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  1. Sweet preview Joey! I had the privilege of covering the grand opening of Aquatica San Diego for this web-show I do called Well That's Cool this past saturday. It's mostly just me being silly, but there is an interview with David Cromwell about half way through. The park has improved astoundingly with its new ownership. It's amazing what some paint, some trees, and some flamingos can do [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. Hey Shane, awesome video! Just curious, what did you use to transfer your super 8mm films to your computer? Did you send it into some where or did you DIY? I have been on a vintage video kick and have been finding a way to transfer super 8mm videos without paying up the ying-yang to get them processed. Thanks. [AA]
  3. I would probably only do it if it was between around the 80 and if the FOLP was unlimited. without that, it's a little outta my price range. But it does seem like an awesome event food, FOLP, backstage, and meet greet? awesome. [AA]
  4. Nooooooooooooooooo! As long as the lines are for Deja Vu, I think it's probably one of my favorites. Its just the pure insanity of it all that makes it in my top But I haven't been anywhere outside of Florida and So-Cal so my count doesn't have to much variety haha I just hope they put something better in at least. It would be a bummer if they replace Deja Vu with a family coaster [AA]
  5. Well I'm DEFINITELY happy with my ride experience when I rode at the Media Day. I rode 5 times, 2 facing the park, and 3 facing the hills behind the park. I think my best ride is when it was completely imbalanced! Me and my friend Daniel rode on the car with the camera from WireImage, and the WHOLE ride we were constantly flipping (Probably due to the fact that there was no one sitting behind us.) Intense . I have the videos on the youtubes if you wanna check them out. Channel is doubleAA760 . GL:FF is an amazing addition to the park, I just hope they improve on their load-times. Thanks again to SFMM for putting on a breathtaking event! [AA]
  6. 1. I think an update to the site would be nice, because it is kind've starting to show it's age, but why change the thing that everyones familiar with? I mean if the majority of TPR enjoys the feel of the front page, no need to change. But I do agree that an update to widescreen would be nice 2. I think TPR is very well organized the way it is. I mean it's not to pretty to look at, but it get's you where you need to go. If TPR wants to go for a sleeker, more streamlined look (maybe something like Westcoaster's new look?) , I would be all for it. But, like I said, there isn't anything wrong with it the way it is. 3. I honestly don't think anything is missing from the front page. It does it's job, it gets you where you want to go. 4. Maybe just sprucing it up a bit? It's not very pretty to look at, that's my only complaint. haha
  7. I'm so psyched to be covering this for Hollywire (a website I cover event's for) this year! There are so many exhibitors, it's gonna be hard to do it in the 3 days I'm there 0_0 Anyways, you should definitely checkout Parabounce. They pretty much strap you to a huge helium balloon and let you and a dozen other people loose in a huge warehouse. Or this outdoor wind-tunnel skydiving company called Air2Tunnel Europe. It's probably one of those "Never in america" things, but it's still crazy. haha
  8. Then I jizzed In My Pants. haha Holy mother of donkey, thats insane
  9. Awesome trip report Robb! I actually was filming at Haunt on saturday with a website I do "celebrity blogs" for, and I gotta say, I give the "scareactors" a lot of credit! They make it look so easy! I thought being a zombie is just charging at someone and yelling something about brains, but was I wrong haha I quickly learned its a fine art to terrify someone. haha They have to calculate so many things (angle, distraction, ect) to scare the pants off someone. haha I pretty much had the same treatment as you, but I was in Virus Z. I Definitely wanna thank Meghan for working with us on saturday, she was great. And after you get the hang of it, scaring was AMAZING! Oh and if you guys want, I can post a link to the video when its done? Idk the policy about posting outside links here, so I don't wanna take my chances. haha but anyways, here are a few pictures of me all Zombified 0_0 They aren't great because they are on my phone, but I will post more when I get the files from our photographer. [AA} It was taken on my phone, but the photographer took some amazing still that I still have yet to get. But for now, Braaaaaaaaaaaains. And here is after like 3 hours. My fleshy bits were falling off a bit. haha
  10. Thats pretty Awesome! I got evacuated from Splash Mountain a couple of times, but we were some of the last riders of the night so they just guided us to the exit. We got stuck on the block breaks right before the drop inside. Dang those logs are hard to get out of! We were deep inside the ride, so we had a walk out. It was pretty cool to get within inches of the animatronics I also thought it was crazy that the back of the ride is just a big wall. I mean I knew they weren't gonna theme backstage, but it was pretty trippy=o All in all, still my one of my favorite rides in Disneyland, even though the "magic" was somewhat lost
  11. Thanks, I should make it AT LEAST by one. I just don't wanna rush this test, the CHSPE isn't cheap=P But it starts at 8 so I should be FINE.
  12. ^^Well yeah 12:30 is when the scavenger hunt starts. But I remember that during last years WCB, lunch was still going on when the scavenger hunt started. So I don't know how long they are gonna keep the lunch pavilion open, thats all I'm wondering.
  13. Hey does anyone know how long lunch is going to be held for on the SFMM day? I wanna see if I can at LEAST make it to lunch. I have a test in the morning so I can't go till later=/ If not, its gravy, but i would like to eat what I paid for =P haha I'm super bummed I'm missing the breakfast, morning ERT, AND the backstage tours=/ GAH.
  14. The WCB flyer FAQs are your friend. Please read them. Thank you. Haha must've missed that, thanks.
  15. Hey I might not be able to come to SFMM until like 2 on Saturday (freaking CHSPE testing ), is there anyway I can come later? And if so, where would I pick up my packet and such? GAH i'm gonna miss morning ERT . Oh well, nothing I can do about it=/
  16. I'm actually fine with what ever amount of people are attending, the event is gonna be freaking amazing either way haha I was just curious.
  17. So freaking excited for WCB this year last year was my first year and it was the best. I wonder how many tickets TPR sold for the event.... hmmmm.... haha these are the things I ponder.
  18. I see it. It's a list of some sort and Robb is adding to it at some interval. iiiinteresting.
  19. Favorite new coaster: X2 Favorite new ride: Midway Mania Favorite new park: Disney's California Adventures Most memorable park moment :Shenanigans at Knotts Halloween Haunt Most memorable coaster moment: First time I rode X. I was sitting in the front car. Right when you hit the top of the hill and it flips you forward to show how high you are(and the lack of stuff between you and the ground), that is definately on "OH @% moment".... haha Best ERT session: Morning ERT on X2 at westcoast bash 2009 Least favorite coaster :Canyon Blaster at SFMM Least favorite ride :It's A Small World (So freaking annoying) Most interesting ride you've seen introduced :The Skyloop (epic) favorite TPR moment-Bon Bon Land TPR Video(that is seriously one messed up park. I want to go=D) The best meal I had at a park : Probably the food included in the Endless/Unlimited/whatever food pass at USH. Unlimited panda express? OMFGFWT. Tis Bomb dot com. The worst meal I had in a park : I forgot where this was, but I ordered a hot dog. When I bit into the hot dog it was crunchy and was green inside Freaking disgusting
  20. -One of those K'nex roller coaster sets -The Saboteur for Xbox 360 -Some board game called guesstimation?? -The Beatles Rockband -Half of a Mac Book Pro (I payed for the other half ) [AA]
  21. AWESOME!!!!! i cant wait to download it! now is it the midnight thats between thursday and friday or friday and saturday???? well anyways THANKS ROBBBBB=]] awesome
  22. well i think if u leave like around 7 15 u will prob beat the traffic so ya
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