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  1. Tom Cruise - Scientologist Nickelback - gay music Green Day - see above Any other Scientologist Paris Hilton - can't act Nicole Richie - anorexic, can't act Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - despite being hot, they can't sing or act Jessica Simpson - can't sing Ashlee Simpson - lip-synching, can't sing Lindsay Lohan - can't sing or act
  2. 1. I go to church every Sunday. 2. I have only been to my homepark once, despite going to Cedar Point at least six times and Disney World at least nine. 3. I am taller than all the girls in my grade (and I'm only 5'9.5"). 4. My favorite TV show is Full House (even though I loathe the mullet). 5. I try to go to as many school dances as possible.
  3. Not very good. Michigan's Adventure is a little over an hour away, then I have nothing until Great America and Cedar Point, both around six hours.
  4. I've only been to SFGAm once, but I think it's the 2nd best amusement park I've been to. If it weren't for the horrendous traffic in Chicago, I would go there more often.
  5. Good/Great: KFC (good chicken) Taco Bell (great tacos) OK: A&W Wendy's Bad: Burger King (breakfast is OK) McDonald's (see above)
  6. I start high school on September 5 or 6 (can't remember when). BTW, I got out on May 25.
  7. On 8/1: Sandusky, OH (11:00 AM): 88 degrees- left Cedar Point Dundee, MI (12:30 PM-1:30 PM): 95 degrees- stopped at Cabela's Howell, MI (2:30 PM-4:30 PM): 101 degrees- stopped at outlet mall Lansing, MI (5:00 PM): 98 degrees- just driving through Grand Rapids, MI (6:10 PM-7:05 PM): 96 degrees- dinner Muskegon, MI (7:35 PM): 90 degrees- just driving through Manistee, MI (8:50 PM): 83 degrees- arrived at home It was hazy, hot, and humid all day. A big front is supposed to drop temperatures from near 100 to near 80 by Thursday in the midwest.
  8. Being from Michigan, almost all of my flights have been on Northwest (even though Northwest doesn't fly to my home airport). In the past few years, I've flown United and Delta, which have better flight attendants than NorthWorst. By the way, I've never flown Midwest out of my home airport (19 seat plane, arrives at midnight and leaves early morning, no lavatory, very expensive).
  9. Bon Jovi at the Palace of Auburn Hills in November 2005. They played quite a few songs from their "hair metal" era.
  10. Iron Wolf @ SFGAm Corkscrew @ MiAdv American Eagle (Forwards) @ SFGAm
  11. Rednecks and white trash. One in the same, right? Wrong. While rednecks and white trash live in the same areas and are physically identical, there are several key differences that separate the two bottom rungs of the Southern American social ladder. One should never be mistaken for the other, for obvious reasons. "My great-grandaddy was a Johnny Reb" Rednecks often display Confederate flags on clothing, bumper stickers, and on flagpoles in their front yards. However, this doesn't mean they are active in the local chapter of the KKK or that they hate black people. Rednecks do not hate anyone. They display Confederate flags because they are firecely proud of their Southern heritage, which doesn't include cross burnings or lynch mobs. White trash also display CSA flags, but solely for the purpose of instigating fights with blacks. They are also proud of their roots, but often refer to pre-Civil War slavery as "the good 'ol days". If they aren't in the Ku Klux Klan, it's because they don't know how to obtain membership. "Ya'll go huntin' much?" Rednecks are usually avid hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen in general. They enjoy the thrill of the hunt and proudly display hunting trophies, but have great respect for wildlife and never kill more than they can eat. That loaded shotgun you see in their truck? Besides being hunters, rednecks revel in the right to bear arms (as well they should) and realize the importance of self-defense. White trash can often be found hunting and fishing as well, but usually on someone else's property (especially if "No Hunting" signs are present). They see nothing wrong with killing a deer for its antlers and throwing the corpse to the dogs, or shooting a few more turkeys than their tag limit allows. That loaded shotgun you see in their truck? That's in case they see any wetbacks or niggers. "How much d'ya need?" Rednecks will do everything they can to help those in need and like making their community a better place. Many rednecks are members of the local volunteer fire department or rescue squad. They are friendly, hospitable people and will give what they can to anyone in need. They know what it's like to be poor and will happily share what they have with anyone who asks. White trash would just as soon spit in your eye as give something away or do anything that doesn't directly benefit them. They are rarely active in their community, other than keeping the local police department at bay. "See if you can find one with a good fuel pump" Rednecks may have a large number of junked cars on their property, but this is because they are resourceful, mechanically-inclined folks and will repair their own vehicles rather than pay someone else to do it. (In terms of convenience and cost, you can't beat walking behind a barn to get a needed part off an '87 Bronco.) Since a large number of junked cars can be an eyesore, rednecks are usually discreet enough to keep their personal salvage yard tucked behind a shed or barn, and the vehicles are almost always arranged in neat rows. White trash may have a similar number of junked cars, but this is because they would rather buy a new car as opposed to fixing (or hauling away) an old one. Look for large numbers of cars in various stages of decay haphazardly parked along either side of the driveway. White trash will sometimes begin to work on a car, but suddenly lose interest and leave assorted parts and tools scattered around. Forever. "Good sermon, Rev'ernd!" Rednecks are typically religious people, and highly moral whether they go to church or not. You have no reason in the world to not trust a redneck; they absolutely will not steal anything or harm anyone. In addition to being the ultimate good samaritans, rednecks can be counted on to consistently act in an upright, Christian manner. White trash don't usually make a habit of attending church, and when they do it's to either: A) gain more "holier than thou" ammunition for a dispute of some sort, or B) obtain more "proof" that white Christians are Earth's master race. They also have a lot of difficulty accepting the fact that Jesus wasn't white. And finally... If white trash saw this, they would deny every word and threaten to kill whoever wrote it. If any redneck read this, they would say, "Yep, that's about right." If you know a redneck, please speak up. I actually do know a redneck, who fixes cars, hunts, watches NASCAR, and has hunting dogs.
