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  1. Thanks so much Shane, these really were super to look at. That Starburst commerical sure brings back a lot of neat memories! Thanks again for taking the time to pull all these together for us to enjoy!!!
  2. That's the optimistic Robb I always read in your posts I have seen the changes and yes I do want the money spent to fix up the whole place. Parts of the park are really starting to like nice again, it's refreshing. Guest satisfaction is important, I'm glad the new boys got that message. As I read thru the various threads on TPR, it is clear that adults want something like a monorail or a train, for rest, relaxation and transportation. And like Walt knew, adults bring the kiddies and the $$$! Thanks for offering to ask about the codes at your next Q & A. I'm already writing the boys at SFMM a letter to see if they'll give me an answer. I don't think I will get an answer, but maybe they'll send me some discount coupons!
  3. Hey Robb, I stated I was not an expert, but thanks for confirming it for me. Ok, so it was 2001 not 2004, let me rephrase the question you did not answer. In 2001, when the Metro was operating, what "codes" was it "not meeting"? I see now there is a third reason the Metro is closing. First I heard "no spare parts the manufacturer is out of business", then recently on TPR I hear it's because it can not "meet codes". Now you (the expert) are stating that it's because it would cost too much to repair it and bring it up to "code" (what code, the code that changed since 2001?). So which is it? See why I was not sure on the real reason? Are you sure? It will be interesting when SFMM finally makes a formal announcement. Didn't they hint at a "Monorail" system with 3 stops just last year? If it's cheaper to tear it down and buy a new one , I hope it is in there five year plan. The "right of way" and station areas are all there. Cheer up Robb, I think you are right on this one, I'm just a dreamer who likes to "talk the talk". Thanks for taking the time to explain your point of view.
  4. I don't work for the state or SFMM. My insight is that the Metro was running four years ago and I have not heard about it "not meeting" any codes in 2004, ADA or otherwise. Do you know which codes it would be violating today? Is it because they shut it down for so long? Of course I am a Metro Enthusiast, that's why I made my comments. I may not have a "Clue about the Ride", I've only been riding it since 1971. It should be obvious I am not happy about it closing. It's not exactly my favorite ride however, just a nice simple transportation system. "We are opening it JUST for you tomorrow" that works for me, handle that for me would ya Robb. It's probably all about $$$. I am sure (but I am no expert) that it needs a major refurb that could cost a ton of money. I think you could advertise it however, I thought they are trying to make it a "family" park again, the "family" could ride the Metro, yeah I know, not gonna happen.
  5. "It does not meet today’s codes” I’m not buying that for 2 seconds. The Matterhorn does not meet today's codes, nor does the GoldRusher or the Log Jammer. The Metro has not been modified or taken out of service (notice it's been on the "not operating today" list since 2004). This attraction would be "grandfathered" with safety codes of 1971 applying to most systems. Whoever claimed, "It does not meet today’s codes" was not giving the real reason for the Metro not reopening. What happened to the prior excuse "the company that made the Metro is no longer is business, can't get parts" that was laughable too. Part's can be fabricated, and most of the electronics are off the shelf stuff. I wonder what the REAL reason is for it not re-opening, then again, I have heard no formal announcement, so….. SAVE THE METRO!!!!
  6. Hey "Reggie_Ray" thanks for the links to my blog, the more the better. I'm glad you liked the Magic Mt. stuff. I will be posting more this weekend. I hope to have my website (www.vintagedisneylandtickets.com) up and running in couple months and it will include and entire section for Magic Mt. Maps and goodies. I love ThemeParkReview, I just now got setup to post comments, thanks all! Be sure to visit my blog at: http://www.vintagedisneylandtickets.blogspot.com
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