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Your Park "To Do List"

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Think back to your 2007 coaster season........


Can you think of any parks that could make improvements? What can parks do to provide a better experience in 2008?



I think SFKK could improve in many ways. Here are a few:


1.) Re-track Thunder Run- it has SO much potential!

2.) Paint the Giant Wheel

3.) Ease up on the brakes for Road Runner Express and Greezed Lightnin'

4.) Widen the "bridge"

5.) Replace STOP with a nice piece of scenery to give a guests a good first impression of the park




*Please note, I don't want this thread to turn into a "_____ Park should add a coaster because it sucks right now!" thing, so please don't post something like that.

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Universal Orlando is doing ok in the coaster department but they could up their Universal 360 Show quite a bit and they need to find a GOOD show to do in the IOA Lagoon.

On a non ride related issue...... I would also like to see the WDW Resort offer a flex payment plan for their premium annual passes for us broke people

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What I'd really like to see is for SFMM to invest about $10 Million to completely refurbish (including new, redesigned better trains), repaint and repackage X like it was a brand new ride.....they could call it "X Squared"! Oh.....wait......never mind!


Kidding aside, that was the one wish I had for a local park more than any other new ride (although I am hoping the capacity is improved enough that X2 eventually gets FlashPass.)


I would like to see SFMM continue to clean up their act, and in addition to X2 also improve the throughput on one of their other star coasters, Tatsu. And, they seriously need some new and better food options at the park. The last time I ate there it was better than usual, but they really need another good sit down restaurant other than Mooseburger Lodge. They also should consider adding some more shows/entertainment, especially courting the family market now as well as the thrill seekers.

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Busch Gardens Africa

1. Replace Gwazi's trains with Millennium Flyers.

2. Ease up Montu's trims.


Cedar Point

1. Chill out on the rain policy.


Islands of Adventure

1. Rehab Hulk, give it a repaint, add/renovate theming. That ride needs some freshening up.


King's Island

1. Make the park easier to navigate. I had a hard time trying to find the picnic area.


Mount Olympus

1. Improve customer service in general. Some of the workers seemed less than enthused to work there.

2. Get new trains for Cyclops. The state of the trains on the Midwest Trip were horrible. Also, the ops didn't enforce the infamous "Cyclops Law."

3. Retrack Zeus and Pegasus, both rough rides.


Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

1. Either rehab or demolish T2. The ride has seen better days, but a fresh coat of paint, getting the new SLC trains, and getting rid of the "Kudzu theming" will make this thing pleasantly ridable again.


I think thats all.

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I really like this thread!!!


I have a CRAPLOAD of parks I'd love to do some stuff to for 2008 so I'll post every once in awhile...hmmm, where to start...


Holiday World


- Learn how to have fun again

- Add a steel family coaster

- Add some New School Flat Rides

- Expand hours of Waterpark


Six Flags America


- Strive to offer a consistent visit

- All rides open during season

- Add Qbot

- Cleaner bathrooms


Mt. Olympus


- Better train employees

- Maintain rides throughout the whole season

- Add an Indoor large place to eat




- Keep it up with the Thomas Area and Hamtaro Area!

- Landscape the park, LESS concrete!

- Add SEVERAL high capacity rides and coasters

- Re-evaluate drizzle policy


more to come later!

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Cedar Point:


-Get a Q-bot system.

-Higher quality food.

-Intamin woodie.


Clementon Amusement Park:


-Give it up already. 75 B&Ms couldn't save this place.


Holiday World:


-Flat rides.

-Flat rides.

-Flat rides.


Indiana Beach:


-Extend operating hours to include more night time operation hours.


Kings Island:


-Build the rumored large steel coaster. I won't set foot in the park until this happens.

-Remove SOB.

-Repair and take the trims off Racer and Beast.




-Actually complete Flying Turns.

