the coaster for the day.
  6. It's something to do with groups, probably the performance groups (the yellow circle on the main midway is the typical performance parade path). http://www.cedarpoint.com/images/uploads/file/2013%20Choir%20Map(2).pdf There's a link to the 2013 Choir Map, which has a close-up of the main entrance and GateKeeper.
  7. Looks like Dragon Fire at Canada's Wonderland was left off the ballot, or am I just missing something?
  8. The park got slammed with a very windy snowstorm the end of last week, which means the cranes can't lift any of the steel.
  9. Depends on the speed they run them, but they have the same model at Indiana Beach and you can DEFINITELY snap those (though you're not supposed to).
  10. Hmmmmm... might have to go drive by tomorrow and see if there's any construction work going on. I'd put my money on either a Windseeker or another Surfside Glider like at Knott's, though it wouldn't surprise me to see something in the waterpark to help out capacity there.
  11. Yes, the ride experience is the same every time. The only part that changes are the four screens ranking riders' custom creations at the end of each section. Has anyone ridden it today or yesterday? We rode it on Saturday for a few hours when it first opened up and everything was working fine, but it sounds like later in the day some of the effects stopped working (syncing riders' custom cars to the sim cars, the burning tire smell at the semi, and the efficiency testing in general). Is everything working 100% again?
  12. EDIT: Moved my list to the first post. PM me if you're interested in a trade!
  13. A little late in the game posting this, but I'm actually kind of hoping Disaster Transport finds a new home at another Cedar Fair park. The ride is still in great operating condition from what I hear from op friends, it's just in sitting on such prime real estate for the park to really make an awesome statement at the front gate. I'm hoping they can move it to one of the smaller parks and it will see many more years of operation. I'll also take the time to throw my name out there for the Final Dispatch event. I've missed out on a lot of the previous ride closings (last one was White Water Landing), but Disaster Transport holds a close place in my heart as being the coaster that broke my fear way back in 2001. If anyone would like to donate to a great cause, I'd more than appreciate any donations you could send my way. https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jonroost/finaldispatch1
  14. There's a lot of talk about Maverick's block system here so I figured I'd chime in. The only time a rollback can happen in the tunnel is in the event of a power failure or ride/E-stop when the train is mid-launch. This is the ONLY time a rollback will occur. If the block ahead is not clear (called the "Pre-Waiting" block") the train will stop in the tunnel before the start of the launch. This is different than the lift, as the lift requires the train to pass that same "stop" point in the tunnel, and it is possible to send the train from the "Pre-Lift" block before then (possible as soon as the previous train crests the lift). The train in the tunnel does not adjust where on the track it launches, it launches at the same spot (start of the magnetic launch motors). It cannot roll to the end of the tunnel slowly, it's actually a 20 foot incline from the start of the launch segment to the point the launch disengages, against very power magnets... not possible. The difference you might be feeling is from the kicker wheels before the launch. If the train is too slow or completely stopped heading into the launch, the kicker wheels will engage resulting in a boost of speed to hit the launch itself. During normal operation, the kicker wheels aren't felt. (If anyone has a question about my source: I worked the ride in 2007, so I'm familiar with both the operations, the block system, the programming, etc. I know that ride like the back of my hand)
  15. I took the more traditional route and interned with Cedar Fair in Ride Operations for four summers. The college program I was in required three internships already, but after the three I loved it so much I interned again for another summer. I actually got my start at Cedar Point in 2007 on Maverick, and joined the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at my college the following semester. Looking for an internship and wanting to stay closer to home, I transferred up to Michigan's Adventure and started my internship as a Team Leader. My three college-course internships were done as a Team Leader, and then the final summer (last year) I did a management internship as a Zone Supervisor. I wouldn't have traded it for anything, since it's now landed me a position as the manager of an FEC in the area. Cedar Fair doesn't really advertise their internships a whole lot, but I know Michigan's Adventure alone hired people as interns in pretty much every department. It never hurts to make a phone call and ask if they do internships.
  16. We just drove through earlier today and had no backups whatsoever. I can see how during heavier traffic times it could be slower, but around 12:00 noon today (Saturday) we had no problem getting through. In fact, it almost felt like we were the only ones on the entire road. Maybe everyone's just taking the detour to be safe?
  17. Well, keep in mind that Cedar Point back in 1974 was very little like the Cedar Point of today. They were still on the road to recovery after the depression they got into with the 40's and 50's. They only had four roller coasters, the biggest being the Jumbo Jet. While they were still a popular park, there were a lot of parks opening in the 70's (Kings Island opened in '72, Geauga Lake was starting to expand with bigger rides, and those are just the other two "big" Ohio parks). I think the draw was that it would allow them to get even more guests (and some twice, like they do with Michigan's Adventure) as well as the fact that they would have had a ton of land fresh for a completely new development. There is a little talk about it in the Queen of American Watering Places book (page 184), I think I covered some of what is mentioned in there. Some highlights that book adds include a projected cost of $15 million, as well as the park being themed to Michigan's history. They also mention how it was supposed to open in 1976. The book also mentions the Battle Creek land, which would have cost them $2 million for the land, with a projected project cost of $25 million. The Battle Creek property would have opened in 1978, had 26 rides and had 1,200 seasonal employees. As far as other parks that were operating in Michigan back then, you're looking at Bob-lo Island, Edgewater Park, Lake Lansing Park (final season in 1974), Michigan's Adventure (then known as Deer Park) and the small 10-acre Utica Amusement Park (known as Riverland more recently). Of those, only Michigan's Adventure remains today as a major amusement park in the state.
