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  1. I'm going to MIT in the fall but I don't know what I'm going to major in. Boston's weather is nothing like southern California. At least I get to experience real seasons.
  2. and with bringing back the videos, he also brought back "crotch vision" going down the drop tower.
  3. What did you guys think of the pre-show on Furious Baco? From what I've seen its pretty cool with monkeys, buckets and a maniacal doctor (straight outta Robot Chicken!).
  4. I though "Emmissions" was spelled with one m (see image of "Department of Mines"). But that's negligible. Ride looks pretty awesome, but I won't be passing through the Mid-West anytime soon.
  5. What happened to all those arcade games you (Robb) own? Happy Birthday TPR.
  6. Daniel this thread is "exciting."
  7. The porn tape was totally random, and utterly funny. JEW'D NC-17 Dart Porn hmmm..... i can't dl the video of Dan's aiming SKILLS
  8. My Family is going on vacation to Southeast Asia and on the flight back, we have a 10 hour layover in Osaka Kansai International (KIX). Do you know of the things we can do there for ten hours without having to go through customs? (if you have other suggestions that involves going through customs then take out a couple hours of free time and my family and I will consider.) We want to do some sight seeing and some fun stuff and still be able to make our flight back to the states. Maybe a tour? I'd rather do something in Japan instead of being bored waiting in the terminal.
  9. I think I want to get into this Competition.. I'll sign up. I dont know what i'll build. I think I'll make it a little bit more compact. I'll do it later tonight..
  10. What I saw in the intro video to the Siam Park was the silhouette of the Angkor Wat (which is located in Cambodia) but I guess the Thai and Cambodians have similar architecture. This should be exciting to follow (and maybe there's a "learn abroad" type of program in spain so i could check that out, i'm learning spanish) I was too lazy to find out what building would be the center of the park.
  11. my sister went to london. and then she went to manchester and then back to london and watched the producers. all of this without me! and oh. i can't play cello. i tried. i play the violin, and bass. and viola. no celli for me. i dont like playing in a huge orchestra(100 people or more). too crowded. i started on violin and learned that in elementary school. and picked up viola in middle school' and then bass in high school... (so that means i can readd all the silly clefs) soo maybe cello in college? i dont know. but music is fun. and violin is tiny compared to all other string instruments, and squeeky. and evil with fingers. daniel "i broke my g-string last week and i have yet to buy another one." sngiem
  12. i see three different clefs on those braille sheets. ow. how fun!
  13. I spent more time on this than i should have... since i have some evil f-words (functions and fractions) to graph. This is really remarkable, I want to ride it right now. If this was put into reality, I'd see a whole lot of money spent by the producer and the consumer. This is breathtaking -- I am too impatient of a person to take the time and draw something so detailed and articulated as that. I can see employers pulling at your crafted arms and peeling away at your talent... Marvelous, Fanstastic, and really phantasmagoric.
  14. I get bothered with pluses.. means I could do better.. BTW, i love block scheduling. my last progress report.. AP US History: B+ (Yes. Is it that interesting? Especially with DBQs and History Analysis. FUNNNN :: ) Amer. Lit Honors: B+ (I dont like to read some books) Sym. Orchestra: A (my teacher gives playing tests. He sticks you in a room, makes you play a passage all while getting recorded by a videotape. Wonderful.) Biology: A (we get into good discussions.) Spanish 5-6: A (i have a spanish oral presentation to do.. i havent started it.) Inter Alg/Trig: A (barely an A. I've been lazy with hw.) Volleyball: A (all i have to do is attend class..) two weeks from now, semester finals. two weeks to raise grades, hooray (minimum days! ::love::! 12:35 and schools out!)
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