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Happy Birthday TPR Forums!

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It seemed so long since TPR used to piggyback off of Westcoaster's boards.


But damn, its been two years, I've met more enthusiasts here than on any other forums, I still see the same people posting here every day like nothing has changed. I've rarely seen any members get banned up until the Spambot issue rose up. If anything, this forum is the most laid back and enjoyable forum I have ever posted at. Also, this forum doesn't seem as cluttered as other coaster forums as well. I guess those are the reasons why I still post here.


Thank you Robb and Elissa, for creating probably the best coaster community out here!


Two years ago I lost my life...

You forgettin' Westcoaster?

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After reading this thread I started wondering what day the birthday of TPR is on and how old is the site?

Good question! I honestly "don't know" the answer! I do know that I started the site as a "geocities" web page in 1996. I registered the domain name on 09-Sep-1997 and this is what it looked like in 1997: http://www.themeparkreview.com/tpr1997/


So technically this year the site is 11 years old, but I really have no idea what the actual date of that is!



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^I don't think I can even imagine a TPR without a forum!


But seriously, the 2 years I have spent here have been really great ones. I don't get out to the parks very often so I come here to get my fix.

Even though everyone else has said it I feel obligated to say thanks to Robb and Elissa. This site is awesome!



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I'm glad to be part of this maginifcent forums. I'm glad to see someone so devoted to theme parks and coaster. I do hate how you rip on California parks, but that's forgivable.




Keep up withh the great pictures, trip reports, and POV's!

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I truly believe this forum has changed the coaster community. It focuses on having fun and good times rather than how many wheels a PTC train has and its effect on roughness.


The trips allow others to experience the great fun that Robb and Elissa do; R&E regularly hold fun parties and events for the members of the FREE site!


Other sites take themselves too seriously, but this site is just a lot of fun, which is essential to the vitality of any website. The members are eclectic and fun; the conversation exciting and purposeful; the videos and photos of good quality.


It's a great, fun site. Thanks, Robb and Elissa, for making TPR what it has become today. Without your dedication and great ideas, this site probably would not exist. Your site reaches a large audience yet remains a close-knit community that just enjoys having fun.

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"We've all got our junk - and my junk is You."


(- from current {awesome} Broadway show, 'Spring Awakening'.)


Been a good ride so far.


I certainly never expected ending up on your very First Planned TPR Tour, heh heh!


Congrats and Enjoy The Cake, guys.



(EDIT: And, Reply #69.... Ka-Ching!!! )

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Happy Birthday TPR!!


I've had a great time here, been a member for over a year. Can't see myself quit browsing these forums in a while. As many of you had nicely said already, it's the fun, laid-back atmosphere what makes this site or forums better compared to other coastersites.


Yeah. I've had an awesome time so far, hopefully (almost definately) it will continue thanks to R&E and All of you members.

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