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  1. Hey All! Post Links Blogs Sites Anything Discuss One of the Best Shows Out there! ----- Dave[/u]
  2. Hey All! Post Links Blogs Sites Anything Discuss One of the Best Shows Out there! ----- Dave
  3. Discuss Fam Guy Post Links Blogs Or Anything Have Fun ----- Dave
  4. Yea that kind of Pisses me off that they have Ceder Point in there State! They Need theme parks in Washington or Montana!
  5. I was Just browsing and the Theme Park Rollercoasters and Donkeys! Title was Changed to Themeparks Rollercoaster and Maple Syrups! What was With That?
  6. How Did this Become A New Coaster forum but turned into Continoe the Story
  7. Ok ok heres the rules for those of you who dont know how to play I'll Put three Facts about a Certain Park then ya'll guess then who guseed right wins. They Get to Put three Facts so on so on so on I'll Start 2 Coasters One of the coasters is a Ace Theres a Lake
  8. Hi All, Is Anyone Love Rc Planes? I've Been Flying for 3 years and im Really into it! Is anyone like this too?
  9. Drank it anyway because he was hammered anyway Kidtumes Travled thew Dereks Intestines Until he Puked her up... then............
  10. 5125 Buckeroos Im Gonna Sell My Body s i can buy a Cheap Coaster!
  11. I Heard that it Closed becuase a guy hit his head on the tunnel so mmh... I dunno
  12. Then Robb Serling Died and then Robb Became him but blah blah blah wah.....?
  13. I went to Elitches Today and Tower Of Doom in Still Closed
  14. I was Wondering if anyone knew the specs on the underground water slide witch was located at Six Flags Hurricane Harbour in Arlington. The Slide Used to be Located Under what is now The Black Hole all that is left is The Station My Family Told Me it used to be a underground waterslide Does anyone have any Info Or Pics? - David
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