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What is your local park?

Where abouts are you from?  

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  1. 1. Where abouts are you from?

    • USA - Western
    • USA - Eastern
    • USA - Mid West
    • USA - "The South"
    • United Kingdom
    • Europe - Germany
    • Europe - Netherlands
    • Europe - France
    • Europe - Other Mainland Country
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Somewhere efluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and gooe in the world (post where)

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I still find it very interesting what a broad mix we have here now with over 1/4 of the posters who took the poll being from outside the USA.


And of the US, I didn't expect the east coasters to dominate the boards!


If you haven't voted in the poll yet, please do!


--Robb "Loves statistics and stuff like this..." Alvey

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Movieguy- I was pretty unimpressed with SFDL. However, I really adore Marineland! Dragon Mountain is so strange, I couldn't help but fall in love with it. I'm a sucker for unique coasters.


Plus, Marineland has North America's only permanent Huss Magic! That things is genius.


I sorta liked Martin's Fantasy Island. Silver Comet was a dud, but the park had a nice atmosphere.




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My closest park is Paramount's Great America. I actually used to work 1 block from there. I used to go there for my "lunch" at 9:30am for ERT on Stealth, until they took it out After riding Stealth 3 times (Before the park opened!), I would ride Top Gun 3 times and then Drop Zone, in all 5 sections. One section was always closed.


My other close park is SFMW. We went there on March 27th (yes Easter) and it really wasn't crowded...go figure? We rode Medusa 3 times, Kong, Roar, and V2 twice. Zonga was closed.

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I live 5 minutes from Kennywood. I love rubbing that in. 10 minutes from Sandcastle (KW's water park).


Within a six hour drive I have mega parks:


Geauga Lake

Cedar Point

King's Island







King's Dominion


Camden Park (WV)


Ok I am done thinking this early in the morning, and done rubbing it in!! LOL!!!

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I'm in Ipswich, UK, probably one of the worst places for parks in the UK. Closest is Pleasurewood Hills and Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, at about an hour away.

Thorpe Park is about 2 1/2 hours away by car. Alton Towers is about 4 hours.

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SFOG - Always took this park for granted but after venturing to other parks over the past few years, SFOG ain't half bad. Definitely underated.


SF White Water - Nice way to spend a day. Has a plethora of trees...I like that.




Visionland - haven't been since 01 maybe this year.


Wild Adventures - last visit was in 03...had a nice time.


Lake Winnie - my original homepark being that i grew up in Birmingham and would go so often...last visit was in 02...must take my 2 yr old there this summer.

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I live in Philadelphia, so here are estimated time travels for me to area parks. Dorney Park-1hour, HersheyPark-2hours,SFGA-1hour,Clementon Amusement Park,NJ-20 minutes,Atlantic City,NJ-45minutes(Steel Pier has a couple of rides,plus a crazy mouse)Wildwood,NJ-1hour(also along the shore line, 3 piers with coasters and various rides)Note to readers, Clementon Park is a small "ghetto park" but still fun to visit. I'm not sure about travel times to Kennywood and Knoebels parks, never been to them but would like to visit.Hope this helps!

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Even though im living in florida until november, six flags magic mountain is mine. My home in california is only 20 min away, and i've grown up at that place. I rode my first roller coaster there, had my first kiss there, had my first 'gang brawl' there, lots of special memories at that place... boy do i miss mystic lake





i was just joking about the gang brawl, i ran.

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Kennywood is about 40 minutes from my house, with Conneaut Lake Park about 80 miles north and Waldameer about 100 miles north, Idlewild about 2 hours east, Lakemont/Delgrossos about 2.5 hours, Geauga Lake about 2 hours...


It's my first post, sorry it's dull...I could go on and on and list every park within a reasonable driving distance, but "reasonable" to me might differ from other's...then again, if we are all enthusiasts, I suppose you all might understand!

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