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hmm well uh i'm martin i'm a midget from the highlands of scotland inverness to be precise um my local park is ..... well i don't have one which sucks i've been to legoland windsor alton towers thorpe park chessington worlds of adventure drayton manor disneyland paris phantasialand and port aventura my favorite ride (that i've been on) is furius baco

yay my first post lets party



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Heya peeps, I'm a TEENAGER *quick... everybody run!* who is in high school. Live near Six Flags Great Adventure but i hate that place =o


MMO Junkie, currently playing RS or AO all the time. Talk to me there, i'll beat you down >=)


Looking to go in to Physics/Chemistry... maybe can help make a few coasters. Just wait, the janatiorial staff will have to camp outside the exit to keep the ground clean.


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Hi dude


My name is Thomas I'm nearly 35 and I live in the close suburbs of Paris (France)

I've been in touch with theme parks for a long time and visited a lot of european theme parks.


I'm a Disney Cast Member at Disneyland Resort Paris and I would be glad to share infos with fellow members on major parks in Europe and of course "DLRP"


Looking forward to reading you

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Hello all, I am the infamous youhow2 whom often post on Rcpro.


My real name is not important

My age isnt too important



I used to live in SoCal. My homepark was probally seaworld, but I considered the 3 hour away SFMM my homepark anyway. 4 years back I moved to the suckness named "Hampton, Virginia".


My homepark is BGE (only a 15 minute drive with no traffic, YAY!) but I would rather call KD my home park because IMO BGE sucks booty , not much to do there besides eat, or ride their 5 coasters over and over again besides, KD is only an hour away (with no traffic).


I've been on about 150 coasters, probally more, I'm just too lazy to count.


've been to Sfmm,CP, IOA,USO,USH,KD,BGA,BGE,SFGA,SFA,SOTB(lol),KW, KBF, KI,DLR,DWR,Epcot,Animal kingdom, MGM studios, SWO,SWSD,SFOT... and plenty more that I dont care to list, Cheers!

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Hey everybody just joined the forum, I am from the UK but live in Spain and am a big roller coaster fan.


Ridden a fair few of the main UK coasters but am now going to spread my wings to the rest of europe and hopefully in the not too distant future the US!

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Hey Howdy Hey!


I am new here (obvious maybe given the post, but I figured I'd start with that anyway) and was talked from lurker into poster by my friend Natatomic. I'm an ex-WDW Cast Member, worked ops at Frontierland's Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was great fun!


Now living in my home state of Maine, geographically separated from nearly all roller coasters excepting the Excalibur Wooden Coaster at Funtown-Splashtown USA (my home park) and a virtual forest of S.B.C. Galaxis.


Despite this I've done 48 coasters so far, (the Coaster Fanatics bar in my signature counts the Dudley-Do Right log flume at Universal) and hope my next trip takes me back to Hersheypark, where I haven't been since Wildcat had just opened. My favorite roller coasters of all time are WDW's Big Thunder Mountain, which carries a special place in my heart, and the Thunderbolt at SFNE. Been around since '41 and still delivering the goods.


What else? Steel vs. Wood; Well I'll be first in line for the new B&M/Vekoma/Intamin AG hyper-giga-mega-whatnot scream machine you're unveiling, but there's still nothing that captures my heart like a Woodie from the Golden Age.


Any questions about Disney or anything else, (like exactly how far into the middle of nowhere is Funtown USA?) I love to talk, just ask! See ya'll around the boards!




Contrary to popular belief, Mind Eraser is not rough or mean, just misunderstood.

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Hi Fellow Theme Park Reviewers!

My name is Hanna, and I live in Lenexa, Kansas. For those of you who don't know where that is, it's about 20-30 minutes outside of Kansas City, Missouri. I live pretty dang close to Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun! Too bad that's not my absolute favorite theme parks, although I still enjoy it. The Patriot is an awesome roller coaster if any of you decide to go to WOF anytime in the near future.


I moved here from Georgia (my favorite theme park is SFOG!). I like ducks. Ducks are fun. Speaking of, the other day I was at the park, and I almost got attacked by a duck!! I ran around screaming, and people were staring. I wonder why? Hm.


I start college in August. I am going to "major" in Sign Language Interpretation. I love to sign, and I love to talk...what could be better? I find myself signing as I talk to people...


Anyway, I'm very talkative! I think, sometimes, I get on people's nerves. Haha.

