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  1. I see's it. And yeah, not sure if its because there's not a lot of traffic hitting it yet but it really is crazy fast.
  2. Sounds like Busch Gardens did the right thing! They offered you tickets to come back to prove to you that you experience was an unusual one, and to try to make your next experience right. If these were your third and fourth visits chances are, in their minds, you'll be coming back. Free tickets for these days are your refund for these days. You can't honestly expect them to refund you for previous visits as well. You just chose not to accept it, your fault. If you decide to take this to an attorney over a couple hundred dollars they will most likely laugh at you, and gladly take y
  3. Haha, all I know so far is Fresh Choice at Dubai Mall at Burj Khalifa.
  4. Freeze and Batman will not be closed until after the end of Fright Fest...
  5. Such a cool trip guys! Ride an obscure coaster, see some of the most beautiful things in the world, and on top of that be able to help people while you're there. Thats the way to travel! I love it
  6. Wait wait wait...you can't take pictures or video while riding the train?
  7. A security officer at SFGAdv told my friend he wasn't allowed to take pictures of the rides (Medusa, not a kiddie ride or anything) in motion. So this kind of stuff does happen.
  8. That was my first thought too, Robb. I'm gonna have to check this place out the next time I'm in Orlando...some thing just isn't right about it.
  9. I am so glad to see a management team at that park that understands the sort of things that need to be done to bring that park back to where it needs to be. Sure there is a long ways to go (as with all of the SF parks) but they seem to be well on their way! Thanks for the update Robb.
  10. I'm sure plenty of people will enjoy it for it to be a worthwhile addition to the park.
  11. I'm at SFOT over Boomtown (Mine Train/Mini Mine Train/Gunslinger), Judge (Judge Roy Scream, Cloud Bouncer, Texas Chute Out), and Tony Hawk's Big Spin Don't be afraid to say hello!
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