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  1. Depending on the price, I'd love to go on the Spain trip with my dad.
  2. I think the scariest rides are the ones that go up high and launches. Like before I got on Rita: Queen of Speed, my friends said I had gone pale !
  3. Mario Kart DS, just completed 150cc mirror
  4. Whats your favourite colour? Mine's red.
  5. My favourite themed ride is Nemesis, The themeing around it is amazing.
  6. Vertical Loops, Zero-G-Rolls and Overbanked Turns.
  7. Project stealth at Thorpe Park, because it will be the only new coaster i'm riding next year.
  8. Isn't oblivions drop something like 180 foot, only it goes underground?
  9. Heres my fave! This is the Millennium Roller Coaster and Absolutely Insane at Fantasy Island.
  10. Busch Gardens (FL) 52% Theme, 86% Rides, 60% Atmosphere, 28% Value
  11. I wasn't really bored on Rita , i was very scared of it!
  12. Jak, buddy...who is that guy sitting next to you in the Nemesis Inferno pic? He's being a bad boy it seems... :shock: That is my step-dad , LOL!
  13. Here are some of my on ride photos: My first looping coaster. I was VERY scared! My first launched coaster. This one always cracks me up!
  14. WOW :shock: , that is one mighty huge disk-o there!
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