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Hi all, I'm Corkscrew, as you can see beside this post.


Anyways, I've been reading the trip reports on TPR and I personally think they are hilarious and have a lot of great pictures! Fantastic job Robb and Elissa! It's really nice to see trip reports of a lot of lesser-known parks as well as popular ones.


Although I haven't been to a large amount of parks or on a lot of roller coasters, I am a huge fan of amusement/theme parks. My home park is Playland (at the PNE), it would be nice to see a trip report on there sometime!

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Hey I'm tnguy, but my real name is Danny. I live in east TN making dollywood my home park. I haven't been to too many parks, but this year I have dramatically raised my count. I hope to contribute anything I can to this great site.

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Hello everyone. My name is Rob, from New Jersey. I know some of you who post here, and don't know most. My home park is Great Adventure. I don't bite, I don't have any strange diseases and I'm one of the most laid back, accepting people you'll ever meet. I have a wonderful girlfriend named Melissa who loves going to parks just as much as I do. My count is up to 355 as of me typing this and hers is somewhere around 195. We are moving to Orlando in October to better our lives, and get out of the armpit of the US. I love taking photo's of rides and park atmospheres. You can view any of my pictures on webshots at Frissbeking's Webshots


Some of my favorite rides include Voyage, Hades, Shockwave at SFoT, Space Mountain at WDW, Boulder Dash and Kumba.


Thanks for letting me be a part of this "fabulous" community and I look forward to meeting more of you in the future!



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hay guys! my name's lola, and i'm from san antnio, texas. home to fiesta texas. i've been to all the six flag's theme parks in texas, even Astroworld, before they shut it down.

my favorite is defintely SFOT (six flags over texas), i love the oild derrick, and the titan. i like roller coasters, but only steel coasters. i don't trust wooden roller coasters. i rode The Rattler at SFFT once, and my back and neck were killing me for weeks afterward. i'm 18, and i've been riding coasters ever since i was able to reach the bar at the height requirements signs. i like carousels, flying chairs, other flat rides, just for the air time. i like feeling the wind in my hair. feels nice. my favorite rides at my home town park are the frisbee, the twister,the super man, poltergeist. i'll ride anything as long as it's not wooden or one of those dreadful drop towers. oh yeah, and i love my home park very much because access to the water park is included with your general admission ticket, which really helps since it gets really hot in texas.

anyways, just say hi if you'd like! here's a pic of me. i don't take pics at parks too much, cameras are too cumbersome, IMO

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Hiya! My name is Ashleigh, I'm 15 and I am from England I've been reading TPR since I was about 11/12 years young and today finally decided to join.


My favorite theme park is Islands of Adventure and my most local theme park is Thorpe Park. I usually try and get to theme parks at any opportunity I get and joined TPR to actually discuss theme parks with people that wont constantly tell me I am a geek or a 'theme park freak' . I also joined because I am a member of the DIS Boards, but on the Teen Section, theme parks aren't often discussed much.


See you round

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Hi my name is Kyle, and I live in southern Oregon, since the closest park to me is SF Discovery kingdom I guess its my home park(even though its 200 miles away) I really like it though even if it doesn't have the best coasters in the world. But on that note I have traveled to So Cal and Florida, and worked at WDW on a college program at Coronado Resort doing Merch. Well my favorite ride ever was alien encounter(moment of silence) but I just like trying new things and have a habit of doing everything in a park once. I also like my Nintendo DS and play it a lot even though I have a wii as well.

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Hey all! My name is Matt. I'm new here and am familiar with some of the members here. Well let's just say that I have seen Robb and Elissa on several coaster programs that I have taped from the Discovery and Travel Channels, so it's cool to have some coaster celebreties here to talk to!


I am also good friends with Chris (Ccron10), who is also a member here. We first met on another forum at Coaster-net.com and he has informed me that he was also a member here. We also had the opprotunity to meet-up at Hershey's Springtime in the Park event on April 5th of this year and plan on maybe meeting up again for HP in the Dark in October.



Chris/Ccron10 (left), Me (center), and my friend Alex (right)


You can read a brief summary about me in my profile, but let me say that I am a "huge" coaster fanatic! Amusement / theme parks and roller coasters are a big hobby of mine, as well as visiting parks and taking pictures of the rides and facilities. I also enjoy art and have done a pencil drawing of Hersheypark in its entirety (which I still continue to work with today) which combines the best of my two hobbies together.


