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I've been reading this site for a long time and finally made the jump and joined. I've been going to parks since I was 6 months old and my folks took me to Disneyland. Then I was raised on a steady diet of Boblo (I miss this place!), Cedar Point, Kings Island, and WDW.


Anyway, home parks are now Lake Compounce and SFNE (same distance to both), and we go to both quite a bit during the summer -- always happy to meet friends either place!


Fave steel coaster: SROS at SFNE

Fave woodie: Boulderdash

Gotta keep it local!


Seems like a cool group of people here. And by cool, I mean hopelessly nerdy, like me!

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Hello every one. My name is Jim.

I live about 45 minutes from Silverwood Theme Park.

Until my two boys get old enough I am stuck on the kiddie rides. My boys and I will watch roller coaster videos and other ride video on the internet for fun.

In my spare time I fly airplanes.

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Ok I'll do my part.....


My name's Phil and I am a graphic designer, and I also work for the government (don't worry, the good kind). I live in the SoCal area and sadly have not been on too many coasters besides the one in this area. Hopefully that will change, though, now that I've got the traveling bug....


Let's see, I've been a card carrying member of TPR since 2006. It's where I go for my daily dose of all things theme park, roller coaster, and donkey(?) related. Great site!


Anyway (in Dr. Nick Riviera voice) hi everybody!



Oh and if you're wondering about the avatar, it's inspired from the show Mad Men. I'm in advertising (so to speak) and I like riding coasters.... So there you go, short and sweet.

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Hi there everyone. Introducing myself, I'm Dave. I'm new to TPR, but not new to roller coasters. I grew up in Southern California and made Magic Mountain my home for quite some time. I went to upstate New York for school, and visited a number of places in that area, Darien Lake and Cedar Point mostly. My wife and I had our honeymoon at Disneyworld because we're both very much into theme parks.


I'm back on the west coast now, and hope to get back into the swing of things out here at Magic Mountain. I hear they JUST MIGHT have gotten their act together.

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Hello there! I'm Evert, or more known as d-m0de on several forums. For most of you guys, I live on the other side of the world, in the Netherlands to be exact. Home of Walibi World and offcourse Goliath. I'm 24 years old and I hope to graduate in a few weeks. From then on I'm allowed to call myself Bachelor of Commerce.


I discovered this site some years earlier and registered here also quite some time ago. But, yes, this is my first post. I discovered the joy of coasters not that long ago, and since I'm planning a trip to the U.S.A. within some years (Indy 500, here I come!), I guess it would be wise to visit some parks. Some surfing on the net made me very impressed by Six Flags Magic Mountain, so if everthing goes well I may visit it within a few years. A dream coming true!


For now, first I'll go to bed (it's passed midnight here), but since I'm home working on my graduationproject, I'll post some more and will have a look around when I wake up. If you've any questions, please ask! I've always had interest in the states, some I'm looking forward to get to know you!

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I have been registered on this forum before but was very inactive and forgot the username I had before.


I'm 15 and live in Birmingham UK. I'm not the average 15 year old that you find that spams boards and uses text speak. I've been on CoasterForce since 2006 and that has improved my way of online speaking a lot. I mainly am interested in Roller Coasters of course and could possibly be called a mini credit whore. I also like traveling a lot and hope to do a bit more of that this year.


I have a good sense of humour and find lots of things amusing. I have followed TPR updates since the UK Trip in 2006 and have been hooked to this site since.


I look forward to posting more on this site.

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Hi everyone love rollercoasters fell in love with this site when i came across it. I look at it most days.


I'm a Theatre Technician and i also work in a library.


My name is Lawrence (nickname shrek)


and I'm from sunny sunny Poole (well its sunny at the moment) which is in Dorset in the UK.


Hope to go on a TPR Trip sometime when i have enough money. Thats all from me

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Hey everyone! I just joined the site last night. Pretty new at all this, but yet excited as well! I am going on the Japan trip, so if anyone out there would like to chat, or email me, maybe my fiance and I could have someone to hang out with over there. I am petrified about the long flight, but I can't wait to see Japan.


My home park is Kings Island. Can't wait to see what all the "new" rides will be. HA HA I haven't been on many coasters, at least none that I have been keeping track of. I will be keeping track of them now because of my fiance.


Other than roller coasters, I love Quilting and scrapbooking. If I had the time or money I would be a happpy camper. Both take lots of money, and lots of time.


That's it for now... See ya in Japan


Julie C

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my name is Stefan and i come from Germany. I´m 15 years old (hope not to young). I love it to make videos of my visites in themeparks. Hope i will have fun in this Forum


mfg Thrill


PS: My real nichname is "Thrill", but this name was in this forum before i was there. I think this "Thrill" isn´t active any more. maybe you delete him, and rename me. It will be very nice.


PPS: My english isn´t perfect. Sorry!

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Hey My name is Robert, i currently is studying to be a police officer (would love to get into the secret services or US marshal sevices). I have worked at SFGADV since spring of 2007, this will be my second year their. i am 19, and currently in a long term relationship, here are the rest of my stats


Name: Robert ( also will answer to Rob or Robi)

Sex: male

Age: 19

Dating Status:In a relationship

Birthday: July 11

Currently Living: Eatontown NJ

Hobbies: Music, Roller Coaster, TV, Chatting online, Halloween and freinds

Music: Rock, Metal, Punk, Classical rock, and some Country

Favorite Movies: Remember the Titan or Gridiron Gang

Favorite TV Shows: CSI

Pets: Ferrets, cats, and lepard gekos

How many: 9

Names: The cats- pumkin and midnight, and the ferrets- precious, todo, daise, snowball, and ratrat

Hair color: Brownish

Eye color: hazel


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Hi, I'm Joe. I have actually been a member here for a while but I just changed my sn to this one. I am done with my career at Cedar Point so I thought it was time for a change in name. I'm living in Indiana again. Maybe I'll see some of you guys at Holiday World this summer!

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Hey Everyone,


I'm Doug and I have not done forums in a really long time. Why does this feel like an AA spill? Anyway, I'm the Owner, Producer, and Host of The Season Pass Podcast and I joined to learn about the world of Theme Parks and Roller Coasters from all of you. Mom always told me "If you want to know about the world - Talk to everyone in the world!" No... that's actually a lie, but it sounded good! : )

Happy to be here.

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I am Masterpo (Peter). I live in the Netherlands and as a blind themeparkfan always looking for high-quality audiorecordings. Darkrides, Walkthrought, Funhouses and themed rollercoasters are my favourites. If there are college fans here who want to trade with me i would like that very much. (this forum is not braille friendly but i manage. Greetings, Masterpo.

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Hi everyone. I'm Sarah from the uk. I love this site been a member for a while but this is my first post. Just counted my credits and i am very sad to say they amount to 22!! I have 3 young children and have just started to get into coaster riding!! My home park is Pleasurewood Hills. Been to Alton Towers lots of times since 1988. My claim to fame is riding The Big One Blackpool in its opening year when it was still the tallest and fastest!! Going back to Blackpool on 14th March for the weekend really looking forward to riding the big one again hopefully with my 9 year old who is also mad on coasters!

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Hey Everyone. My name is Jessica. I currently live in Irving, TX and about 12 miles from SFOT. I am in school studying Criminal Justice and hoping after I graduate to get on with one of our local police forces and then work my way up to eventually work in Homicide. I currently work for Bank of America in Card Issuance. Riding coasters is my fave thing to do but I also like to go four wheeling, camping and fishing. I love to watch football and baseball. My fave steelie to date is Millennium Force and my fave woodie is El Toro.

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