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I too got the be sure to keep your account activated email so I am coming out of the lurker shadows to say hello. I am Bequi, from Anaheim CA, we don't have any theme parks nearby...oh wait I do live near a place that gets bombed every night around 9:25pm or at least that is what it sounds like from my apt. I was a slave to the mouse for 15 years but retired in 2002. I wish I had kept count of how many coasters I have been on in my life but never thought of it before! I did visit Japan and Hong Kong last year and am planning a return trip in 2009. Just wanted to say I love this site even if I don't post and feel I know many of you from the wonderful TR's. Would love to go on an Asian trip with you all one day, it looks like a complete blast!


"Happiest Place on Earth my Snow White A$$" Charlie on Two and a Half Men

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Hi every one, this is my first post so hope i am doing it ok, I have just been to Kings Island Ohio for the first time, I love the woodies especially The Beast however my mate came off with quite a few bruises.

I am expecting to go to Fright Night at Thorpe park again this year its still one of the best I have ever come accross in my travels around the world.

And if you haven't been, go to Tullys Farm, The owner is really friendly and always interested in your views, Though its a working farm in the sussex country side don't be fooled, the haunted hayride and horror maze in the corn field (field of screams) ranks up there with all the bigger well known parks.

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Hello everyone.


I'm an spanish rider and I never have posted here. CONGRATULATIONS for your work in this web, it's very nice, I really enjoy whith your reviews, photos, videos...


I'm a member of a spanish asociation of Theme Parks users called ParKeTematiKo, or PKTK (www.pktk.com)


I was found this page when I was started to prepare my trip to Orlando in 2005. After that, I'm (and my family) another person We have been again in 2007 and, now we're saving money to return in 2011


My hobby is the video edition of my trips. Here an example:



Well, it's all for the moment.




PS: Sorry for the grammar mistakes but, I'm begin to learn english from a little time...

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Hi all !!!

Im new here !! ...i'm Marco from Italy !!

mmm...what can i say....mmm... i'm not good in english (at the moment !) because we have a very bad prof !! ...and its a big problem...however i like a lot all the amusement park !

i'm from the italian community : theParks [www.theparks.it]



anything else !? ...i think no !


Cya on the net !!!

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Hi, I'm Katrina, I am interested in themeparks and meeting new people. Cant wait to get into the spirit and get to some meetups so I can meet like minded people and get social again as I was a member of another forum quite a long time ago but I got too busy with work and trailed away from it really. So look forward to joining in some chats!


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I'm Josh, HI.

I live 10 minutes away from Knott's berry farm, 20 minutes away from Disneyland, and about an hour away from Six Flags Magic Mountain.


I'm in the second year of high school (11!!!) I'm into video production, swimming, shot gun, archery, rifle, running, biking, rowing, trumpet, guitar, piano, and I love roller coasters. My first ride was on space mountain at Disneyland. I was scared like no other to ride it, but once I got off the ride, I was hooked. I use No Limits on my free time. My youtube channel is www.youtube.com/rollercoasterxiii


Thanks for reading!

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Hello, My name is Shawn, and I have an addiction to round dot eyed fuzzy cute animals! OH and Theme Parks. I live in Hollywood (now) and am about 30 minutes from SFMM, but most of my Rollercoaster adventures happened while I studied abroad in Japan 4 years ago, and the occasional family trips from long ago. I've managed to ride 88 different coasters so far. I'm currently a slave to retail and a future student of fashion design.

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Hi I am Catkin

I live in Brighton and have been following you having fun for a few years.


You have cheered me up when I have been low and I enjoy your photo's.


I have a few responsibilities so can not join you in person although I would

like to.


When I do go on rides, I need a larger seat belt.


I like donkeys & all animals including rats even giant ones.

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I'm Daisy. I'm from Ireland so I NEVER get to ride coasters


BUT...I love them so much. I'm hooked on RCT2 and I try my hardest at NoLimits (still a bit rusty though).