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King's Dominion

- Declutter everything

- Make park look cleaner

- Re-pave the parking lot

- Get rid of trailer trashes


Busch Gardens Europe

- Wider path and bridges

- Make foreign employees more politer

- Add more animals

- Add complementary house like one at BGA


Busch Gardens Africa

- Fix Gwazi

- Simplify the pathway

- Find a way to expand

- More shades


Cedar Point

- Attract less people

- Make rides more reliable

- Make food more cheaper

- Plant more trees


Darien Lake

- Run 2 trains on ROS all the times

- Demolish Predator

- Move Mind Eraser closer to the park

- Add something to the back of the park



- Add a B&M coaster

- Get rid of Excalibur

- Expand water park

- Turn off brake on Wild Thing


Park @ MOA

- Reduce season pass price

- Make Orange Streak more exciting

- Change Eurofighter's name & theme

- Build a drop tower


Universal Orlando

- IOA: Add something major (Not HP!)

- Get rid of people selling credit cards

- CityWalk-only customers park for free

- Find a land to expand


Six Flags Great America

- Better crowd control in Viper station

- Redesign Raging Bull

- Paint B:TR black

- Replace Iron Wolf


Magic Mountain

- Remove OTSR from Revolution

- Add grass under Scream

- Colossus to race all the times

- Keep the tower open all the times

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Please just add something to the rides section.


Make the new wave pool something I can actually look forward to.


Please improve the food, lower your prices, and don't tell me your giving me a milkshake if just pour frozen yogurt in the cup.




Teach the employees to simile.


For 2009:






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I really like this thread!!!



I agree. This is a fun thread. I'd like to start with something simple.


Knott's Berry Farm

Restore the Sky Jump

Bring back the Parachutes!!!!

Restore the Neon to the "K" on top of the Tower

Red and White Checkers again please!

California's Great America

Tear down the Grizzly and use that space for something worthwhile.

Repaint Top Gun to something other than black (Carowinds Top Gun)

Restore the Demon to it former glory, bring back the rocks and the Demon theme song!

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Six Flags St. Louis:


- Re-tracking of The Boss. (I was sore for days after riding it. It used to be so fun.)



The Boss is being retracked right now. It is the largest amount of retracking since it opened.


On a side note Screamin' Eagle is also having sections retracked.


Six Flags St. Louis


-Repaint Mr. Freeze, Batman, Ninja, and finish Screamin' Eagle's paint job.


-Add more trees towards the front of the park, including Hurricane Harbor. The back of the park is heavily wooded which is very nice during summer but the front of the park has absolutely no shade


-Add more trashcans in the parking lot. They are always to full and adding 20 to 30 trashcans could help greatly.


-Tear out the Hannibarrels. It's been SNOB since 1997 and a new flat would fit perfectly there.


-Expand Hurricane Harbor. No matter what there is always a large crowd and it's ten year anniversary is next year and the only new ride it has received since opening is Tornado (2005). Something along the lines of Deluge would fit very nice.


-Add air conditioning in Batman's que. It can get really hot inside the tunnel/station during the summer.


-Refurbish the carousel. It is extremely beat up and needs a lot of work done.


-Fix the speaker on the train. It is really annoying when you can't even understand what the person is saying.


-Extend Hurricane Harbor's hours.

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There are a lot of things I would like to see done for different parks that I went to this year:


SF over GA(my home park):

-Please retrack GA Cyclone and add Millennium Flyer trains (this coaster could be really awesome, but I will not be riding it again until they do something to improve it) or tear it down. There is no reason for them to let such a good coaster go to waste.


-Scream Machine could use a retracking, but it isn't as bad as GA Cyclone and it is about 20 years older!


-Get rid of Ninja! That thing sucks. Headbang city!


-Get us more flat rides! There are all of 2: Acrophobia and the Wheelie. We could use a HUSS Frisbee or a Top Spin.



-Something new in the coaster department. Their coaster selection sucks. Hyper please.


