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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

We were at Wonderland over the weekend and uh... Lazy Bear lodge is not getting enough attention. I hadn't been following this thread so I didn't realize that it was a thing, but that back deck right on the water overlooking Yukon's dive and Vortex is shaping up to be one of the best theme park drinking spots that exists.

Also, the bears all over the outside of the building were way more theming than I expected. I love this project. I love it a lot. OMG.

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This hasn't been mentioned yet anywhere but the new lodge restaurant is open! They have a fish of a day (salmon with apple something on top today), they have impossible stuffed peppers (really good!) , porchetta, tenders, brisket, I forget what else but anyways, it's open! They also have a "bar" off to the side of the building. Staying for haunt tonight!

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Well, we did Zombies 4d and the 5 houses in less than an hour. The verdict? Not a good haunt year. Despite going through the houses ourselves with no line (except for the crypt which they jam packed a bunch of us together), there was no interaction in any of the houses, only a popping your head out and growling. The scare zones (and houses for that matter) had very little scenery. The atmosphere just wasn't there. The new pandemonium inside the mountain was just a bunch of lasers and lights in a bunch of rooms with no other scenery. I left a bit disappointed but luckily it's included with our passes. A solid 2/10 rating from me. Not sure if it's just because I've been to so many better events and local haunts, but I really do think they put in minimal effort this year. Oh well. Hopefully it improves or others enjoy it more than we did.

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It had been about a month since my last visit to Canada's Wonderland, so I went to the park on Saturday. During my visit, I had taken some exterior shots of the Lazy Bear Lodge which had opened last month. It looks amazing from the outside and fits in well with the area!







On another note, The Bat had recently reopened after being down for a good portion of the season due to hydraulic issues. It seemed to have been riding better on Saturday than it had earlier in the season. 


Also, no work has begun on the land for the new Tundra Twister (Mondial Avalanche) coming to Frontier Canada next year. I would expect to see some work begin once the regular season ends at the end of October.  I didn't get a chance to see the area where Snoopy's Racing Railway will be going in Planet Snoopy when at the park on Saturday, so I don't know if much work has begun yet. I'll try to take a look next time I am at the park. :)


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  • 4 months later...

Canada's Wonderland just posted a new blog post on their website, showcasing updates on the two new-for-2023 attractions, Tundra Twister and Snoopy's Racing Railway! The train for Snoopy's Racing Railway looks very nice and the wood print design for Tundra Twister looks great too! Photos in the link below! :)


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On Saturday, May 6th I made my first visit of the 2023 season to Canada's Wonderland! For being Opening Weekend, it wasn't nearly quite as busy as I would have expected with the weather being as beautiful as it was, especially after almost two weeks of rain! While Tundra Twister and Snoopy's Racing Railway weren't quite ready yet, I did manage to get some photos of them. They should be open and operational by mid to late May!


I also managed to get some photos of other improvements made around the park during the off-season including the removal of the trees around Swing of the Century, a new fence along the path by Shockwave, the repainting of Vortex, and the replacement of the Whac-A-Mole game with Peach Basket in Grande World Exposition of 1890. Enjoy the photos below! :)

Tundra Twister:




Swing of the Century (without trees):








Snoopy's Racing Railway (was testing!):





Vortex (with a fresh coat of paint):



New Peach Basket Game in Grande World Exposition of 1890:


New fence in International Festival next to Shockwave:



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33 minutes ago, anonymouscactus said:

I wonder when Tundra Twister will open. I'll be visiting this weekend (hopefully) and while I hate spinny rides, I really want to ride that thing lol.

I beleive it will open mid to late May. So it probably won't be open this weekend as the rides' fences weren't complete. Tundra Twister should be amazing once it does open!

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Damn I thought today was opening day when I saw this in the app.


Looks like it still has a ways to go in the surrounding area, though.

Was a nice day at the park though. Even around 1pm Leviathan and Behemoth were at the bottom of the stairs, Yukon Striker was a 5 min wait at the entrance, Vortex, flats, and Backlot waits were minimal as well. Had a nice 4 hour day I was starting to get a little nauseous as it was my first park of the year and I have to build up my tolerance again. It was nice to be back! Food at the lodge was good; we decided to get meal plans this year.

Looking forward to seeing the new ride at full speed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ha! When the train came to another building (after the "boom" one?). I thought it was back at the station....

How wrong was I, lol? Add to that, I wasn't expecting a second go-round with different sound effects (yes?) happening.

Great family coaster that everybody can enjoy.😃

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Tundra Twister opened on Saturday, June 3rd, with its official grand opening on Wednesday, June 7th. Below are some photos of this first-of-a-kind new ride by Mondial Rides during my visit to Canada's Wonderland on Wednesday!


I found Tundra Twister to be a really fun and insane ride as the gondolas rock back and forth and flip as the giant arm swings back and forth before going all the way over the top, allowing the passengers to experience some head diving towards the ground! I also really enjoyed how the gondola rotates horizontally throughout the duration of the ride, making for a somewhat disorienting ride! I was able to ride it four times on Wednesday and found every ride to be a bit different. It is a solid addition to the park and one that all thrill-seekers should try! :)















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^ Looks awesome, and while the theming isn't much, they did a nice job in making the ride fit in with the rest of the Frontier Canada area.  I will probably get sick on this, but I'm going to definitely give it a try when I hopefully visit next week.  Thanks for the pics!  😃

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Headed to Canada’s Wonderland for the first time next week (Sunday and Monday). I hear the park has a reputation for always being fairly busy so guessing it would probably be worth splurging on Fast Lane at least one day? Any underrated flats I should hit, and anything else a first timer should know?

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