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  1. Nice pics but i got to ask. That ikea near dc wouldn't have to be towards the south by potomac mills mall would it?
  2. Yeah i'm the dude with the beard and it ain't no neck beard its an all over beard
  3. yeah took halves of foam tubes taped them to the wall and rolled marbles down them My team was the only one able to make a corkscrew
  4. looked at kd's web site while it has no sign i think they're calling it Outer Hanks
  5. I wanted to go this weekend but my friends wanted to wait till the dominator opens and skip a day of school(senioritist)
  6. Drove by the park the other day and it looked like it was coming up well. It was just from the highway but it looked like they had a lot up.
  7. worst: i was sledding at a friend's house i never sled at before so i didn't realize the gentle incline to the side which moves you towards a brick wall covered in snow. It wasn't a pretty bruise.
  8. this is a video i made for my english class but its got its humor
  9. I don't care were it is but if there is a scrambler i'm riding it
  10. I'm a high school student(about to graduate ) and a museum docent
  11. We need to find the heart of walmart and destroy it like in that south park episode .................................However you can get 10 t shirts for about five bucks
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