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Djurs Sommerland Discussion Thread

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Djurs Sommerland has sent us a press release with official details of their latest major investment in the park, Bondegårdsland.


The Danish amusement park Djurs Sommerland has made yet another big investment in a brand new themed area with no fewer than ten new rides for the entire family. The new major themed area – Bondegårdsland – will give children and adults the opportunity to explore an imaginative farmer’s universe featuring a family roller coaster, an interactive carousel and other rides which are the first of their kind in the Nordic region. Bondegårdsland will be ready for the 2015 season.


The fox is on the loose, and it is time for a thrilling farm-chicken chase in the new family roller coaster. Afterwards, children and adults can work together in an interactive carousel, helping the farmer with the grain grinding. And the mischievous sheep has painted a bull’s eye on the back of all the bulls, which has made them completely bewildered, chasing each other in a surprising, rotating family ride.


These are only three of the ten brand new rides for families with children to explore in Djurs Sommerland's new Bondegårdsland, which opens in May 2015.


"By opening the new Bondegårdsland, we give families with children of all ages an even wider selection of rides which they can enjoy together. In recent years, we have also experienced a major increase in the number of visitors, so we want to expand capacity by opening a new themed area. We have selected the top family rides, and to give the visitors an even greater experience, the whole area will be transformed into a massive farmer's universe, specially designed for Djurs Sommerland by the Dutch amusement park experts Jora Entertainment. So there is no doubt that it will be exciting for families with children next year" says Henrik B. Nielsen, CEO of Djurs Sommerland.


The manufacturers of the new rides are Zamperla, Metallbau Emmeln, Wooddesign and Zierer.


Unique theme

The entire Bondegårdsland featuring ten new rides will be built from scratch and replaces Djurs Sommerland's current themed area for the smallest children – Lilleputland. The area will be extended, making the 7,500 sq m themed area almost twice as big as the current Lilleputland. The entire area will be decorated with timber-framed houses with thatched roofs, water mills, colourful agricultural machinery and oversize vegetables.


The new themed area is the latest of Djurs Sommerland's investments. Since 2008, Djurs Sommerland has invested more than EUR 40 million in the park, making it one of the amusement parks in Denmark to have invested most in new, uniquely themed rides. During the same period, Djurs Sommerland has seen visitor numbers grow by 40 per cent.


Over and above its themed rides and Denmark’s biggest roller coasters, Djurs Sommerland features expansive park-like areas, a huge Aqua Park and more than 60 rides and attractions for all the family to enjoy. Djurs Sommerland is the biggest summerland in the Nordic region and Denmark's second largest tourist attraction outside Copenhagen. The park is situated in Jutland, just a 30-minute drive from Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark.


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Magic bikes



Barnyard. Gonna be named the milkshake.



Front of the coaster train



Jumping frogs



Floating ducks for the smallest



Zierer drop towers






Tractor ride



Awesome bull ride!










The front car is hilarious!! (And for some reason I find it very danish, I don't think a kid's theme would be done like this in Sweden or Norway)



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but if I'm right in thinking did they remove the parks Wacky Worm for this?

Yes, it and all the other rides were sold to an unnamed park



New photos!


The new area looks really cool, and I love that the coaster have the same colors as Piraten. Then the little ones can feel just as cool as their parents.


The area will get a milkshake/frozen yogurt bar












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The new area looks really cool, and I love that the coaster have the same colors as Piraten. Then the little ones can feel just as cool as their parents.



Well, it may as well blend in, rather than clash, with one of the best rides anywhere.

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Danish coaster enthusiast Kian was given a tour of the area by the parks CEO. All credit for the photos and information to him!


This new area is also part of an ongoing process of upgrading the parks infrastructure to accomodate the increasing crowds and the future plans looks very good as well.





"Zamperla Barnyard. This will be called the "Milkshaker" and one of their ideas is to have scents go out around the ride area of for instance, vanilla or strawberry. It's not confirmed, but it's likely."


"Zamperla Demolition Derby. The theme is that a sheep has painted targets on the bulls behinds, so there'll be a laughing sheep beside the ride with a bucket of red paint."


"The tractor ride will go through several "scenes" and this is one of them, the final result should be a cow-house."



"This is a brand new generation of trains from Zierer that Djurs is the first to get. They're more comfortable and look much better in my opinion. The trains was one of my concerns with them choosing Zierer so this was nice to see.

As you can see, I'm quite excited about it! "




"This will be a photo shop for the coaster and the tractor ride."


"We climbed the coasters lift and here's a view of the two new ponds."


"Looking towards Piraten."





"Zamperla Magic Bikes. This will be themed to a grain mill and it is actually the biggest Zamperla has done, with 10 gondolas. "


"The foundation and steelwork for the Demolition Derby, which is apparently quite a big piece of work, which is why not a lot of parks has acquired one of these."


"Foundations for the two Zierer Family Drop Towers."


"Foundation for the "Milkshaker"."


"Some of the tractor layout. In the areas where guests can't go there'll be this kinda meadow with various themed elements. "

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