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  1. long live the technical servesis of the park, this building comes for the tad of toverland! i asked it to a good friend of my (tad of troy) and this is goanna be the tad 'office' well we can wait for the 3the hall cause end of this year they want to start with it (cause 2010 they want to begin with the building progress of the ba&hm coaster) sorry about this misunderstanding but ill take some pics if i'm there 14the jun.!!
  2. hey guys, toverland (NIL) has started the building progress of their technical hall! here are two screen: i hope to post soon more pics because i've got these one from a friend of mine! it looks a little small don't you think? so my quest to you all is: what do you think of this new concept start building 3th 2 start building 3th
  3. woo, this looks really cool! i love waterslides very much! that video (first post) is really cool! good job
  4. I give this coaster the name: Speed Train! All the supports standing now! what's coming next update?? -all the terraforming -the colors -a download here some screens: front view train in action Back view
  5. nice pictures!!! i love disney land i've only been in paris (14 times in 10 year ) and i cant wait to go to disney orlando! it looks so, beautiful and..... BIG!!!! hahaha well done
  6. Hey everybody, I'm making a new coaster with NL. Its a vekoma custom mine traine. technical specs: - 669.91m long -26m high -3 trains -coaches per train 5 -top speed 66kmph Ps. if you know a name for this coaster please send it here are the first screens: track lay out ''helix'' second lift first lift
  7. ok i've maild you! i hope that i can come on all the parks but yea parents :S
  8. hey guys (and girls), i had a quest: Does TPR come to holland this year?? If you come then ill meet you for the first (and hopley not last) greetzz raynor
  9. hey, I'm Raynor From the Netherlands (Holland) I'm 14 years old, and i love rollercoasters and stuff! um... I Play no limits and rect 3 very much and my sport is ice skating! would you like to know more?! ask it
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