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Shane's Amusement Attic

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Hello Everyone-


I have decided to condense all my "trips down memory lane" into one thread that I can update and post all the great things I find while cleaning out my attic.


I have been going to the IAAPA conventions since 1978 and have been collecting brochures, photos and other fun stuff from amusement parks from about that same time. As I have been going through my attic I have come across some great old stuff that maybe many of you have never seen. Stuff on parks that are now gone, rides that are now gone, interesting stuff I have collected from the manufacturers and just any other thing that I find interesting.


Check back here often as I will update this thread with fun stuff I come across.


Hope you all enjoy and make sure you post your comments.



Featured in the Attic:

- 1979 Park Brochures

- 1980 Park Brochures

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: PTC

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: HUSS

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: S&S Power

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Miler Coasters

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Maurer Sohne

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: INTAMIN

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Premier Rides

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: PAX

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: GCI

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Gerstlauer

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: B&M

- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Mack

- Aero World San Diego, CA

- Amusement park advertisements from the 1970's go to page 13 (link broken)


- Arrow Dynamics added an interview with Ron Toomer and a detailed report on Drachen Fire

- Arrow Huss 1981

- Arrow's Pipeline Coaster

- Australia's Wonderland

- B&M early brochures

- The Bat at Kings Island includes footage from the park and the Bat go to page 16 (link broken)

- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disneyland 1978

- Boardwalk & Baseball - Circus World includes POV footage on Florida Hurricane & Zoomerang.

- Busch Gardens "The Dark Continent" early souvenir book

- Busch Gardens "The Old Country" 1977

- Cedar Point Amusement Land

- CHANCE Manufacturing

- Colossus - Magic Mountain

- Disneyland 1977 Souvenir Book

- Drachen Fire - Busch Gardens Williamsburg with NEW old footage added.

- Elitch Gardens - the original Now with POV of the original Mr. Twister

- Europa Park 1990

- Eyerly Aircraft Company

- Geauga Lake

- Gone but not Forgotten

- Greezed Lightnin' - AstroWorld great footage including POV of this awesome Schwarzkopf shuttle loop.

- Hersheypark 1980

- IAAPA - Ride Manufacturer Newsletters & Product Info stuff

- INTAMIN 1st Generation Free Falls

- Intamin - Ride Trade Catalog

- INTERNATIONAL AMUSEMENT DEVICES added POV video footage of Montana Rusa, the racer in Mexico City that inspired Colossus

- Kennywood Laser Loop & Steel Phantom added old film footage (including POV) of Laser Loop & the Dipper

- Kings Dominion: The Early Years

- Knott's Berry Farm - the early years. video, pictures, brochures and more for the 70's & 80's

- Libertyland

- MEISHO ride catalog

- Morgan Mfg.

- Old Chicago indoor amusement park

- Opryland U.S.A. includes footage from the park.

- Orient Express - Worlds of Fun Now with footage from the park and POV of the Orient Express

- Paramount's Great America "Media Plex" Front Gate Project

- Park Commercials over 50 commercials from parks all over the world!

- PTC Philadelphia Toboggan Company

- Pinfari

- Raptor - Cedar Point 1993 the parks 11th coaster is introduced in this promotional video

- Ride Renderings - Concept Art

- Riverside and the Riverside Cyclone

- Schwarzkopf Part 1

- Schwarzkopf Part 2

- Schwarzkopf Part 3- Six Flags Parks 1970's souvenir books from SFoT, SFoG, SFoMA, AW, SFGAd & MM before it became SFMM

- Togo Ride Manufacturer

- Tokyo Disneyland 1985 souvenir book

- Towers Part 1 - Intamin

- Towers Part 2 - Waagner-Biro

- Venture Ride Mfg.