  12. American Family Association/American Decency Association- these so-called "Christian" organizations uselessly attack American businesses, and help ruin the economy just because they don't like what they sell. Wal-Mart- this company violates First Amendment rights of recording artists by not selling or censoring their albums. Christian Broadcasting Network- this "Christian" organization partially blames the attacks on September 11th on abortion activists, homosexuality, feminism, and the such because they claimed that all of the above created a "low morale for America." Let local TV stations that air the 700 Club know that what the CBN is doing IS WRONG. Coors Beer- this company makes beer, yet, they heavily support wacko right-winged groups such as the Parents' Music Research Center and James Dobson's Focus on the Family. 7-11- this company bowed to the religious right over porn in the 1980's. Phillips Petroleum- this company also bowed to the religious right over porn in March 2002. Bob Evans- this chain promises never to advertise on anything indecent because they bow to the Bible thumpers. World Wildlife Fund, PETA, ACLU, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club- a bunch of left-wing environmental groups that tell propaganda.
  13. In my 8th grade health class, I learned that Amsterdam has the highest STD rate in the world due to legalized prostitution.
  14. I am 5'8" and 169 pounds. I'm exercising a lot.
  15. Got measured a few days ago at the doctors and he said I am about 5'8". He said I will be around 6'4" when full grown. But I have a friend that is only 5'2".
  16. Where did you see the fatter Shamu in a bathing suit?
  17. You folks from SoCal probably haven't heard of Da Yoopers. In case you don't know, a Yooper is a person from the U.P. (Caution, Yooper dialects used) --- Teemu and Eino were drivin' dere pickup truck to Michigamme. When day got to da stop-and-go in Negaunee, Teemu drove right through da red light. Eino cried, "Holywha, Teemu, what are ya doing?" Teemu kept driving and replied, "Don't worry, my brother taught me ta drive." When day got to da light in Ishpeming, Teemu drove through anutter red light. Eino asked, "Why do ya keep running red lights?" Teemu said, "Don't worry, my brother taught me ta drive." When day got to da light in West Ishpeming, Teemu slammed on da brakes and screeched to a halt at da green light. Eino asked, "Teemu, why do ya drive through red lights but stop at green lights?" Teemu replied, "My brother might be coming da udder way!" --- Toivo and Eino was chikin (hitch hiking) down da US cement highway when Toivo says to Eino, "Eh, look at dose two Polacks out dare in dat subble field rowin a boat." Den Eino says, "Yah, hey, is dat dumb or what?" Den Toivo says, "Don't chu tink ve auta tell dem day can't row no boat in no stubble field." Den Eino says, "Ya eh, but we got no boat to git out dare en tell dem wit." --- Toivo and Eino hed for da Motor City. When dey git across da bridge day see a sign dat says, "Detroit Left." So day turn around and went home.
  18. Redneck First Names Billy Bob Bubba Cledus Junior Billy Sue Bill Jim Tanya Billy Ann Billy Jack Billy Ray Rebekah DeWayne Jebediah Elly May Connie
  19. I have an idea why this park is closing in seven letters: K-A-T-R-I-N-A
  20. I heard a crazy rumor that Cedar Point might remove Top Thrill Dragster and not Demon Drop. Also, I heard another crazy rumor that SFGAdv's woody will open in 2007 and would also replace Kingda Ka.
  21. Have you been able to see the pictures out of New Orleans, DenDen?
  22. In the US- Dells, Holiday World, SFoG, SFoT, SFGAdv, SFMM, PKI, PCar, PKD, BGW, Knoebels, KBF, Disneyland, PGA, Geauga Lake Outside the US- Canada's Wonderland, Alton Towers, Blackpool, Thorpe Park, Walibi World, Europa Park, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Nagashima Spaland*, Fuji-Q Highlands *- Only if Nagashima Spaland reopens Steel Dragon 2000 (which I don't think will happen)
  23. I'm too young to drink but I know already that I will never drink alcohol ever!
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