-Tear down Borg! Most painful ride ever!


-Retrack Hurler.



-Very nice park! My favorite really, but please add more rides. I was very disappointed with the amount of rides. The coasters they have are kick ass, but they need a few more and some flats please.


-Gwazi is fun, but needs Millennium Flyer trains. In fact all PTC trains on all coasters should be replaced with MF trains.



-Also nice park, but the same thing as BGA, add more rides please. By the way, BGA is more beautiful than BGE IMO. I was very disappointed that BGE gets the "most beautiful themepark" award. I didn't think it was all that beautiful. They also need more animals.


Lake Winnie:

-Add more coasters. Get rid of your wild Mouse. I almost got whip lash on that thing.


Wild Adventures:

-With new ownership, hopefully this park will kick it up a notch. Please don't add anymore kiddie coasters (they have 5!)


-Your animals are suffering!!! Please do something about this! Their enclosures are too small and it doesn't look like they are treated very well. This is not cool.


-Retrack Cheetah and add MF trains. It is a great coaster, but could be 10 times better.


-You have a kick ass selection of flats, but please get them all in working order. When I was there this summer, we didn't get to ride at least 5 flats because they were not working.


-Add some better and bigger coasters.



-Great job on a few rides, but I was VERY disappointed in rides like Earthquake and Twister. IMO, I would not visit this park again. The only ride that I felt was worth riding was The Mummy.



-Great theming and coasters. Top Notch! Just add a few more coasters and flat rides and you will be one of my favorite parks.

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Get rid of the no re-ride policy

Give Laser a proper station so they can get rid of assigned seating



Keep Canyon River Rapids and expand the Boardwalk elsewhere


Great Adventure:

Family rides (not kiddie!) such as antique cars, interactive dark ride etc.

Lower food and drink prices, to a somewhat reasonable level

Get rid of the no re-ride policy

Add single rider lines to major coasters (at least the B&M's)

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For now, I'll just pick on SFMM...


They've already taken down the two worst coasters in the park, so they're off on the right track.


As someone mentioned previously, the park can use another good sitdown restaurant. The old Laughing Dragon is perfect for a good Japanese teppan grill restaurant (think "Benihana").


And, yes, some more and better food choices throughout the park as well.


Keep up the painting and cleaning up.


Get Metro running again, or replace it. The park really does need an alternative to walking as to getting around.


That's it for now.



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Include a one-time exit pass coupon for El Toro in the Season Pass Coupon Book like they did in 2006.



Buy King Solomon's Mine.


All Cedar Fair

Consistency in Season Pass policies and admission.


Hard Rock Park

Invite Robb and Elissa to host a TPR event (as if R&E aren't already too busy).



Offer chocolate dipping sauce for soft pretzels in your park?



Operate the WaterCoaster when I'm at the park (for once).


Rye Playland

Keep the Old Mill, don't shut it down anytime soon.


All parks

Offer decent food, even if it is a little more money. I gladly pay about $5-$7 more per meal to eat good food at Busch Gardens. Even at Cedar Point I can easily go to the Marina and fill up at Famous Dave's.

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SFGAm: Paint the supports on American Eagle, it should be Red, White, and Blue, not Red, Grease, and Blue


Paint Iron Wolf and Whizzer.


Retrack the final helix on American Eagle Blue.


Replace TrailBlazer, Splashwater Falls, Space Shuttle America, and Deja Vu.


Repave Hometown Square, all other sections were repaved in 04/05. Then they stopped.


Get more cars on Cajun. Find a way, or get rid of it.


Railroad must run, and be themed during Fright Fest.


Move the Area 51 Fright Fest area back to Hometown Square.


Fix the E in "Elixer" on Viper's station.

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Get more cars on Cajun. Find a way, or get rid of it.


They might be able to improve the capacity of that ride by running it more efficiently. When I went to SFGAm last year they let single riders have their own cars, which is completely wasteful BS.

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