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  1. Yeah, BTTF was nice, so nostalgic. They had the fog machines at the front of the Delorean working really well (supposed to fog up between scenes for a better transition), which is something I remember didn't work much in the later years at UO.
  2. It isn't a big deal for me since I live in Florida and have been to UO's a dozen times or more (although FJ isn't in 3D....yet)
  3. My friend is a member of Screamscape... That's funny, because I am the one who took the pics and I don't know you. Here is the rest of the gallery from the trip. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOwRKU6amGMy8wEDuNY3_GFLZSf26wF-5sIM1DkaM05ThvnEHxw3s_1t0O0c5irMA?key=NlhnTUl4bE4xUi1JaktHN0l0QS1ITG4zOGVONW1n Great photos, looks like you had a nice quiet trip judging by the BTTF sign. Last time I was there it was one of the quietest rides and even then it was 30-40 minutes. Yes, except WWOHP was still taking tickets to enter the area....we got a ticket, then I lost it
  4. My friend is a member of Screamscape... That's funny, because I am the one who took the pics and I don't know you. Here is the rest of the gallery from the trip. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOwRKU6amGMy8wEDuNY3_GFLZSf26wF-5sIM1DkaM05ThvnEHxw3s_1t0O0c5irMA?key=NlhnTUl4bE4xUi1JaktHN0l0QS1ITG4zOGVONW1n
  5. I don't see why whenever there's a new annoucement, people think Marvel is going away....it is not going anywhere! They're actually planning a new attraction for Marvel in the area, if most of my sources are correct.
  6. I have to say the renderings seem very....amateur...like something I could have done in Bryce 3D a dozen years ago. The coaster cars don't even look attached to the track in that one picture
  7. What I've heard via orlandounited forum is there are new RV's that are for some reason much heavier. They had the first train section as an old RV and the new RV on the second train section. E-stop happens and the heavier back train doesn't slow down enough causing stress on the bar between them. Something like that
  8. There was an incident today on rip, ride, rockit, maybe closing indefinitely (possible injury), not much info beyond that.
  9. Thanks for this article Adam. As I posted as a trip report a few years ago, Enchanted Kingdom is a very nice small park. I'll be quite interested to see how they expand and what they add to it.
  10. I definitely agree with the Kumba choice...it is still one of my all-time favorites.
  11. Who are these amazing "insiders"? The voices in his mind. Seriously, if you're making assumptions or complaints before the system is even rolled out, tested and adjusted. You're dumb. No, but a couple of them (not all) have lots of interesting info over on the magical WDW message boards.
  12. Well that's funny, I used to be able to do that before ADR's happened at WDW., apparently I wasn't living in the real world. I don't like this new setup at all, there's a LOT of issues they are going to have with it from everything I've seen from insiders.
  13. Pleasant: The Comet (HersheyPark) - Very nice rollercoaster for being an "old" coaster, tons of fun and still my favorite woodie in the park. The Big Bad Wolf (R.I.P. - BGW) - Although I only rode it once, was very sad to see it go. This was the only suspended coaster I'd been on and it was really a cool experience. The other coasters of today just don't have the same feeling. Kumba (BGT) - Still one of my favorite all time steel coasters, the place of the inversions and pacing of it is very nice, love the tunnel at the end. Un-Pleasant: The Wildcat (Hersheypark) - I've rode this coaster twice....about 6 years apart, and both times felt like I had just been in a fight....way too rough, even toward the front. Reese's Challenge (Hersheypark) - I heard bad reviews about this shooting dark ride, but OMG, it was worse than I ever imagined, just completely dull and almost no sense that you're hitting anything or things are happening. Dinosaur (WDW- AK) - I do love Jurassic Park at IOA, but this ride is too loud and dark to impress me...its just more annoying than anything, plus the fact that WDW should have gotten its own Indiana Jones ride. Mission:Space (EPCOT) - First, the final product is a severe disappointment compared to what was planned originally. Second, the entire idea of the attraction is motion sickness just waiting to happen. While astronauts do experience centrifuges and simulators, I really don't think they experience both at the same time and they're highly athletic. Average WDW guest isn't and we see the results. But THE most unpleasant has to be: High Roller (Stratosphere Tower- Las Vegas) I rode it at night and it was probably the only rollercoaster that scared me, as it was sooo rough and felt like it was falling apart....vowed never again to ride it and now I don't have to.
  14. I was at the final weekend of the Food and Wine festival today, crazy busy....I even ran in to Robb, Elissa and company. Despite that I still had a great time Seriously, nice to finally meet you Robb and Elissa, the people who keep the best theme park site on the web open for all of us. Thanks for the cruise advice!
  15. I'd like to hear about that "American Adventure" ride...sounds....intriguing....who saw it??
  16. Its inevitable....you see a "main street" and a castle at the end of it, or you see dinosaurs etc. people are going to mention those two. Anyway, it does look like the designers spent some quality time in Orlando...I see a few of familiar things, not even in the parks (Wonder Works anyone?)
  17. According to the website, they are closing Sega Joypolis in Tokyo until July, but I have a trip in April. Are there any other arcades that have similar interactive games? I know that arcades are EVERYWHERE but Joypolis had some unique things, like the Initial D with full size cars, etc.
  18. Saturated Market? By what standards? Theme park in China standards? Disney standards? If by either measure, I disagree. As much as people may think it's a bad idea to build in Shanghai (and many of them legitimate), from a purely corporate standpoint...China has 1/6 of the world's population, many of whom are moving up in society. IF Disney invests properly, and builds a theme park appropriate to mainland China's tastes, then they can succeed. I know often people point to Hong Kong as being a Chinese Disney park, but Hong Kong is still very different than mainland China in many, many ways.
  19. I always thought it would be cool (and really scary) to have a wild mouse coaster that has a lifting feel around corners, like lifting toward the side of whatever corner you're in....but that might be TOO scary
  20. I didn't know about that place when I was in the Philippines either...well, I might be back there soon
  21. Im confused, the link is a pic of Hong Kong...is that the one we're voting for? Other than that, INCREDIBLE night pics of DisneySea....its just so amazing...wish I was back there again.
  22. NOOOOOOOOO!!! While I didn't get to BGW much, the Big Bad Wolf was by far my favorite coaster there. It's sad that the suspended coasters never were as popular as they could have been, and unlike some other coasters out there, you can't just take BBW to another park and build it again, the scenery and the way it fit so perfectly with the rest of the landscape made it such a unique experience. This is a really bad decision by those in charge. They could have modified it with floorless trains and made it super popular again...but no, they decide to scrap it instead
  23. Are they going to put seizure warnings around people WATCHING the ride at night?
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