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  1. A bit disappointed that Snoopy's Racing Railway is "must ride with kids" ride. Have some people not so into the thrills in my friendgroup. Thought 'family' coaster might be a good one for them
  2. Always better to set a far timeframe and beat it than a near timeframe and miss.
  3. If that's what it takes to make things safe, I can wait another year.
  4. ^^^ They've got fanboys who have drunk enough koolaid that they go around yelling crap like "If vAlRaVn wAs aT aNy OtHeR pArK iT wOuLd bE tHe #1 rIdE aT tHaT pArK", so yes, I 100% believe that they will buy anything.
  5. ^^^ If anyone believes that'll happen, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you...
  6. Where'd you get said coupons? Might give the place a try next time I'm down that way.
  7. They don't give you the glasses and have changed it to a 2d video... It's been that way since at least part way through 2019... I prefer it, as the 3D glasses don't fit over my regular glasses that well... And without the 3D blur, the video is still fairly low quality...
  8. Earlier this year you had to... Feel free to use it as an excuse to skip it... Half the guns don't work, it's not 3D anymore, it's not on FLP so you're looking at an hour wait for a mediocre ride...
  9. I'm not going to a park just to check rides off on a list... If an ride is good, I'm going to want to ride it again... I'm not just about coasters either, a log flume is always fun, I'm a sucker for bumper cars, and I've never met a drop tower I didn't enjoy... Also, instead of rush-rush-rush-rush, I like being able to have the time to sit and relax on a bench somewhere and enjoy a sno-cone. Or take the time to have a nice meal somewhere instead of the standard park pizza/burger/chicken fingers. I've had rides where I've expected to want to re-ride it and I didn't, and I've had rides that I thought would be OK, then they really surprised me and I wanted to ride them over and over... I like the ability to use my time as I want, and I'm willing to pay for it...
  10. When this was first posted, I didn't notice a difference, but now I certainly do, it's gotten much faster...
  11. Home parks, or parks I get to fairly often, not usually... But sometimes on vacation I will, especially when I know I won't be back for several years... Upcharging for an upgraded experience is everywhere... I'm really surprised that it took parks as long as it did to start cashing in...
  12. Been happening for a month or two... Doesn't seem any faster/slower today than it has over that period of time...
  13. For my own sanity, I'd rather La Ronde get Vipere than something I might get the urge to ride...
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