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  1. it's the element inside the building that has yet to be built. The entire piece of flat track drops and lines up with a new piece directly under. This then means the train will "back out" of the building and go backwards down a hill and onto the course.
  2. personally, i thought it was just quite a rush. It was the only coaster i've ever felt legitimately scared on. I was facing the ground one minute, then all of the sudden i was flying through mist, then i felt and saw this huge flame in my face, then it was over. I had no idea what had just happened, but all I know is that I would have done it again if it weren't for the hour wait!
  3. Future Lovers/I Feel Love - Madonna ..from the Confessions Tour studio album.
  4. I don't want an ugly car, and I want a car that will last a long time. Therefore I'll get the Mazda
  5. Just saying, I've been driving for a year now. Still no wreck.. lol I turn 17 this month (october). I know how to drive a stick already. I'm a safe driver and don't plan on being one of those statistics, but then again who does? I don't want a jeep or a beater car, that's what I have now (beater car). I'm ready to get rid of it and get something I actually like.
  6. Here's my two cents, I feel like the Mazdas are more, hmm, 'youthful' (?) than the Hondas. The Hondas just have this odd 'old lady' look to them every few times i see one. I just can't quite put my finger on what it is though.
  7. My mother has an 06 honda civic which is the first year of the current body style. It's nice, but i feel like other than the digital gauge and the tachometer (sp?) it's lacking. ALSO i don't really see any useful reasoning behind the digital speedometer.
  8. Definitely the MacBook, I have an aluminum MacBook Pro 15" and I love every minute i have with it. No problems, Snow Leopard runs flawlessly, and for a machine that has no problems and will probably stay fast for years, it really isn't that expensive. Especially considering all of the incredible software that comes on it.
  9. I'm not a HUGE car buff, but does the fact that the Mazda is a rotary engine make a difference (performance/maintenance wise)? I assume since they're japanese like hondas they're not very high-maintenance..
  10. I hate to sound like a negative nancy, but my mother had an audi that she bought brand new in '03 and had nothing but problems with it. With those problems, came the huge price of repairs because it's german. This is way i don't want a VW, BMW, or Audi. My mom ALSO says she doesn't want me to get a stick because I'm probably going to college in San Francisco, I don't think i need to state the obvious..
  11. You don't need to worry, no wife or kids pour moi.
  12. Alamo Race Track - Soothing and creative Breathe Carolina - Great beats and vocals CSS - Once again, very creative and funky Deee-Lite - for 'groove is in the heart' but has so much more to offer! Eliot Morris - SUPER soothing, like you could sleep to his voice Fedde Le Grand - One of the best DJ's out there Gathania - like September? Give her a try.. Hercules and Love Affair - Very underground, gets me going in the morning. Innerpartysystem - Remember Linkin Park, these people are 10 times better. Junior Senior - famous for 'move your feet' yet known for nothing else Kaskade - Nothing else needs to be said. Linus Loves - GREAT DJ!!! He's so creative. Madonna - still to this day deserves more fans. New Order- Temptation has got to be the best song ever. Olivia Broadfield - has one of the best voices. Pinback - soothing, something you could listen to all day. Queen Latifa - she raps? you betcha, one of the best too. Roisin Murphy - Way classier, more talented, and creative than Lady Gaga, and had all of Lady Gaga's outfits first. September - I don't need to say anything, she's beautiful and her voice is haunting. Telepopmusik - famous for 'breathe' which was an anthem on its own. Uffie - great when mixed with CSS The Verve - remember bittersweet symphony? The Whip - BEST ELECTROPOP BAND EVER. X.. hmm... Yelle - undiscovered, french, and so good. Zero 7 - so relaxing, as per telepopmusik.
  13. Help! I am getting a new car hopefully within 6 or 7 months and I don't know which to get! I'll have a 9 or 10 thousand dollar down payment for the car so financing either won't leave me a massive monthly payment. I really like the looks of the 2010 Mazda 3 and 2009 Honda Civic. The 2010 Civic models have not been released yet. I know how the civic drives because my mom has a 2006 model. However, I have yet to drive the Mazda because the nearest dealership is 250 miles away. Anybody have any thoughts? Mazda 3 interior Honda Civic interior Mazda 3 exterior Honda Civic exterior
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