  18. No problem! Here's some detailed information on the parcels themselves. All of the land is zoned "Commercial Industrial." I have all of the boundary data as well, but it's very long, very confusing and seems pretty pointless to post here. Parcel 1 Address: 10000 W M-50 BLK, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $262,000 Acreage: 65.5 Parcel 2 Address: 11000 Onsted Hwy Blk, Brooklyn, MI 49230 Value: $230,000 Acreage: 57.5 Parcel 3 Address: 10625 Hand Hwy, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $200,000 Acreage: 40 Parcel 4 Address: 10524 W M-50, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $176,000 Acreage: 44 Parcel 5 Address: 10000 W M-50 BLK, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $132,000 Acreage: 33 Parcel 6 Address: 10000 W M-50 BLK, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $260,000 Acreage: 65 Parcel 7 Address: 10000 W M-50 BLK, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $41,000 Acreage: 10.25 Parcel 8 Address: 10000 Hand Hwy BLK, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $119,400 Acreage: 29.87 Parcel 9 Address: 10000 Sheeler Rd BLK, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $160,000 Acreage: 40 Parcel 10 Address: 10000 Onsted Hwy BLK, Onsted, MI 49265 Value: $320,000 Acreage: 80 In total, the land is worth $1,900,400 alone and makes up a total of 465.12 acres. The addresses should give you an idea of where they're at, for the most part. Still, quite an impressive chunk of land they're holding on to that could, at one point, have been a park as large as Cedar Point (Gemini, Valleyfair's Corkscrew, Valleyfair's old Flume and Jr. Gemini were originally slated for this park which was to be named "Cedar Point of Michigan", a name still used in all of the legal filings). Here are the original Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws of an organization known as the "Irish Hills Corporation" which was the dummy name used to create the "Cedar Point of Michigan" corporation and purchase the land. Somewhere in a box at my parents' house I have a photo of an artists' conception for the project that was displayed on a sign right inside the park entrance (the double ferris wheel is in the background of the photo). According to some there was even a scale model of the project that was used for PR purposes when the project was being proposed, but I have no photo of the model itself. In the 1975 Letter to Shareholders (available in the Annual Report), George Roose and Robert Munger commented on the failure of building the property: There was also a second attempt, but this time in Battle Creek in the Fort Custer Recreational Area and with 760 acres. In the 1977 Letter to Shareholders, Roose and Munger commented on that failure: I think that's a lot more information than anyone ever wanted to know about the whole thought of Cedar Point opening a new park in Michigan. If you (or anyone, for that matter), wants the detailed lot boundaries for the land that they own, feel free to send me a PM. Again, I'd post it here, but it's just a bunch of real estate mumbo jumbo most people wouldn't understand.
  19. At the corner of M-50 and Onsted Hwy in Onsted, MI. They own most of the land on the southwest corner of that intersection as well as a bit on the northwest corner of it. There's 10 different parcels totaling 465.12 acres. It's still held under the name "Cedar Point of Michigan", and it was purchased in 1974. I have more info on the parcels including the exact layouts of each parcel if you're interested.
  20. Thanks, everyone and the big guy! After two failures trying to get a Mikestry card, I was not about to lose the wild card round! I'm going to pick Kara's lucky number, 4. She said she "has a good feeling about it," and since I daren't defy my wife, I guess that's what I'm going with.
  21. I HAVE FOUND THE WILD CARD! FACT: The quest I was missing was the Mikestry Card. FACT: I went for the card at Jeepers! in Southfield, MI, and it was no longer there. FACT: I then tried for the card at Busch Gardens Tampa, and it too was no longer there. And now, I've finally made up for that by finding the Wild Card! The card is on page #463 Glad to be still in this competition!
  22. Hope to see more folks at this year's event at Michigan's Adventure. I was last year's only rider, and it looks like I'll be working instead of riding that day this year.
  23. Hold up... is the big man finally coming all the way out to the middle of nowhere and getting that last credit at Michigan's Adventure? Color me excited! Once you have your schedule set-in-stone for that trip, let me know. I'm able to take a weekend day off that weekend, and the wife and I might be able to spend the day at the park with you. If not, well, I'll be there working anyway, so I can at least catch up with you and say hi. -Jon "Big Mike's finally coming to my slice of paradise " Roost
  24. Finally, back the babes! Megan looks wonderful in that bikini! Park reminds me of the old Fun Spot in Indiana, but Fun Spot at least had some really unique rides (though some of them never even ran). Nice find, big man.
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