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The Official TPR Spain & Mini-Europe Trip 2007 Thread

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You guys should just stop beating around the bush, and make your 2008 group trip, "The 2008 TPR Orgy". It seems like most of these group excursions are just veils so you can grab the boobs and butts of one another.

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I was in Parque Atracciones yesterday the 29th and I have to say I thought the ride-op's were terrible and the park was average but Abismo was fantastic. I thought Tarantula was very disapointing and dull. Tornado is crap in the front but good in the back and the drop tower was closed.


Great pictures.

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When I read a six hour delay, I knew you were in Newark. I've never talked to anyone who's made it out of that airport on time. You were lucky to get meal vouchers - when we were stuck, all of the shops closed down! Awesome pictures - made me want to go to Spain again!

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That was awesome! Is it supposed to go back through the station like that or is that what caused it to go down?


The one here in Arkansas does the same thing. It's not an extended version, but the first time it roars through the station it goes up the lift hill and free-falls back through the station. Then on the final trip through the station it heads back up the lift hill and the chain catches it, after a few seconds the chain lowers it slowly back to the station. As far as I know, these things don't have traditional brakes, there is a mechanism to hold it in place while in the station, but it is not used to slow the train down.

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I was in Parque Atracciones yesterday the 29th and I have to say I thought the ride-op's were terrible and the park was average but Abismo was fantastic.

Operations weren't perfect during our visit, but they were MUCH improved over our visit last year.



I thought Tarantula was very disapointing and dull.

I think you'll find that most everyone in our group would disagree, but to each their own.

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Today we were at Isla Magica in Seville which is in the southern part of Spain. To get here, we went on another little "adventure" and took the bullet train from Madrid! Because this park is so far away from most everything else, this is really the only way to make the trip without having a very long drive!


When we got to the park, they gave us some "bonus ERT" before the park opened on their new Pirates themed shooting dark ride and treated us to some new movies in their 4D motion simulator theater. The "haunted house" one was VERY cool in that bizarre sort of way, but the 2nd film we watched, we all felt like we just went through some kind of acid trip!


Then onto the SLC with the "BONUS HELIX!!!" And there is even video for you to see what we're talking about! If you don't know, some of the Vekoma SLC's out there have a little "bonus helix" bit at the very end of the ride before it hits the brakes. It was very cool to get the "bonus helix", but I gotta say this had to be one of the roughest SLC's I've ridden.


Oh well...


We did some kiddie coaster credit whoring, had lunch, did the log flume, checked out some of the other rides and then it was time for the group to head out.


I have to say, the park is REALLY nice.....but it does lack at least one, maybe 2 "signature" rides. They did have a wall up with a "concept drawing" of their new Vekoma mine train coaster that is supposedly coming next year. That will help. But this park SCREAMS "get me a really kick ass B&M".


Anyway, back onto the bullet train home and now we're ready for the next day.....


Video of the Vekoma SLC with the "Bonus Helix!"


Kyle's all "My left thumb is girthier than my right thumb!"


Thanks again to everyone for keeping up with us on the trip. Check for another update tomorrow!


Figures our Brits would be in here! Hey guys, try not to miss the bus tomorrow! (Love you really!) =)


Much silliness occured In the "bar car" of the train.


It was time to head back onto the bullet train to get back to Madrid.


Photo by Jeff Johnson


For lunch, Hector and Jon had a bull sandwich.


Photo by Kyle Miller


...no, seriously! It really does!!!


...the drop tower that changes programs every hour...


The "hump the turtle" ride....


After the whoring it was time to hit up a few other rides. First the log flume....


And are there two bigger credit whores anywhere else? I don't think so!


Photo by Jeff Johnson


Time to do a bit of credit whoring because that's what we do.


This one's for all the Great Adventure fan boys!


Photo by Jeff Johnson


The park really IS very beautiful...it just needs a couple more "big" rides.


...but they wouldn't let him ride....so they improvised!


After the Ghetto Fair Chris really REALLY wanted to do the Llama ride...


And there it is...you are lookin at the actual BONUS HELIX!


Photo by Jeff Johnson


Now time for the Vekoma SLC with the "Bonus Helix!!!" (watch the video!) =)


Yay! for bonus 3D movie ERT! =)


Once inside the gates, JimmyBo got molested by some Spanish drag queen pirate thing. It was quite disturbing!


Photo by Kyle Miller


Yup, it's a park sign. Pretty huh? Doesn't it make you think of fresh flowers and mushrooms?


Photo by Jeff Johnson


We're only happy because the free movie on the train was some wacky Richard Gere crap about a Spelling Bee!


Jeff has a slight Joygasm (or maybe he had a Ya-Ya) over riding the bullet train.


Photo by Jeff Johnson


Here we are on the "Wild Mouse" escalator!


Bright and early we got to the Madrid train station to catch the bullet train to Seville.


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