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  1. I used to work at the helpdesk and you won't believe how idiotic callers are. Makes you want to crawl through the phone line and strangle them! I will never forget this lady who yelled on top of her lung, preaching us that VPN does not require Internet access. *sighs* We hung up on her and fortunately, it was an interior helpdesk, which means we report her behavior to her own manager. Also I really hate chatty cashiers. I have a story about this chatty one at Target that I really want to slap but I think this thread is about person who has experience with working with customers...
  2. Best: When everything was walk-on at BGE all day along. Love that park. Worst: Verified the park hour at former Six Flags Darien Lake website, yep, open that day. Drove 1 hour only to find ourselves sitting at the parking lot gate waiting for the park to open along with 100 cars waiting behind us. We waited for 1 1/2 hours. The park never opened and nobody answered the phone, email, and mail. That day was a mystery and will always be.
  3. As in giant frisbee, giant top spin, etc? Yeah, I've ridden them and they don't affect my junk. Maybe yours is enormous, lol!
  4. I don't understand what is the deal. I am male myself and I never had any problem with this thing. Lift yourself over it, don't aim your manhood toward it. I don't get how stapling yourself affects anyone's manhood. They're simply there to prevent anyone from slipping under the OTSR.
  5. Stumbled upon this picture of flooded Six Flags Over Georgia on CNN.com. Anyone have more pictures?
  6. I am profoundly deaf and I have right to skip the line because I cannot hear the announcements. Does this sound right? No of course not, I disagree 100%. This reminds me of the debate among deaf community related to police pulling us over, and then dismiss simply because of our deafness. There are plenty of advocacy group educating policemen (damn... lol!) and this issue is becoming less.
  7. Dang it! Awesome thread, post more on M.P. because my wife and I are seriously planning on visiting M.P. Looking forward to the trip report on park you visited in Peru.
  8. Dang it!!! Peru for Machu Picchu was going to be my next guess after my Barcelona, Spain guess! Last night I was looking at destination map on American Airlines' website and Peru seems very logical. Someone beat me to it.
  9. Oh oh oh, American Airlines (logo behind the seat shows) has a direct flight to Barcelona, Spain. You flew there then took the 4th flight to somewhere regional near the ocean so you could celebrate your anniversary in a Spanish style hotel?
  10. ^ Clarification need: the picture of the lion is from when you were in South Africa, right? Not part of this thread? I want to say Argentina... It's somewhere cold, it's winter in Argentina at this time of the year.
  11. I love this thread! I wish I became a flight attendant but I am stuck with my career for now. The other day I was reading an news article on how miserable this type of job can be, but do you truly enjoy it? Keep it up, I like this thread. Add pictures of inside the plane during the flight if policy permits.
  12. Ok, you are flying on Virgin Atlantic. None of the flights on the TV screen are showing Virgin Atlantic. But I see some Continental, which partners with Virgin Atlantic. So our options are... Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco Miami is also possible, just can't see the flight number.
  13. ^ very very very extremely clear. Edit: Click on Rules & Safety for this quote.
  14. Another reason to use "Add Photo" tool... people who is at work can actually view the pictures! Sites like photobucket is blocked at my work so I see a period. The filter at my work replaces photobucket pictures with a period like this... . Oh look at that loop! . That waterslide ripped my shorts off. . Yeah, whoo! That dolphin show is TMI.
  15. I witnessed a toddler jumping off the boat while on the lifthill on Escape to Pompeii at BGE. It was very frightening thing to see, seriously. Ride OP e-stopped the ride and the boy ran down. The boy's father was sitting in the very same row. Not sure how he missed his boy getting out but we could tell he was very embarassed.
  16. *ahem* unacceptable. Once amusement parks publishes their schedule on their website, it's final. They must keep their words. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. Just unacceptable. I got screwed just like this once and it's... *ahem* Six Flags Darien Lake. SIX FLAGS.
  17. ^ That looks so photoshopped. I am having a hard time believing this picture, look at the blur around the vomit. And why would anyone vomit that direction instead of the side of a car?
  18. Hey, I've always wondered what it would be like at 24 hours amusement parks. It's highly impractical at most parks but this could be a good idea for Disney World and Universal since they get so many visitors. Even at high noon, people barely could move at each parks. Keeping Disney and Universal open for 24 hours at peak season could spread the crowd around the clock. It might even attract club-goers, who knows.
  19. Concourse F and McDonalds.... Minneapolis/St. Paul International. KLM... partner of Northwest and one of Northwest's hubs is in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Snow, Minnesota of course... Eurofighter lifthill? Or Avatar Mindbender? Seems to be indoor... You're going to Nickeldeon Universe!
  20. I absolutely love Typhoon Lagoon! I have been to Aquatica, Wet n' Wild, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon and Typhoon Lagoon gets me every time with their dense tropical environment. Their wave pool kicks ass! FYI, Water Mania closed their door few years ago in case you didn't know.
  21. One of my pet peeves with this system is some parks don't film you from beginning to ending. They would throw in 3rd person perspective here and there through the video. That is why I will not buy CD from Volcano at KD. If you look up Volcano on YouTube, there's plenty of those videos and you'll see what I mean. I want my face to be shown from beginning to ending therefore I wish parks would provide two options... 1. Buy film from beginning to ending without interruption 2. Buy film with 3rd person perspective here and there. If I had choice, I pick #1.
  22. I know two that has this installed... Volcano - King's Dominion Fairly Odd Coaster - Nick Universe
  23. I prefer BGA. Kumba, Montu, and Shekeira > Apollo's, Alpengiest, and Griffon. Complimentary house while BGE has none (I remember searching hard for one during my first visit at BGE). BGA has more animals than BGE.
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