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  1. Haha that is good to hear. I am very excited about going... I just wish it weren't 6 months away
  2. This year is going to be my first HHN to attend, but I have been following the event for years (mostly because of my strange obsession with horror movies, halloween and haunted houses). Although I feel really bad about being so behind with 18. I han't heard anything about the Thing coming back...all I have really followed about 18 so far are the two surveys. Speaking of which....if they go through with an urban legends house I hope there wont be sewer gators or myspace ghosts in it...
  3. The Ruins - 7/10 Good, but not the greatest (or scariest) movie ever...I would not have felt cheated out of my money if I had to pay. Superhero Movie - 5/10 Good as far as PG-13 comedies go. One great thing is that most of the time it is focused on the story itself and not the amount of parodies they can fit in. 21 - 8/10 Great movie, but any scene not in Las Vegas was not as good (almost boring)
  4. ^ I LOVED The Orphanage!!! I saw it back in January and was so scared/amazed. It comes out on dvd sometime at the end of April! I'm really pissed though because they're remaking it so American audiences can see an English version. (A completely new movie, not the same but in English)
  5. 10,000 BC: 1/10 Boring piece of trash. Don't waste your time. The only reason I stayed was because my brother and I found stuff to make fun of. The Other Boleyn Girl: 7/10 Really interesting movie. I was expecting a chick flick but got a really cool historical film. And how can you hate anything Natalie Portman does?! Horton Hears A Who: 10/10 THE best nonPixar computer animated film I have ever seen. It has great humor AND a great message.
  6. ^ That's a shame about Superman. Everything was running only one train opening day except for I think Goliath. But I was able to finally ride Superman because of the lack of line, and I ended up loving it so much I would wait an hour (but not much more than that) to ride it!
  7. Charlie Bartlett 10/10 GREAT movie. Very smart humor, which is a welcome relief among all the comedies of recent months/years (except Juno and perhaps a few others). This actually topped Juno for me. I wish Robert Downey Jr was my principal back in high school!
  8. Are you by any chance going to be there any time on the 21st?
  9. ^ Wow, sounds like even less of a crowd than opening day.
  10. Semi-Pro 4/10 Very average comedy. It had a few good moments but was not very innovative. Andrew Daly had the best lines out of anyone the whole movie. Mixing something I like (comedies) with something I despise (sports movies) ended up being just average
  11. That's AMAZING to know since that is the day I'm going (again)
  12. The only DC characters I saw all day were Batman and Robin
  13. ^ They never stopped people with caps and other headgear, and I saw signs saying if the loose article cannot fit in your pocket it must be put in a locker.
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