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  1. On their website it says to stay tuned for 2020 HalloScream information.
  2. I meant to post my video here from my trip on October 16. I had never been to Haunt on Friday's and wasn't sure how the crowds would be. It was also fairly cool that night. I'm not in to the haunted houses, but went through probably the two easiest ones, Sorority House and the clown one. I've gained a little weight since I went a year ago, so Diamondback was a no go for me. I was able to get on Banshee though. I still love that thing. It wasn't as warm as the June day last year when I rode it. I was freezing when I got off of it, but it was well worth it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MzlCKY8iEM
  3. The more pictures I see of this project, the more excited I get about going to this park. I have waited on purpose because I knew in 2016 something was happening with Twisted Twins that year. I will definitely be going in 2016.
  4. I kind of think its cool that Sunday's at the park are basically family days. Some families only have Sunday as their only day off from work and kids extra-curricular activities.
  5. I love when SDC or Dollywood announces new attractions. They are always so well thought out and planned. I agree that Dollywood should add an S&S tower where Timber Tower once stood.
  6. Kings Island used to always be open until the last weekend in November before Cedar Fair bought the park.
  7. I thought about the drop tower thing as soon as I read it. I am okay with it as well, but I figure the press and some general public will go crazy about it. I think the coaster looks awesome and is going to be an airtime machine. I think while it is smaller, it will back a punch. It also puts a nice new steel coaster in the front of the park that can be seen from the dividing road and from the parking lot. I do wish the name wasn't Lightning Run since Thunder Run is already in the park. It is appropriate to announce the coaster named after lightning since later on this Sunday the area is suppose to have really bad severe storms. Obviously they are adding on to the main money makers the most, Hurricane Bay. That is a very smart move as long as we don't see a Geauga Lake happen where the water park is all that will be in a few years. I also think it is pretty cool they're gonna have a seal show. You don't see many non-marine theme parks with that anymore. I think it is gonna be a great opening year for them and many great years ahead. Jake
  8. I know the controversy comes from the documentary "Blackfish", but don't they normally have a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade? I just watched the film, and I feel like there were some things I didn't agree with and some I did. I still think all the good stuff that Sea World does makes it a great company. You also can't take Killer Whales that are raised in captivity and release them into the wild. They would die rather quickly.
  9. Very awesome! I really hope that this leads to at least this part of Action Zone being rethemed as a haunted area of the park. Knockdown the Timberwolf and you could add more attractions.
  10. I worry about seeing that image how fast they may run out of land after they add the coaster and the water park. I'm sure there are ways to tuck the rides in here and there, and that may be something that makes the park fun and different in the future.
  11. An S&S Power Giant Swing also could come into that height range. I doubt either will be coming to the park since Barnstormer is at Dollywood and Delirium is at Kings Island. A Funtime swing would make the most since. It at least looks like a different experience than Windseeker at Kings Island.
  12. Screamscape posted today some ride amount totals that were applied to the local planning commission. The total for the new coast is now down to just below $5 million. I'm think very tiny eurofighter or a new boomerang(not happy if it is this). It also includes just under $1 million for a giant swing ride that is 136ft tall. I wonder what this is exactly? Screamscape Post
  13. Looks like they really have done a great job at extending their season with this event. I wondered what this event was like.
  14. Awesome to see that since I can't seem to really remember the ride until we moved back into this area in 2002. It was also cool to see how the idea of Paramount buying the parks was thought to be an amazing thing. I don't think they did horrible, but definitely could have done better. I really hope Cedar Fair isn't going to take out Flight Deck just yet.
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