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  1. I can do October the 23rd at 1pm, October the 24th at 3:15am, October the 25th at 12:27pm, July 5th 2004 at 1pm or August 10 2053. Any of those times good for you? *ahem*
  2. I would shave my head and keep it that way for a year to be on a TPR trip!
  3. How do you do those custom paths? Do you lay down the custom scenery then use the grey paths over the top? Or what?
  4. When would they be doing the work? I am going over around July-August & might try to get to the park. Great update and love the video. Must have been good that day to have someone say it beats El Toro too. Or was El Toro running like crap?
  5. 100% in for a Brazil trip -- where can I send the deposit? 50:50 on UK trip 40% in for Middle America trip The first is the most exotic and out of the way plus the parks seem interesting. UK one would have good parks, just can't get hugely excited about the location. 40% for Middle America, as much as I'd love to do it, I've visited the US heaps & so don't feel the need to go back - I would combine any TPR trip with at least as much sightseeing as parkgoing that's all. Hugs & Kisses from Australia -- Kate xxx
  6. Terry, anything? Not trying to hassle just wanting to know any thoughts you've had or whatever.
  7. Clip played fine (& was great) but loaded pretty slowly despite being on ADSL and uncapped. Hmm.... Out of curiosity, how much bandwidth is TPR allowed anyway and how much do you tend to actually use? Have you had a big jump since CoasterTube kicked off? I'd hate to have to pay those bills. Think I'll stick to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and DeviantArt Won't be sent broke that way... don't have a cool job like yours.
  8. Exactly. I wasn't trying to rush you. Fair enough! ... Have you had any more thoughts as to the rest of the park?
  9. Damn! When I saw this thread had shot up, I thought you had posted an update.
  10. A new very bluesy-pub-rockish Australian artist. Artist: Wes Carr Track: You Here's a YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW48QZvP214 You can hear his album in full HERE: http://www.2dayfm.com.au/entertainment/music/artists/wes-carr
  11. ^^ You do need a sense of humour on this site though... I mean if people like Robb etc can laugh at themselves (though they are making efforts to lose weight), why can't you? I don't say this in a mean-spirited way but at the end of the day, it's just words on an Internet forum...
  12. Yeah they're pretty funny... Think I should shave my head although I'm a girl, just for the hell of it?? [A couple of girlfriends and I are kicking the idea around. We could get some funky berets anyway]
  13. Yeah they're pretty funny... Think I should shave my head although I'm a girl, just for the hell of it?? [A couple of girlfriends and I are kicking the idea around. We could get some funky berets anyway]
  14. How many motors are there on Stealth? How long would it take to replace them all, does anyone have some idea? There's a solid chance I will be starting studies (as a student) at the Royal Ballet School and I was going to head to Thorpe Park beforehand - because I wouldn't get time once that's started...
  15. Best wishes for the year ahead and many more to come. Be sure to tell us what presents you received, that's what the day is all about after all. And CAKE. If I didn't have shin splints from a track meet, I'd make up a little ballet routine in your honour but here's a video of a dancing rodent furry instead Luv, Kate xxxxxx
  16. Reported. Not to be a backseat moderator, but they want you to post some pics when some progress have been made.
  17. ^ Thanks. Now git back to work, Terry! Want to see another update soon!
  18. Looking amazing, if there's one nit-picking thing it''s that I saw a bush going through your Journey Into Imagination (I think) sign but awesome stuff...
  19. ^ I think Robb is the long-lost twin brother of Simon Cowell. Aside from when he's on a waterslide, does he ever NOT wear a black t-shirt? Looks like you guys had fun!!
  20. ^ What I mean is this: obviously he is giving us lots of photo updates as the park updates year-to-year. I'm wondering at what point is he going to make his release for us to download. And, will that be the only one or will he continue to develop it and give us the updated versions from time-to-time...
  21. What park year will you be releasing it to the forum? Will you say be releasing it in its 2000 form then every set installment or what?
  22. That's ok I "acquired" NoLimits last night so will download the track in the morning and check it out in the Simulator Have you done a later version of the one in the original post or is that it?
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