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Hello everybody!


My name's Eric and I'm from Monroeville, Pa. After being a lurker for a few months I finally decided to join the bandwagon. My home park is Kennywood and my favorite coaster is Millennium Force.

Coaster + Airtime = Yummy!!

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New member here, loooooooooooong time lurker.


My name is Rob, married, I have a 2-year-old son named Jacob who is always up for an adventure at amusement parks with us. We also have another little boy on the way due in August.


My hometown is LaGrange, Ohio. My home park is Cedar Point and I've been on 256ish coasters.


I'm a computer geek but greatly enjoy being outdoors. Our trips are usually combined with camping and makes it fun for me and the family. I actually bumped into some of you TPR members doing the Midwest trip when you were visiting Stricker's Grove last year.


I usually read up on what's going on, but I decided to go ahead and create an account here.


So yeah, that's me!


~Rob Willi

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Hi, I'm Andrew.

I'm 18 and live in Lowestoft, England

I'm at college atm studying chemistry and have exams soon really nervous about that.


My nearest theme park is pleasurewood hills although the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and Joyland are only 30 mins away.


I've only ridden 22 coasters so theres still thousands for me to try


A random piece of information about myself?? I play the tuba

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I'm Chris, 15, from the North East, UK. 'Home' park would have been considered as Metroland, but that just closed like, two days ago, so now I would say Lightwater Valley, which is near Ripon, apparently.


Anyway I havn't been to too many theme parks, seeing as though I don't really know very many people who like them. Been to Alton Towers, Flamingo Land, BPPB, and a couple other crazy little parks, like Tivoliland in Spain, which is a crazy little park!


My fave ride EVER has to be Nemesis, it totally blew my minddd. And my first 'big' coaster, (if you call it big) was Rita at Alton. Before that it was the Grand National at BPPB which was a couple years ago.


So yeah, I'll be going around the forums a bit then see you there!

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Hi there everyone, I'm dylan. I live in south florida, I love it here but hate the heat.

I have been to orlando 20 times +, which I'm shure everyone knows has a few good coasters/events. I will try any coaster in the world. I really want to one day go to ceder ( or is it cedar?) point. my favorite coaster would have to be.. montu at bush gardens africa, I absolutly think that has the best mix of g's, loops, flips everything.

I also loooooveeeeee food. baha.

alright. have fun riding=)

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"Hi everybody" *everyone*"Hi Dr.-IntaminDude?"

Yes I am new here (well new account) I have known this site for quite a while but didn't make one until yesterday so..I like Intamin, I hate Vekoma, I live near SFNE, i have a short attention span, and i sometimes mak gramer mistaks!!!!




Bye Everybody!!!!


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Hello everyone! My name is Stef, I've known about this site myself but just signed up for an account today. I live in northeast Pennsylvania and I'm REALLY happy winter is over and summer is coming!!

I'm at Knoebels quite a lot during the summer and will be heading to Busch Gardens in June (I was there for the first time about 2 years ago, it was FANTASTIC!). I love the summers in PA but I hate the winters. I lived in Arizona for a short time so I really love warm weather

I love to travel but I don't get to do it as often as I'd like. I like to read and write and cook. I'm working on my associate's degree. I work for Hilton. And I think that's about it

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Whats up everyone? Are you all ready for summer? I KNOW I AM!!! Cedar Point opens in 14 days... cant wait! Anyway, I'm Steve... I'm 21 and from Western Pennsylvania. So far I have been on 103 different coasters, and am still counting. I will finally make my pilgrimage to the coaster fans mecca and drive out to Holiday World to ride Voyage this summer! Living 20 min. south of Erie Pa, I'm also very very excited to ride the new Ravine Flyer 2 this summer at Waldameer! Well if you have any questions for me and want to chat... Id love to hear from you; AIM: scubasteve15066 . You can also view my coaster list at the following link: www.coastercounter.com/coasterguy09

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Hello everyone I'm AJ, I`m from Spain. long ago I read these forums and I have decided to sign up. Some of my hobbies are PortAventura, I'm one of Staff of one of its official fan club, all rides, coaster and theme parks in general, the No Limits Coaster and RCT3.


Greetings to all

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Greetings from the Jungle!


I'm Albino Pygmy, a former jungle cruise skip from the World Famous Jungle Cruise at WDW and have worked HHN for a couple years at Universal. I've just started making some jungle cruise related humor shirts and would like to continue making more and branch out to just general theme park humor, so any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Okay...time to introduce myself:


My Name is Jens (pronounced like the japanese currency plus an "s" ), I'm 25 years old and live in Cologne, Germany.

I study linguistics at Bonn University and work at a publishing house.


My home-park is "Phantasialand" but there's a lot of other parks like Walibi World (Netherlands), Holiday Park, Walibi Belgium or Bobbejaanland (Belgium) which are not that far away and which I visit quite regularly.

My favorite park, up to now, is Universal's IoA and my favorite coaster is Sheikra, but there's still a lot of parks and coasters to discover for me.


I signed up here quite a while ago, and have been a "passive member" so far because I was interested in reading more trip reports from all over the world, than the German coaster-boards have to offer.


Okay...I guess that's enough information for the beginning.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.




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After being a member for nearly a year and making a grand total of 3 posts (but lurking far too much), I figured that I should do the honorable thing and make an intro post. Good idea, no? I'm horrible at keeping things short and concise, but here's a shot.


My name is Rachel and I love books, coasters, chocolate, Disneyland, and penguins in no particular order. Even though my home parks are SFDK and CGA, I've been them less than I've been to SFMM and DL. I'm currently enrolled at SJSU studying to become a nurse, and when I get my degree I know where I'm moving.


I've been a coaster junkie for years, ever since I was dragged onto the Pepsi Ripsaw coaster. I have an odd style of riding as I hop into lines with absolutely no thought at all, but the closer I get to the train the more nervous I get! I'm proud to say that I've never actually chickened out of a ride and that afterwards, I'm the person who's begging to hop right back on.


I'm a very easygoing person and I can carry on conversations on almost any subject (except politics - don't go there). I'm almost always online on AIM (ignore the away message if you see it, I throw that up because I'm too lazy to change it) if you want to hit me up.


Have a nice day!

-- Rachel

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Hello all,


Since I started planning my trip to Hershey, I've been here a few times looking at pictures, reading threads, etc. and I figure it's time I make a post.


Anyway, I'm going to Hershey Park for two days next week and I can't wait. It's been 25 years since I've been in the park.

I just hope the weather holds up

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My name is Alan. I am only 10 years old but turning 11 on June 19th.

My local theme park is quite small, and it is called 'Rainbows End'.

It is located in Manukau, Auckland Nz.

It has only three coasters; An arrow loop and corscrew simply called 'Corscrew', A cool half dark ride half land hugging coaster like Nemesis called the 'Goldrush'

And a cool kiddies coaster.


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