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  1. Well we were all packed up and ready to go just in case, if the fire had moved down the mountain and jumped the road it would have been at the base of my hill. The fire only got about halfway to 3/4 down the mountain (not sure, I fell asleep) before some tankers smothered it out in the morning, thankfully.
  2. Yep, here in San Diego it's hard to go anywhere or do anything without seeing fire in some close proximity. We were all packed up last night since the Mt. Miguel fire got rather close to us in Spring Valley. Eek...view from my backyard. A bit toasty for comfort.
  3. Man I really want to go, but my parents are shutting me down before I can even fully explain the trip to them. Even though I'll be well over 18 as of the trip they still think about me as being vulnerable traveling alone.
  4. ^ sounds like you had quite an interesting educational experience. The French teacher at my school got annoyed with a student and pinned the kid against the wall and choked him. All he got was a week's suspension from teaching. He's pretty psycho anyway, which is why I didn't take French. It takes a ridiculous amount for teachers to get fired around here anyway these days it seems.
  5. This time last week my grandma called us and said it was 114 where we live luckily at the time we were about 100 miles above San Fran, and it was oh, about 60 degrees thank god we missed the heat wave. Since we got back it's been cloudy and cooler....weird The week before that however I had to go to a camp in Orange and I think it was about 106 or so....and we had to march outside
  6. A hilarious online commercial for Pro-line, some betting site I think.. This one had me on the floor muscle relaxant is some pretty trippy stuff from experience... www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmajwTXdGd0
  7. I made a TPR myspace group a while ago if anyone wants to join. http://groups.myspace.com/TPRmembers I think there's like 17 people or so now. Kinda useless, but oh well
  8. I got a haircut and straightened my hair for the first time ever My new hair
  9. aww that was mean! esp when he actually put him in the paint...
  10. I'm so lame My friend took this of me at our hotel in Orlando last year..needless to say i was bored and excited, so what better than to dance to the 6 flags song! http://www.youtube.com/?v=fS5U9auCmMY
  11. ^ is wrong < just ate some haagen-daas \/ likes food
  12. My split lip won't heal and I can't play flute!! I have a lesson tomorrow too It is also rather annoying to have to hold my lip together while trying to talk to people
  13. who cares, its just popcorn (mind you inside out corn...corn is a veggie, right? ) I know kids who can eat a bag and a half...just as long as you dont find out that it bothers your stomach (like I did). Its not like eating a pint of haagen-daas everyday or something like that.
  14. on my exams I got: Band- 100 Chem- 98 Spanish- 95 English- 96 History- 94 Final grades: Band- A Chem- A- Math- A- Spanish- A English- A History A- I know, I am a goody-goody
  15. I scream on the drops...on all the other parts im an avid repeater of "omigod omigod *random laugh, scream*" or if I'm really losing it I'll add in a couple of mothers or "lord help me"s (my friends can attest for that one )
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