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  1. Looks Like you guys had a great time. I have meen to the World 6 times and everytime feels like my 1st. Great Pictures.
  2. Well maybe i will, i'm staying at MGM accross the street. Thanks.
  3. Okay, Is the Togo death machine at New York New York really worth the time and cash? Also The Arrow at Circus Circus? Heading out April 11th - 15th Thanks in advance.
  4. wow, i know how everybody talks about Arrows being rough, But, i've never felt that. Arrows Mega Looper Shockwave at SFGAm was great ever ever had that head banging everyone talks about. Am I a Freak?
  5. as paulosthejackal says, i heard the same thing, that its wasn't an arrow project to start with.
  6. Thanks for you help Jeff. Will Look forward to upcoming information.
  7. Thats great. I do alot of those elements in my coasters for RCT. Thanks for the intrest.
  8. Cool, thats what i thought. Just checking. Thanks for your input.
  9. Drachen Fire had that unique 1st drop. What was the element called. and has it ever been duplated on any other coaster? Thanks
  10. djzack67


    Yea heard that. I think 5 or 6 years ago when i was a little more a party monster i might not have minded the crazyness so much. I think that when you finally settle down, get a great job and have partner for life. You kinda wanna slow down and enjoy a few nicer things. Vomit on the carpet at Circus Circus is not one of them.
  11. djzack67


    well its looking like THEHotel @ Mandaley Bay - 3 peeps , 3 nights with Airfare from Chicago. $455.oo Person. Sounds like a great deal for a awesome suite hotel.
  12. djzack67


    Well looking like getting the best package deals for Carlo. so i'm thinking that were we are headed.javascript:emoticon(':lmao:') Taiko LMAO!
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