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  1. For my own sanity, I'd rather La Ronde get Vipere than something I might get the urge to ride...
  2. Park downtown and take the trolley for $3 round trip.
  3. I think it's great that they're doing something like this... Not going to buy personally, but for those who this ride/park means a lot to, this is an interesting souvenir for them...
  4. I hope not... I'm curious to try it, and I would like to see the park get even a hand-me-down... And if it does turn out to be a turd, every person in line for it is a person not in line for Monstre...
  5. Thank you for the translation... The 10 years of French at school was a complete waste
  6. Winterfest made mad bank last year... And money is money...
  7. With typical crowd levels at Marineland, there's less chance of hitting someone there with a golf cart there than there is at a golf course...
  8. Last time I hit up SPPN it was a beautiful day and everyone in Ontario was there it seemed... A 4 hour round trip for those lines doesn't float my boat...
  9. If the weather is good, is season pass preview night usually an overcrowded shitshow???
  10. For those unfamiliar with transit in the area, if you're travelling with a group, you each need your own PRESTO card, you can't just load a single card with enough money and have everyone use it...
  11. Yes, but it's an all new kind of suck. In comparison to the suck that's been there for years, this will at least be different...
  12. The southern Roadway Inn is now the Wolf Inn Hotel, looks to be independent and not part of a chain. Can't vouch for it now, haven't stayed there since the change. It was outdated as hell, but serviceable. And the other Roadway Inn is beyond terrible. Waaaay worse than the other was. The staff I met were nice as hell, but it's a straight up dump. If you were being paid to stay there, I'd still go elsewhere.
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