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  1. I figured I would post pictures of my Happy Birthday Cake ala Walt Disney World Style!!! Almost as good as a FUdgey The Whale Cake from Carvel!! DOLW WHIP FLOAT BABY!!!
  2. Ruth/Relient K/Switchfoot in Atlanta on my bachlorette weekend in November!! We went on a road trip with my 2 room mates from Orlando to Atlanta! the concert was AMAZING and we had so much fun!! Great Show!!
  3. it is 64 outside with clear blue skies! It is beautiful!! Good day to be at a theme park!!! Hence why my room mates are at Busch Gardens Tampa today!!! I love Florida!!! I have my windows all open on a beautiful January day!!!
  4. Purple Crocs white socks Red Old Navy jammie pants that have small hearts in all different colors White tank top Yellow Margaritaville t-shirt from the Orlando Location
  5. My favorite hands down is Chipotle!! I could eat there every day!! I love their flavors and I love their foot quality!!! As for fast food/drive thru type place.. I will always be a McDonalds girl!!! My favorite food still is a Hamburger Happy Meal with a sweet tea!!! Just enough to satisfy!!!!! White Castle/Crystlas is my least favorite with a score of negative ten million!!!!
  6. I LOVED Juno!!! Congrats on such a great honor!!!! You have my vote!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday!! I celebrated mine on Tuesday with a trip to Disney and a Dole Whip Float as my birthday cake
  8. Did I mention that Orlando has good drink specials?? *insert sad, jealous, poor face here *
  9. Amazing! These are so cool!!!! I wonder how those two whales in that little tiny tank did anything without touching eachother.... Does anyone else remember when Mickey's Toon Town opened and they had the color changing straws and the air smelled like birthday cake?? I have a bunch of those straws tucked away in my Disney trunk!!!
  10. Us Universal People have the Dubai talk all the time. Our Department Director just went to Dubai to be one of the Executives there. I and quite a few co-workers would LOVE to transfer there in 2010-2011 when USD is supose to open. I think it would be an AMAZING experience to see the whole thing. Not just the Universal side but the whole project just seems to be so amazing. I am into theming and this place to me is just a Mecca of theming!!!! Thanks for the Pictures!!
  11. At what park? On what day? at what time of year? Just like it saya above be a bit more specific.
  12. After getting fired from a job I loved 4 days before Christmas and going through a HELLISH month of being unemployed I got a new job offer today and have my last appeal meeting set up on Monday for the job I got fired from. IF they take me back they have to pay me for the entire month I was not working! Things are looking up Kids....cant get worse from here!!!!
  13. I had to do a "Walk OF Shame" off of The Hulk three years ago because I could not get the shoulder bars over my Upper Chest for lack of a better term. It was HIGHLY embarassing and humiliating. I have not been on since that because even though I have lost weight I cant fathom the walk of shame again. High Five to anyone who has lost weight and has been able to over come anything that they were held back from doing at one time!!!
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