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  1. I got on Invader Zim when I went. The controls barely worked and the attendant had to stop the cycle TWICE in order to let kids off. Also, more cars were parked than operational. I hope they can either get it working or replace it with something more reliable.
  2. Update: Bobsled was indeed open last Saturday. Got to the park around 2 and it opened right as we got to the sign. Waited about 15 minutes until they called for a group of 2. It's a fun little ride, but pretty short; I prefer it to flying turns. As we left the station the line had grown extremely long, probably about 2 hours or so! I'm glad I got on it but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it's removed in the next few years.
  3. Has bobsled been running reliably recently? I’m headed to the park on Saturday and hoping to get the credit.
  4. That I've done: Connecticut: Boulder Dash Massachusetts: Wicked Cyclone New York: Comet @ Great Escape Vermont: Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster New Jersey: El Toro Pennsylvania: Skyrush Tennessee: Lightning Rod North Carolina: Fury 325 South Carolina: Intimidator (yes, over copperhead and afterburn) Florida: Expedition Everest Texas: Iron Rattler Utah: Alpine Coaster @ Park City California: Xcelerator
  5. I just went to Dollywood about a month and a half ago and I'm going to Carowinds for the first time in a few weeks, so I'm expecting this list to continue to evolve. But as of right now: 1. Lightning Rod 2. El Toro 3. Skyrush 4. Wicked Cyclone 5. Iron Rattler 6. Boulder Dash 7. Superman: The Ride (SFNE) 8. Nitro 9. Phoenix 10: Xcelerator
  6. Lightning Rod on Friday. I got last ride of the night back row. Absolutely incredible!
  7. My list has changed a little bit since October. Great America is out but Dollywood is in and confirmed for April 19th. I'm probably hitting up Adventureland in Long Island in a few weeks as well, and BGT has become a possibility for June. It's gonna be an awesome year!
  8. What will the crowds be like on Good Friday (April 19th)? It’ll be my first time at the park. I’m staying at dreammore so we’ll have complimentary timesaver passes regardless but I really hope it won’t be packed. I’m also crossing my finger at that Wildwood Grove will be open, I heard someone say mid-late April so we’ll see what happens.
  9. I've been on 7 (including Stinger and Goliath) and I missed Knott's by a couple of months. They're fine. Nothing amazing but not horrible. unless you're talking about Goliath which is a piece of trash that should be scrapped asap
  10. I live in Connecticut. I have no large travel plans set in stone yet but a few ideas are being tossed around. Definitely: Lake Compounce Quassy SFNE GAdv Rye Playland American Dream Probably: SFGAm SFA Funtown Splashtown Story Land Santa's Village Possibly: KD and BGW WDW Dollywood SFMM and Disneyland
  11. The list for the Holiday in the Park rides has been updated. Harley Quinn has been added, and I bet they're going to add more as the Tea Cups (which will definitely run) are not on the list yet. https://www.sixflags.com/newengland/special-events/holiday-in-the-park
  12. Skyscreamer @ GAdv with single digit wind chill was one of the craziest ride experiences I've ever had. So cold, but so much fun. Virginia's nothing compared to New England winters
  13. After reading this TR, it occurred to me that you and Alex were on the train before me for a back row ride of Lightning Racer (pretty sure it was the lightning side). I saw your pink wristbands and realized that TPR was there that day Great report!
  14. A: Alpine Coaster (Park City Mountain Resort) B: Boulder Dash C: Comet (Great Escape) D: Dragon Coaster (Playland) E: El Toro F: Fahrenheit G: Great Bear H: Hydra I: Iron Rattler J: Joker (SFNE) K: Kingda Ka L: Lightning Racer (Lightning) M: Montezooma's Revenge N: Nitro O: Orient Express (at a random traveling carnival I went to ) P: Phoenix Q: --------------- R: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster S: Skyrush T: Talon U: --------------- V: --------------- W: Wicked Cyclone X: Xcelerator Y: --------------- Z: Zoomerang
  15. In the KI Blog Post about Firehawk's removal, they said it's being removed for maintenance issues. One of my friends who works at the park confirmed it's being scrapped as well.
  16. 1. California Screamin’ (6072) 2. Steel Force (5600) 3. Superman - The Ride (5400) 4. Nitro (5394) 5. Boulder Dash (4725) 6. GhostRider (4533) 7. El Toro (4440) 8. Expedition Everest (4424) 9. Comet (Great Escape) (4197) 10. Green Lantern (4155)
  17. Went to the park for the first time this year yesterday. Toro leaped from my number 4 spot to my number 1 in my rankings. It was absolutely hauling! I rode it 20 times, with 18 of those in a single hour. Nitro was hauling as well. Cyborg was... well... interesting. It's probably the strangest flat I've ever done. Hopefully I'll be back for Holiday in the Park.
  18. 1. Skyrush 2. Superman: The Ride 3. Nitro 4. Steel Force 5. Xcelerator (count it if you want) 6. Steel Eel (again, count it if you consider it a hyper)
  19. Besides bobsled, what rides have been down as of recently? Heading to the park on Saturday for the first time.
  20. I went to the park for the first time Monday and Tuesday and I was blown away. Skyrush is a top 3 coaster for me, the other Intamins are fantastic, and the park is very clean and looks gorgeous. I will definitely be back in the future!
  21. Possibly Lake Compounce this Sunday, but definitely Great Escape on August 11th.
  22. Right now it’s 12, but it will probably be 16 by the end of the year! The list is in no particular order. Batman (SFNE) Nitro Green Lantern Bizarro Superman Ultimate Flight (SFGAdv) Batman The Ride (SFGAdv) Hydra Talon Superman Krypton Coaster Goliath (SFFT) Great White Silver Bullet Riding this year: Great Bear Either Mako, Manta and Kraken or Sheikra, Kumba and Montu
  23. I’ve ridden 104 coasters in 9 states: Connecticut: Boulder Dash New York: Thunderbolt (will probably change when I ride comet in about a month) New Jersey: El Toro Massachusetts: Wicked Cyclone Pennsylvania: Phoenix Texas: Iron Rattler Florida: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (again, will probably change by the end of the year) California: Xcelerator Utah: Alpine Coaster at Park City (only credit I have in the state!)
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