I think I said enough, I'm just happy to be here!

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Hi guys, my names Andrew....got a famous surname too...Shakespeare!


I am 26 (well, 26 on Monday, but for post longevity, thought i would put it now )


Live in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK


Closest Theme Park is Pleasurewood Hills (but my "real" Theme Park closest is Adventure Island SouthEnd or Thorpe Park)


Been into Rollercoasters and Theme Parks ever since i was 12, know a few people who work at the Major Parks in the UK (always useful for Information and Free Entry!)


I am an IT Engineer by day, .........you were expecting me to say something fun by night weren't you


Mmmm, something more interesting than that......I am getting married in October to my Partner of 6 years


Back to Theme Parks.....Ride Count


Nemesis - in excess of 300 rides (which considering I live 3-4 hours away, i consider pretty good!)

Oblivion - approx 150 rides

Air - 30 (can never be bothered to sit in 2 hour queues when I go!


they are my top ride counts, Park visits are....


Alton Towers (too many times to list!)

Thorpe Park

Drayton Manor Park

Chessington WoA

Blackpool Pleasurebeach

Pleasurewood Hills

Great Yarmouth Pleasurebeach

Adventure Island

Flamingo Land

M&D's Scotlands Theme Park

Port Aventura

Terra Mitica

Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios


WDW Orlando

Sea World

Disneyland Paris

Disney Studios Paris

The 300ft SkyCoaster in Kissimmee 1999 (never again!)


I hope to join you guys on one of your tours at some point, I need to get my ride count up, been slowing down the last year or two whilst saving for the wedding of my partners dreams!


Anyway, hope i can inject useful and informative conversation into your community from over here in the UK, and can't wait to maybe meet some of you in the future...



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My name is Humberto Contreras,I´m 23 years old,and I´m from Chile.


First,I have to say that I love coasters more than my life,unfortunately, I live in a country where there is only one park and we have only 4 roller coaster, and one under construction -A Vekoma SLC.


Well,my dream is to go some day to USA and to know parks like SIX FLAGS and Cedar point,my favourite park,the park of my dreams.


I´m part of CCEMR (Club Chileno de entusiastas de montañas rusas) and we have a website too and a forum,you can see it here

www.fantacoaster.cl ,and you will know our deark park call FANTASILANDIA,this is the place where ou activities take place.


Well,nice to meet you guys,and I hope to have a very good time in this forum,and maybe some day,travel whit you for my favourite parks, for now,I have to keep seeing photos of your greats travels


PD.sorry my english, every day I learn a bit more.

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Hey everyone! Alyse here. I've been a member here before, but I rarely posted, and haven't been a member for a while. I'm a major lurker.


I'm 19 (20 in about a month) just finished up my sophomore year at Penn State. Just saying hi. I'm hoping to become more active and actually stick around here.

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I feel kind of silly doing the whole "Hi, my name is ......." thing. But here goes anyway.


Hi, my name is Brandy. I'm from Gadsden, AL. You've probably never heard of it. (Unless you're from Alabama). I enjoy long walks on the beach, a good book....wait, that's not what we're talking about is it?


My closest park is Alabama Adventure, but I've never even been to it. I've always gone to SFOG ever since I was a kid. I've only ever ridden those coasters (every year), and the ones at the Magic Kingdom (about 10 years ago, mind you).


I would like to go to other parks, but I lack time and funds. So sad.


I am married to a man who doesn't see the need to go to more than one park a year. (Or even to that one park more than once a year).


I have two beautiful daughters (ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2; no we did not plan to have them that close!). My youngest is a daredevil and likes to hit every slide on every playground we go to. My oldest, however, is a little bit of a scaredy cat.


My job is kind of boring (legal secretary) so I end up on the internet a lot on weekdays. I love park pictures and that's how I found y'all!

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Welcome aboard Brandy.

Be sure to check out the Park Index page. We have just redone it to make it easier to update. If you have any good coaster pics from VisionLand, I mean Alabama Adventure send them in. You might see them added.

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Hi, I live in New England and my home park is Canobie Lake Park (well look at my user name!).


Currently I am a student.


Favorite Park: Six Flags New England

Favorite Steel: Apollo's Chariot

Favorite Wood: Wildcat @ Hersheypark

Track Record: 20 wood, 58 steel, 78 total

Edited by Canobie Coaster
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