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Hi everybody, my name is Vivek. I have been trolling the site for a few months and finally registered today. My home park is Six Flags over Georgia, but my favorite park will always be Epcot. Just graduated from GSU and currently job hunting.

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Hey guys! I've never bothered to Introduce myself! I've been a member for over a year now, Not a long time To be honest, But still!

Hi, My name is Anthony, But you can call me KP I'm 14 and I go to school, Do homework, Play bass guitar and enjoy myself on TPR! Also I'm an RCT3 Maniac!

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hi my names robby

but i am trying to get everyone to call me ROberto

so sound European


i had an account on this website since like 2003 but

i lost it


I love roller coasters and theme parks

i'm 14 yrs old

i live in a shit hole called Australia

don't think its as good as it looks

i wish i could be chilling out in the states

i one day plan to go on a TPR trip.

my keyboard is being gay\

so don't think i cant spell.


i will be an active member on the forums

trust me


p.s. just coz i live in AUS

dont ASSume i know nothing about theme parks i know quite alot.



ADMIN EDIT: Please use correct spelling and grammar on the forum and dont hit return after every few words. It may be an idea to re-read the TPR terms of service http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=137

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Well.. How about me introducing .. My name is Bas.. Pronounce as you all pronounce the word Bass (not so hard after all).. I am 18 years old and I live on a very small island in Holland called Schiermonnikoog.. Not going to tell you how to pronounce that..


I've been a coaster enthousiast since the year 2000, it was the year that Six Flags landed in Europe.. I got VIP tickets to the Grand Opening of Six Flags Holland (Now Wobbly World ) and was very afraid to ride Superman: The Ride.. After thinking for an hour and looking about 100 laps f it.. I descided to just go.. And I really loved it.. After a while I descided to ride La Via Volta (Just a standard Vekoma Boomerang) and I also loved that one.. From then on I was loving coasters.. The park I love best is Phantasialand.. In April I'm finally going to visit the US.. Just one park, but really one of the best, I guess.. I'm going to vistit Cedar Point and I'm really looking forward to it..


Later on.. When I'm allowed to rent a car in your country full of unnecessary rules, I planned to do an entire USA trip with some of my friends.. Planning to visit SF Great Adventure, Cedar Point, Holiday World, King's Island, Hersheypark, Busch Gardens Europa, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios Orlando, Busch Gardens Africa, SF Over Texas and SF Magic Mountain..


Well I think you know a lot about me now..Remains to tell you that I really love your trips and when I collected enough money I might even once take part on one of your (probalbly) Asian trips..


With Love Bas!!

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What up, I'm Derek. I've been roaming here and there for a while and finally decided to get with the program and register.


I'm a 21-year-old (w00t!!) college student from Columbus, Ohio. I am currently a junior at the University of Dayton, majoring in Biology and possibly a minor in photography (not sure on that one yet). I've been an enthusiast for all things coaster/thrill ride for several years now. I am involved on numerous other park websites, as well as on the staff for two (see signature). If I think of anything else interesting about myself you'll all hear about it.

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I've been lurking around here for a long time, but have decided to try playing in the forums.


Just call me "aim". Grew up in Michigan (made lots of trips to Cedar Point as a kid), now living in Florida for the past almost 10 years. I've been a coaster junkie since the 80's. My first coaster was the Corkscrew at Deer Park Funland (now Michigan's Adventure). I've ridden between 30-40 different coasters at various parks over the years. Not as many as a lot of you here, but I hope to increase that number eventually.


I'm a frequent visitor of WDW (first trip was in 1978). My traveling companion, Wonderpup (in my avatar) usually accompanies me.... and mayhem usually ensues.


Anything else you want to know? Just ask! I might/might not answer.

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Hi there!


I'm Christian (25) from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

I've been crazy about coasters ever since I rode my first one...


I just love your sense of humor (!!!), the crazy trips and funny

videos and those high-quality coaster-pov's!!!


F**k YouTube Lipstick-camera just kicks a$$!

That's POV the way it's supposed to be...


Sometimes I spend those lonesome evenings at home watching

your videos over and over again - I sure could re-synchronize

them by now...


Next time you're in Germany (home of the famous GeForce,

Silverstar & Black Mamba), I'll try to meet you - would be a great

honor and fun!


"I'm Robb Alvey... For those of you that live in a cave!" -


Keep up the great work - err... I mean: keep on having fun!


