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What is your next park?

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Sometimes I forget not everyone’s from the northeast and knows those abbreviations

This sort of arrogance really peeves us Midwesterners. We exist, we live in a place that's more than flyover country, and you depend on us as much as we depend on you. Did you eat today? You're welcome. We're all in this together.

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SFoT is on the horizon, and likely another trip to SFFT within the next few weeks.


but it's looking very likely we're going to end up going to Marineland in 2 weeks.

I've taken into consideration their history, and feedback I've gotten here, but Nick really wants to go, as he loves aquariums, and really, really wants to ride Dragon Mountain.


so if the schedule works out, we're gonna be making a stop there, regardless of how loathe I am to give them any money.

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Okay, so I've basically been living under a rock for almost a full year. I had a period of financial lockdown, and couldn't do a trip in Summer 2017, so I got NO new credits last summer. None. I had to work extra hours to build back up my finances, but now that it's all finally stable, I'm back online. I'm back to being my old, coaster enthusiast self. I just now pulled up all these coaster sites, for the first time since last June.


With all that being said, probably California's Great America once RailBlazer opens up. I'm working on doing a Mid-Atlantic trip this summer, and maybe one to Texas and the Midwest.

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UPDATE - I apologize for a double post, but I just booked a Buena Park hotel this weekend. I'm making a return visit to Knott's Berry Farm because I have a Cedar Fair pass, and Hangtime, and maybe I'll squeeze in a quick stop at Adventure City while I'm down there.

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