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  1. Very cool pictures Wes. It's so nice to see the coaster off in the distance on the highway as well. I cannot wait to ride it.
  2. I believe it was a coaster called the Viper at a pier in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Oh my god...just...wow.
  3. Really looking forward to the club, really enjoying all these new coaster clubs that are popping up. I SEE IT! and I did it.
  4. I am happy that we are getting something. Head Spin...eh, at least it's a decent edition. I want a gci woodie instead though but oh well I will take what I can get. I just want the park to get something new and not used. I am actualy excited we are getting a boomerang..maybe.. This year, wave pool 2.0.!
  5. I looked at that theming sign inside dark knight, and saw the web address and did a little exploring If you go to http://www.gothamcab.com/ its an actual working website and there an actual working phone number. They say they are shutting down and they are not talking to the press, and thanks for contributing to their trial fund and then god bless. The number is on the site ( 1-877-530-CABS ) It seems that the web address was created in November 2007: http://who.godaddy.com/WhoIsVerify.aspx?do...prog_id=godaddy
  6. For some reason, its just painful for me. I had some good rides on it though, and it is getting better. Its a good layout. I will give another try next weekend. Maybe I am standing wrong, who knows.
  7. I say for 2009 there are a few options 1. Add new trains and try try try to improve Hurler. 2. Scrap Hurler, put in a GCI wood coaster. 3. Scrap Vortex and put in a flat ride or a B&M floorless 4. Put in a Hyper in that extra parking lot space.
  8. Really? Its retracked twice? Huh, I did not know that. Ah thanks, I knew it was probably repainted. I think we can put new trains on our wishlist in 2009. That wont happen though. I would not mind if we took out vortex for something new also.
  9. ^Mind you I don't hate Hurler. I love it because its an out of control ride. I hate Vortex, not Hurler. I would just like some new trains, I think the red one is new right? I just think it need a rehab and better operations. Its getting a little too rough, I can take it rough cause I know its supposed to be an out of control rough ride. I think it just needs a rehab.
  10. The Super Saturator was rumored to close this year. However it wont close this year. It will operate on the waterpark's schedule. They took out the Whirling Dervish ( the wave swinger. ) A long time ago. This area then was a flight training school zipline thing. Then it was a scarowinds maze for a few years.
  11. here are the pictures: this a model of the cabanas they are showing off in front of the waterpark Me with a trash can. They have redone the action theater Yo yo! YoYo! One of my favorite flats at the park. The new yoyo ride a cyclone shot Not sure fi this is a new cart or its just been moved. Gateway to pain.. It wasn't that bad yesterday actually. Pepsi Oasis sound familiar...just messing. I think they removed the big coke bottle in the middle here, not sure when or why. The saturator was looking good! I am guessing a new coat of paint me after the hurler I am not sure if this is a new train or just a repainted train. I did not get to ride on it though. the new Jukebox diner thingamajig more Nighthawk the new nighthawk sign
  12. Sort simple and to the point, pictures coming soon! Hey guys, today was opening day, and I went for my birthday ( although its March 28th ). It was very interesting. So we got there around 10:40 am. After scarfing down 2 breakfast burritos I bought my season pass. We head into the park to first look at the new Nighthawk sign. The Nighthawk logo is good...except for its just on a white back ground. Plus the Borg ball and music are gone, so its just another unthemed coaster. So first, my friends make me go on Vortex. The first ride was painful. second ride, best ride I have ever had on it. It has gotten better. Then we headed over to Carolina Cyclone, had a great ride in the back, I am riding there from now on. Then we ran over to the hurler. I had a brain explosion..lol. Hurler needs some major TLC. The Drop Zone letters are gone, BUT NOTHING IS IN ITS PLACE! Its a big steel grid with the faded stunt tower words below it. Then we went to lunch at Wings. It was really good. I had the pizza, pudding and a coke. They replaced the background of the ladder climbing thing also. Then we head over to the new Yo-Yo ride. GREAT ADDITION! It's not extremely fast like the flyers, but its really awesome. Your chair rocks back and forth, awesome and great needed flat ride. I talked to a lady in front of Boomerang Bay about the expansion. She gave me a listing of the prices for the cabanas..wow you need a big wallet for these. Unless your a passholder. You get 30% and then after a time 20%. Prices start at like $50.00 or something. Then we head to Top Gun...sorry..Afterburn. THERES NO SIGN LIKE DROP ZONE! No sign indicating what its called. We rode Top Gun / Afterburn about 4-5 times today. It was running great. Then we rode rides over again. One of the employees doing caricatures told me they are going to officially change the green to purple on Borg. I bought a Carowinds shot glass and then went home. Overall it was a fun day. I passed the camera when CN2 ( A Rock Hill, South Carolina news channel) was there. So look for the kid in the Borg shirt. By the way, if your a kid on these forums, you were wearing a green jacket and on Afterburn yelled, fat kid coming through!, you also talked about Top Thrill Dragster then I was the kid in the Borg shirt you rode with. I wanted to get a Afterburn shirt but the gift shops had none and were closed so yeah. Pictures coming soon
  13. Those names are so weird, but they are awesome and better than flght deck lol Nuclear Acccelator! HAHA!
  14. Just hanging up side down for a long time freaks me out. Like on a coaster its only 3 seconds. On these its longer. Just freaks me out for some reason.
  15. I agree with the comments about Carowinds and the Southern Star. All they did was promote it as a new ride. What else did we get? The same parade, an ice skating show (I wish I saw it), and trash cans. Next year, wave pool 2.0 .
  16. I am too terrified to ride a Looping Starship, maybe I will brave the Southern Star this summer.
  17. I am going to deck the person who came up with Flight Deck.
  18. Wow they are moving fast! Looks like it will be a small coaster that packs a punch.
  19. The new sign looks so much better! I can definitely see the transfer from old dark brown track to new light brown track. I cant wait to ride it!
  20. lets call it, the coaster formally known as Top Gun: the Jet Coaster!
  21. Oh yes please! I can see the old red Stealth paint coming through. I would love it to be black and purple, but that probably wont happen.
  22. I love the color scheme on avatar! I have to make my way to Mall of America when this opens. Question, I forgot but how many attractions are they supposed to be adding?
  23. First the second wave pool, now this? Top Gun is my favorite coaster and it does not deserve a crappy name like Flight Deck... Nighthawk is ok, but come on! Now they are going to remove really awesome theming to the ride. Carowinds is 5 minutes away from me, hell I pass it on the way to school every morning. It had a soft spot in my heart but its going away now, I am starting to get really pissed lol. But hey, as long as the ride is still there, I will still love it. Just please make for this by adding a hyper..
  24. sorry did not know about the video button. but I agree with all your comments, and glad to know he was kicked out of the park. About weird lost and found stories, I have heard of people finding glass eyes and prosthetic legs.
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