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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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Port Aventura looks beautiful.


But, from what I can tell from the Furius Baco POV, Furius Baco looks a bit dissapointing. I expected Furius Baco to speed throug more caves/tunnels and I expected more "ground effects". It seems like it's just travelling at constant speed at an awkward height over the ground.


But, that launch must be very good. Forceful, but not too forcefull (so the launch takes a relatively long time) . And after the launch there is this dip. Must be a cool effect: sqeezed back in your chair and then a bit of airtime. Isn't it guys?

I don't think the POV does the speed and intensity of this ride justice. It also doesn't show off how rough it is, but I have to say to take a closer look at the offride footage and you'll see how insanely fast the coaster goes.




I was going to say the same, looking at the POV it seems so slow, but seeing the off ride footage that sucker moves...Glad to see you guys are having a great time.


Thanks for the update.

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Other than being fast...............does'nt really do too much huh?


Wish I was there all the same.........Hope EVERYBODY has a BLAST and remember "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are, So Enjoy It & Be GOOD.................or Not"

Thats a quote from The CloakRider

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Robb, no wonder Elissa chose you! You're like Superman with a little mixture of God. And the FURIUS(not furious) Baco video I think is just a little piece of heaven for all of us to live vicariously. Thanks Robb.....



"The Girls of TPR"....it sounds like one of those Girls Gone Wild DVD specials.

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^ Comments like that probably scared her off from doing trips.


Anyway, Furius Bacon looks really sweet. Too bad it's rough, because it looks like it could be totally amazing. I LOVE the launch followed by the drop, totally insane.

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"The Girls of TPR"....it sounds like one of those Girls Gone Wild DVD specials.




You haven't seen all of the TRs just yet, have you?



(Edit: And there ARE DVDs available, winkwink nudgenudge...)



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Today we were at Tibidabo which is a smaller park located on top of a mountain in Barcelona. The views from the park are AMAZING!!!


The park itself was kind of odd, since it was built on 6 different levels of the mountain which you could even take an elevator down to each different area.


They also seemed to be known for some of their "home made" rides like the "plane on a stick" ride where you climb on board an actual (looks like) 1920s plane and fly around in a circle. The propeller of the plane ACTUALLY powers it's motion!


They also had 1 credit there, a very odd looking "Galaxi" type coaster.


And beware of the people in the elevators....they are very odd!


Onto some photos....


So long from Tibidabo....where the view is great and the rides are BIZARRE!


The elevator operators....more frightening than the plan on a stick ride!


Rich finally found a group he fits in with.


More credit whores doing their thing.


Yay! Random coaster shot to appease the fanboys!


Oh, I see....they wanted the collection of blow up animals. Put that Zebra to good use! ;)




We're coaster enthusiasts....of COURSE we need a tray full of hot dogs!


I still have white knuckles and blue balls from this ride!


Now for the "It looks like a ghetto Skyscraper, but it's really just a bucket on a stick" ride.


Seriously, this ride is totally freaky!


But the view is totally awesome if you can enjoy it in between crapping your pants.


The inside looks like it hasn't been touched in 50 years....creepy!!!


We are about to ride the scary plane on a stick. Seriously, we're freaking terrified!


And yup, the credit whore always gets his coaster! (CLOSE YOUR MOUTH JEFF!!!!)


Scary Home Made Ride of Death #2 - The plane on a stick ride.


Scary Home Made Ride of Death #1 - The observation buckets on a stick.


Jesus overlooks Tibidabo just in case anything goes wrong.


The entrance of Tibidabo. Exciting, huh?

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Robb, after introducing Kidtums to furries, now you introduce her to cosplayers. Parent of the year! Also, the arcade at my local Bowling alley has that same exact mini basketball game. Good fun to cheat with .


Great update about Tibidabo, probably the craziest park in the Spain trip by far!

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This has to be the best park of the trip?


These rides look some of the contraptions they used to have at Pacific Ocean Park in the 60's!


Are there up stops of any kind on that coaster?


Thanks for the updates my friend. Really enjoying these.



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The "observation buckets on a stick" remind me of those trebuchet-launching competitions you used to see on Real TV all the time... which is, of course, a great comparison to have!


I don't even know what to think of the "plane on a stick"... all's I know is, it looks scary as hell, but looks luxurious at the same time. I don't get it.

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Thanks for yet another update! Could it be that this park was closed and rotting when I was in Barcelona in 2000? I vageuly remember riding a chairlift from someplace far down in the city to someplace way up on the mountain and during the ride passing over some burned-up run-down long-closed ghetto-a$$ park and I swear it had the plane on a stick? Am I confused?

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I went to Tibidabo, last June. I thought it was pretty good - I only needed 2 hours to get everything I wanted to do.


Avió (The Plane Ride) was my favorite ride there. Like Robb said you get awesome views of Barcelona from there.


I did'nt do Talaia (Scary buckets on a stick ride !) I'm not scared of most ride but that looked terrifying.


Did you guys do the weird powered/suspended dark ride ? The name of it escapes me


Honestly these were the pictures/report I was looking forward to the most, just to see what all you guys thought of the place.


MrMorgan, was there a small mountain railway going to the park ? As Tibidabo has one.. However I think that's shut in 2007 for repairs.

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Nice TR for Tibidabo, at least everything for open and you all had a laugh, unlike when I visited sometime in Dec 2005, spend hours trying to find the place, to go up a steep mountain. To find out selected rides are open all kids ones. Wasn’t best please. Dose seeing the gate count


seeing the "plane on a stick ride " looks like some board game I had when younger where you had to hit the plane to stop getting your chickens *crazy*


They also had 1 credit there, a very odd looking "Galaxi" type coaster.


I thought they had 2 other credits being a powered Zamperla and Vekoma

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