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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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The 'Brits' say there is an awful lot more to a TPR trip than the beer! - It is nice that the beer is there, but we could take it or leave it really.....no really......


Thanks for the super mega update, which reminded me of many a good time I had perhaps forgotten (in the general haze of life, NOT the general haze of beer intake...it's all good )

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Damn, sorry my post offended everybody. It was a complete joke. Guess I don't post enough to be in the "clique" of people that can say anything. From now on I'll keep my comments to myself and won't add anything to anything on here. Thanks to everyone.

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I am also Loe credit free. The part the gets me is while my credit list stays at my wife and Robb, other people add the Melanie credit. I think the Melanie credit should at least involve a trade of some type.


Skramp yours was probably a joke, but it seems like so many people who have never met Lou, Nicole, Hoffman Girl, etc. Continue to make those comments to people they have never met in person and to be honest it just seems creepy.

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I am not sure that Melanie would like to be bartered for you to get other credits.


Isn't it to love, cherish, and trade til death do us part.


The most ironic part of all this is that I have the Hoffman Girl credit! How ya like them apples!? And she has the Melanie credit, so it looks like I'll just do my own bartering, thank you very much!

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