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  1. Hawaii gas prices: Oahu: 4.23 regular/ 4.43 premium. Hilo: 4.29 regular Maui 4.34 regular Molokai 5.02 regular/ 5.10 premium
  2. I love those books! I'm currently on Fever Dream. Did you ever see the move based on The Relic. It was pretty terrible. I've always thought they should revisit this series with another movie and actually make it good. Yea, I watched the movie The Relic & walked away disappointed. I thought they could of made the movie better. You know how it goes, books are always better then the movie. I need to read "Cold Vengence" from Douglas Preston & Lincoln Childs. Thats the only one i missed. lol! Gotta find it first tho. Two Graves is good too. Alot of my questions were answered.
  3. Right now in Honolulu Hawaii its 70 degrees. 76% humidity & 5mph winds. Not bad. lol!
  4. Im finishing up Two Graves from Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. Special Agent Pendergast is the best!!
  5. $3.65 is that for regular? But really where is this location in Hawaii? I live on Oahu & would love to see that price. Well my wife would. She puts regular gas $4.07. I just put gas today $4.29 for premium. Outerislands are way more expensive then Oahu.
  6. Whoa! I Never saw so much Cars haters in one place. lol! Cars is my all time favorite Disney/Pixar movie ever! Of course Toy Story the original is a solid second. I also like Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Bugs Life, Finding Nemo. Also my son & I actually like & watch Meet the Robinsons. Least favorites has to be Ratatouille, UP, Wall-E & Cars 2. The rest was ok i guess.
  7. Dancing with the stars! lol! I cant get enough of Cheryl Burke, Lacey Schwimmer & Chelsie Hightower!!
  8. WHOA!! I thought we were getting ripped off!! Were paying about $4.30 for regular in the 50th state. But in Maui they're paying about $4.92 for regular.
  9. Congrats on the new ride, good choice too. I myself have a 2008 Mazdaspeed3. Enjoy!!
  10. The pilot "Sully" is awesome! He should teach pilots. You know, have workshops & such. If i were a pilot I would attend all his classes.
  11. What - Revolution or Viper? Sorry, just stirring, I couldn't resist, they are the tow coasters physically in between X and Tatsu. lol! i got it.
  12. Love the first picture. The only thing that stuck out to me is that pole in the Disney Halloween picture. It is a little distracting. lol! i didnt notice it when i took the picture. i noticed it later.
  13. Damn, some of you got some nice photos there. I not to sure im worthy. Anyway here are a few. Im new to photography so any pointers will be well taken. Oahu's night sky Halloween 08 Hibiscus Honolulu lights.
  14. I read anything from: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, James Rollins, Lee Child also Vince Flynn.
  15. I havent drank in awhile but i'll share with you this picture i took. Lets just say its a belated Christmas photo for all of you drinkers! ENJOY! A green bottle Christmas tree.
  16. I also had high hopes for this movie. Dont get me wrong the action was there. But the plot sucks. Also the leading lady "yuk". Not so pleasing to the eye. Anyways i would give it 7 out of 10.
  17. This is true. It was windy that day. So it was closed. I still dont understand why all the other rides were in working order.
  18. We just came back from our trip to Cali. So of course we went to SFMM. X2 was closed! i couldnt believe it. One of my favorite rides. But i did get a chance to ride TATSU. It was a blast. I would say hit those two roller coasters first then ride the rest. I would also buy the FLASH PASS just in case the lines are to long. good luck!
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