Christian "finishing the roach and getting some sleep now" Schweda

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Hello there


My name Ole, i'm 18 years old and live in Trondheim, Norway.


As i live in a place in somewhat relative isolation from parks.

My other hobbies include chemistry, element collecting, nuclear physics, astrophysics, rock music and football(soccer mind you all from the U, S and A), and my favourite team is Rosenborg BK


I can answer any question about chemistry and nuclear physics.


Also, i measure coasters in metric numbers (meter, Kph...)


Im a somewhat unpredictable guy, so can be boring for some and extremely volatile for others(except for my sister)


PS: I always measure temperature in Kelvin, never F or C

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Hey everyone, I'm Steve from Hazleton PA. My home park is Knoebels, which is 30 mins from my house. I got into coasters in the late 90's and have ridden about 60 or 70. I grew up at Hershey, Dorney, and I've been to Knoebels every summer of my life since I was young. I'm a full time college student and run a buisness on the side. I just got into playing warhammer online, if you haven't played it yet you should check it out.

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Welcome people!! I hope you enjoy your TPR experience


Just one thing Christian:

Next time you're in Germany (home of the famous GeForce,

Silverstar & Black Mamba), I'll try to meet you - would be a great

honor and fun!


I agree about Ge-force and Black Mamba, but the only thing Silverstar could possibly be famous for is being the most overly trimmed B&M hyper on the planet! Mack should keep to their own stuff inside Europa (which by the way is incredible!!)

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Hey everyone,


My name is Todd. I'm from Connecticut with the homepark being Six Flags New England.


I've been here before bu can't remember the last time I posted. So its more of a re-hello.


My coaster count isn't anywhere near many of you. Right now I'm concentrating on as many rides on Superman ride of steel before they Disneyfy it for next season.


I like more of the extreme rides, (Bungee, Skycoasters, Ejector Seats, etc.).


Nice to be hear or be back


Talk to ya soon.



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Hi everybody,


my name is Tom and I am from Moers, Germany. You don't need to know this city, as most germans don't either. Some of you may know me from my award winning video masterpieces ("Stampeeeeedddaaaaaa!" and "Ein highspeed coaster von Vekoma").


I just received a "Keep your Theme Park Review Account Active!" mail from Theme Park Review and said to myself: "Man, you really should log on to theme park review more often".


My main forum is onride.de and where I am maintaining "Tom's Orlando Guide", so I (hope I) am quite an Orlando specialist (with 2 trips each year I should be one).

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I'm a lurker from London (originally from the NE) but as I just received a "Keep your Theme Park Review Account Active!" mail from Theme Park Review thought I'd better pop in and say hello properly so Hello to TPR posse.


I was thinking earlier this week that this year is the first year I've never been on a roller coaster of any kind since I was a kid (35 now) so will probably pop down to one of the Fright Nights @ Thorpe Park and reacquaint myself with the Colossus.


There I've said hello


I'll go back to lurking now or maybe I won't who knows?



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HI!!!! My name is Andrea and my hometown parks are Knoebels, Hershey, Dorney and the late great Williams Grove! I met up with TPR in Hershey in August and met some really great people, and a few that scared me too.... The most memorable person I met whom I have not kept in touch with is Eli! Where are you Eli? We had Intamin sex we rode Lightning together and then you dump me! Augh the humanity! As far as how many coasters I have ridden.... I really don't know. I have to count. My ultra cheesy site is coastergal.com and will be getting new updates soon. BTW on 10/18/2008 a group of us from Hershey are meeting at Dorney. If anyone would like to join us let me know. Hope to hear from someone soon as I lead a rather boring life. Hugs!

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Hello, my name is Aaron from Kennesaw, GA. I started getting into coasters in the late 90's and since then ive been crazy about them. My home park is Six Flags over Georgia. Ive had a season pass for the last 8 years, and have been constantly. I am currently attending Georgia Southern University, and majoring in Mech. Engineering. I hope to soon become accepted into a Disney professional internship, and eventually make a career at Disney World in the near future.


Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

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Hey there,

My name is Stijn, and like many others (everyone, off course!) of this forum, I love coasters! I'm a 23 male from Belgium, and I hope at one day I'll get the chance to meet Rob & co!


Here I am, scared as hell, ready to ride Furius Baco

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