- Vekoma: The Early Years

- Von Roll Monorails

- Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom early souvenir book

- The World of Sid & Marty Krofft

Now Showing on Shane's Retro VCR:

- Big Bad Wolf Arrow promotional video

- Cedar Point Winter

- Kennywood Memories PBS documentary

- Kid's World: Marriott's Great America

- Kid's World: Screamin' Eagle

- Kid's World: Colossus

- Kid's World: Loch Ness Monster

- Kid's World: Jet Scream

- Kid's World: Cinerama Coaster (Atom Smasher)

- The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster

- Roller Coaster Addict

- Roller Coaster Expert Gary Kyriazi

- Screamin Demon Kings Island 1979

- Song of the Phoenix

- Texas State Fair Comet 1980

- Theme Parks A Go-Go

- Zingo Bells Amusement Park 1980


Check out these other GREAT threads for more RETRO goodness:

Scott's Amusement Closet

Mark's Postcard Paradise

CoasterTube - Shane's Amusement Attic

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I never got to go to Boardwalk & Baseball.


I remember being in Orlando in '88 or '89 and picking up this exact brochure at a hotel lobby:



I said to the people I was with "We should go check it out" and the answer was "no, we're here to see Disney." (We all worked for Disney at the time.)


Turns out I should have just went!


Oh, well.....



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There are people who simply copy and paste links, text, and photos from other sites, and there are those who share their own rare stuff. They are who make TPR great! Keep it up, Shane!


Cool, thanks for the compliment! More good stuff on its way...

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Thank you for the memories!!!! When I use to go down to my grand parents house every year in feb. as a kid we would go to Circus World! Does anyone have pictures of there face painted? If I can find mine I'll post it..lol...Then when it change to B&B it was still a good time.....Whats about the last coaster that the park got? It was by the entrance to where all the rides were..Weiner looping or something like that...The loop went around the station. It was a fun coaster back then...........Memories!

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Any chance there's still some remnants of B&B there? It was interesting to see how close to Disney it was: right on I-4 and US-27.


I think it's old spot was pointed out to us on our Florida trip back in October.


Basically looked like a big empty field that you never would have realized a theme park used to be.

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I never got to go to Boardwalk & Baseball.


I remember being in Orlando in '88 or '89 and picking up this exact brochure at a hotel lobby:



I said to the people I was with "We should go check it out" and the answer was "no, we're here to see Disney." (We all worked for Disney at the time.)


Turns out I should have just went!


Oh, well.....




Same for me. I was in Orlando in Xmas of '89 and I picked one up in a motel lobby. I think I still have it.


Also never got to go to B&B.

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^ Cool to see that google map. After the park closed they pretty much leveled everything except for the parking lot, giant circus tent (Imax theater) and the Baseball stadium and fields. I walked around the vacant lot then and there was still bits and pieces of Boardwalk & Baseball laying around. Old cups, mailing material and general trash.


The last time I went by, there was no trace that a park ever existed on that site. The Imax building was gone and the whole site had been completely re-graded.


The remaining Baseball stadium and other fields.

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Shane these park histories you're doing are AWESOME! I love reading about and seeing memorabilia from all the defunct theme parks from the 70's and 80's. As a kid, I remember my parents driving me by Circus World on the way to WDW and how I wished we had enough time/money to visit it. Can't wait to see more of these reports!

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Great pictures, my only trip to Boardwalk and Baseball was in 1989. I was only 7 and don't even remember seeing any of the coasters there (probably didn't pay attention to them), except for the Zamperla Dragon. The 16 story ferris wheel was amazing and I remember the museum area and the kiddie rides (they had a cool dune buggy ride). I wish it was still around as I'm sure I would enjoy it even more now.

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My parents took me to Orlando not long before Boardwalk and Baseball closed down, and we visited this park. Unfortunately back then I wasn't such a coaster enthusiast as I am now and I did not ride the Hurricane or the Double O.


If I remember right the studios at the front of the park hosted a fake tv sports quiz show, can't remember what it was called. My dad was a contestant on that show and it was filmed for us as a souvenir. Have not got the video any more though. It was given to an American family (who we were friends with) as the tape would not work in our U.K. VCR!


It's a real shame that park isn't there any more.

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Does anyone have pictures of there face painted? If I can find mine I'll post it..lol...


I'm going to have to go through of my mom's old pictures as I remember having my face painted at Circus World. My favorite part of the trip to Circus World was the Elephant Rides.

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