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  1. Yeah, in this photo you can see the little square of pathway underneath the top hat: http://www.the365project.co.uk/Galleries/Liseberg/photo90.html
  2. I didn't see any dress code written anywhere haha, but I think it's up to you, I wouldn't recommend wearing shorts! It cost 40 Krona to get in, which according to x-rates.com is $5.49, and then our first drink was 100 Krona which is $13.74, then for some reason our second drink was 85 Krona.. $11.68.
  3. Last year we met up with Robb and Elissa's Liseberg section of their Europe trip, but the weather was horrible, and we flew from and back to England in the same day, so actually only got to spend around four hours at the park. This year, we thought we'd do it a bit better, stay the night in Gothenburg and have at least one full day in the park! Plus it was open from 11am-11pm! So who are we to refuse such an offer! The weather was also awesome both days this time! And we got many rides on Balder and Lisebergbanan, and also got to spend some time in the Ice Bar! This trip officially confirmed Liseberg to be my favourite park ever! Photos can be found at the following link: http://www.the365project.co.uk/Galleries/Liseberg/index.html
  4. Finally Tom! I'd forgotten about that truck! Haha. Bobbejaanland rocked! Now hurry up with Efteling pics!
  5. That sucks, that "ferris wheel" lift looked awesome, and drops on Rapids are always great fun. Anyway, my Bobbejaanland pictures are here: http://www.the365project.co.uk/Galleries/Bobbejaanland/index.html
  6. So while we wait for Tom's second half of his Walibi Belgium photos, here are mine! http://www.the365project.co.uk/Galleries/WalibiBelgium/index.html
  7. Come on Tom, get your Walibi Belgium photos up! Here's my Drievliet photos for now http://www.the365project.co.uk/Galleries/Drievliet/index.html
  8. I really enjoyed the video, but I think that bit ruins it, I think the reversy stuff (although well executed) is just really tacky, but I can't think of anything else to fit with the music!
  9. Got on Stealth today finally, after spending an hour and a half on Colossus's lifthill from the powercut. Once we were evacuated we were away! Stealth is great, like someone said above, I think Xcelerator is still a better launch, but this comes close. Anyway, I took a load of photos too! Here's some of the best ones:
  10. It screws on. The lens isn't stabilised at all, it just effectively makes you zoom out even further. Imagine how much more camera shake you get when you zoom in, and how much less there is when you zoom back out, well the wide angle lens helps you display more in the shot and reduces the visible shake. The amount of shake is still the same, but you're zoomed further out so it's not as noticable.
  11. Nice pics, looks like it was a nice day, unlike when we were there! Did you do the mirror maze?
  12. I wouldn't if I were you, I reckon you'd shake that horrible flappy screen to pieces.
  13. My Liseberg video is done, as I said, the weather meant that I couldn't get much footage (only about 30 minutes) so it's pretty limited and I was really scraping the barrel by the end, but it seems to have come out ok: http://www.claydon-heights.com/martyn/Videos/lisebergFinalWMV.zip
  14. I just want to say thanks for the great day at Liseberg also. Like Rob said, it was a shame we had to leave early really, I could have ridden Balder all day. It's strange that IMO, Kanonen is the worst of the three coasters there, I'm not saying it's bad at all, but Balder is just plain awesome, and Lisebergbanan was such a surprise! I'm attempting a video now, I'm not sure if I got enough footage though really, damn weather! In the meantime, here's a little clip of Robb walking into one of the panes of glass in the mirror maze. Now, I'm not sure if he did it deliberately, but it looks pretty accidental to me. I'm sure he'll deny it and say it was deliberate anyway! mirrors.zip
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