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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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Yes, that is right! The TPR Spain Trip 2007 has officially begun!


Part 1 - Arrival and Parque de Atracciones Madrid w/ Abismo Video (Scroll Down)

Part 2 - Isla Magica w/ SLC Video

Part 3 - Back to Parque de Atracciones Madrid!

Part 4 - Parque de Atracciones Zaragoza w/ Bouncy Bouncy Video!

Part 5 - PortAventura Photos!

Part 6 - More PortAventura Photos & Furius Baco Video!

Part 7 - Tibidabo Photos

Part 8 - Festilandia & Benidorm

Part 9 - Terra Mitica Photos and Magnus Colossus Video

Part 10 - Parque Warner Madrid w/ Superman Video



Mini-Europe Trip:

Part 1 - Klotten, Germany Photos

Part 2 - Tripsdrill, Germany - Photos & Coaster POV Video

Part 3 - Holiday Park, Germany Photos & Coaster Video

Part 4 - Toverland Update with Troy POV Video

Part 5 - Phantasialand Photos


After a bit of some trouble with our arrival flight (we were 6 hours delayed in Newark), we arrived in plenty of time to meet and greet everyone on the trip and head out to our "Day Zero" (un-official first day of the trip) destination "Parque de Atracciones Madrid." All I'm going to say about our day here is that we had nearly a Magic Springs "stuck upside down" moment. (you need to watch the video and you'll find out the story!)


Overall it was a really great day! Over half of the trip members arrived in time for this bonus day at the park (we'll be back there again on Sunday). All the coasters were running and the park was EMPTY!


I will spare you all the random details and just get right to the photos. We will be doing daily photo (and video if possible) "mini" updates, and will do a full blown HUGE MO-FO trip update when we get back.


So for now....enjoy!


Abismo video for download!


Theme Park Review rides (and breaks!) Abismo!!!

(Downloadable version at the bottom of this update)


Back in the hotel, time to pack all 48 people into the elevator, get some rest, and it's off to Isla Magica tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow night for more updates!


Nothing says "traditional Spanish cuisine" like theme park pizza! =)


"Touch my ass again punk and I'll pump you full of lead!"


The "Shooting 4D Motion theater" was way too bizarre to even describe. All I know is that it shook a lot, some very random western amimations popped up with pictures of us, and Jay got turned into a Donkey!!! WTF?!?!


...and honestly Bob, Kristie was falling down and everyone was just trying to help her stay up!


The "Lou's Boob" credit was worth the 2 E-Tickets...


Torando was fun and "Scaffolding Free" this year!


We got in all the other credits...BIG thumbs up to Tarantula....


"Um...it is supposed to stop like this?" Would you believe it....WE BROKE the coaster!!!! (Watch the video for proof!) =)


After the Drayton Manor one we rode last year, we were really dreading this ride, but honestly, it was REALLY good!!! That airtime hill is INSANE!


This is one of those "X-Coaster" thingy's that just got stuck upside down at Magic Springs...I hope we have better luck!


Yay! We have made it to our first park! Part 1 of Parque de Atracciones Madrid. (We're back here on Sunday with the entire group!)


"Ok, who farted?"


Today was a little different instead of heading out on a bus, we decided to take the train....and....um.....see how many TPR memebers we can decapitate at once!


Back at the hotel it's time to welcome the rest of the trip members and head out to the first park!


Ed found Oreos and he was happy. But the picture of Lou has "Wes Photoshop me" written ALL over it! =)


Hey! Those guys look oddly familiar!


We sat another couple of hours until we finally boarded. Once on the flight, it did go pretty smoothly and we got into Madrid just fine...


They did give us meal vouchers, so at 1:15am Jeff had a deep fried ham & cheese sandwich and a bottle of ketchup. DEATH!!!


Although our flight to Madrid wasn't so cool. It kept getting pushed back and finally took off at 4am, 6 hours late. :(


On our flight to Newark we had "Pizza In A Bag." It was most awesome.

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I feel so out of the (pardon Derek) loop on this one! Freaky feeling now watching some of you who I toured with last year.... already someplace else, together....


And I'm not there with you (sniff)


OTHER THAN THAT (geez, gedoverit) - great start of the trip guyz!!! Looking forward to ALL of everybody's TRs and vids, etc. etc.


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Wow, now that place looks so much better without the builders!


Glad to see you're all enjoying yourselves. I heard The Boy dropped his shorts off the balcony already!


And for the record I'll pay good money for the first picture of him passed out from booze posted here.

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Nice to see that TPR has worked up from the "Happy Gater" incident of last year. Onward and upward! There are bigger coasters to break!


Abismo's layout does look better than G Force's.

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One credit I was dissappointed not to see on the Midwest Trip itinerary...the Lou's Boob credit! Alas, I guess I'll just have to keep crediting myself *sigh*...


Is it just me, or does Lou not look nearly as amused as Robb upon getting the Lou's Boob cred.? Hmmm? Robb is definitely a candidate for P.A....Pervs Anonymous.


Robb: "Hello, my name is Robb, and yes, I'm a perv."

G$: "Hi Robb...!"


G$ out.

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