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Djurs Sommerland Discussion Thread

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New pictures from Djurs Facebook page


14. november 2012: Alt skal være millimeterpræcist under hele byggeriet. Her har murerne sikret sig, at alt er ”snorlige”.


21. november 2012: Det er her, turen i Danmarks længste rutschebane 2013 kommer til at starte.

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New image from their Facebook:



Husk: Torsdag kl. 12 offentliggør vi Danmarks største nyhed 2013!


Her får I lige en forsmag. Hvad kan det mon være?


(Remember: We will announce the biggest new 2013 attraction in Denmark at 12PM! Here's a preview. What could it be?)


Definitely looks like an ATV themed moto-coaster to me.

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New coaster has been announced:




Jubii!! Nu offentliggør vi DANMARKS STØRSTE NYHED 2013 - JUVELEN!


Juvelen er Danmarks længste rutschebane OG Europas eneste double launch coaster! Du bliver skudt af sted hele 2 gange på de sejeste ATV'ere med op til 85 km/t. Tryk like, hvis du glæder dig til at prøve Juvelen


Prøv den første tur her:


Longest coaster in Denmark and first coaster in Europe with a double launch. Speed up to 85km.hour




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Exactly. There is no need for a big thrill ride now, Piraten can handle that so far, a good family coaster on the other hand is a pretty desperate need, as the Bobsled & Water coaster can have hour long lines in the summer.


This one is actually better than I hoped for. Looks like the perfect mix of Jet Rescue and Booster Bike.

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Yay, another Intamin motocoaster! Thank GOD Intamin decided to use those style of restraints. The crouching ones found on Dreamworld's Motocoaster are excruciatingly painful, but these look more like the ones found on Jet Rescue at Sea World. And Jet Rescue is awesome, so I have high hopes for this ride!

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This looks awesome and is a great addition for the park!


Can't wait to ride it on the 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!!!


Totally agreed! Sounds like the 2014 Scandi trip is going to epic! How awesome can a trip get with: Legoland, Djurs, Farup,Tusenfryd?, Liseberg, Gronalund, than the questions remains? Will it go to Finland?

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This looks awesome! Another reason for me to start saving for Scandi 2014. Do we know if this is going to be a magnetic launch type system or tire driven like Jet Rescue?



It will be tire driven.


And the ride will be jungle themed, with temples and trees and all.

There are a picture of the CEO and a ride model on a Danish news paper site (witch you have to be a paying customer to see).

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