Since I'm really gabby, you'll mostly find me talking rubbish in the Random threads...

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Hello all. I've already posted a few times here, but I figured I should tell a little about myself.


My name is Howard Parks. I hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan. So, Michigan's Adventure is my homestate park. I do custodial work at a shopping mall, and I'm also a musician (I play drums, mostly). I am also a roller coaster freak! The parks I've been to (so far) is as follows:


Michigan's Adventure (of course!)

Cedar Point

Six Flags Great America


Magic Kingdom (WDW)

Epcot (WDW)

Disney Hollywood Studios (WDW)

Universal Orlando

Islands Of Adventure

Busch Gardens Africa

Old Town

Indiana Beach

Sea World Ohio (Defunct-aka Geauga Lake)

Marineland (Niagara Falls, Canada)


Where I would like to go next:


Disney's California Adventure

Knott's Berry Farm

Kings Island

Cedar Point (last trip was 1999)

Holiday World

Beech Bend

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (MAYBE)

Disney's Animal Kingdom (of all the parks at WDW, I've never been there)

Cypress Gardens (only for Starliner, though)

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Hey everyone! My name is Smith and I currently live in Austin, Texas.


I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuge Disney parks fan and love theme parks in general.


I'm such a huge fan I wrote my thesis on Walt Disney and Walt Disney World while I was in graduate school.


I now work in the video game industry...it's...interesting.


I've been following Theme Park Review for a few years now and decided to finally take the plunge and join the boards. My favorite reviews are the Disney parks (obviously), the Halloween trips, and various trips to the "big" parks (although I like reading about pretty much everything).


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I just posted a huge intro and then the server went down! I'll try to make this one as good, but let me tell you, the original had moments of genius I'll be hard pressed to recreate. And by moments of genius I mean fart jokes.


Hi everybody, I'm Ben. I've been posting for a little while already, I'm twenty-eight, a crooner, and I'm getting my BM in Jazz Studies. I've always loved coasters, and being a So Cal native, I've had access to quite a few! Recently, partially due to this web site and its resources, I've gone coaster crazy...perhaps unhealthily so.


I'm planning a trip to SFDK and CGA in a few weeks. This trip will put me over 50 coasters and then some! With me as always will be my girlfriend of five years and coaster buddy, Laurice. She is not insane for coasters like I am, but she will ride any coaster that dares present itself to her!


Parks I've in which I've farted: DL, DCA, SFMM, KBF, USH, MK, Epcot, Dollywood, Castles n' Coasters, Scandia.


Top ten coasters in alphabetical order: California Screamin', Ghostrider, Goliath, Montezooma's Revenge, Mystery Mine, Space Mountain, Tatsu, Thunderhead, X2, Xcelerator


No Kingda Ka, El Toro, Beast, Eagle Fortress, S:ROS, or Expedition Geforce!? Maybe when I ride 'em!


Cheers to Robb, Elissa, and the famous-beyond-her-years KT! Thanks for this great web site and community!

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Hello i'm a Mac ! (No its a joke... REALLY ?! )


Well seriously, i'm a SAD French parkfan, sad because in my contry, the hospital is great OKAY, BUT: my president sucks, and the most important => there's no good coasters

Just some Vekoma, no B&M, and one Intamin (indina jones at Disneyland Paris, he's sucks but it's not a real Intamin...).


I live in Paris ! Yeah i know i'm the best

What do you think about "Champs Elysees" ? French says this is the best avenue in the wolrd... i don't think so... ! The best avenue must be Time Square !!!


To finish, i've been a lot of time to Disneyland Paris, cause i'm at 1 hour in train, and i dream about american's coasters, specialy Maverick...


Well, you know everything about me now

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Good evening everyone,


In fact, it is evening right here...


My name is Jurnan, I live in the Netherlands. I'm studying at the University of Twente, second year mechanical engeneering. After a while of reading here on the forum, I decided to join all yoy guys and registerd. I hope my English is nog that bad as I think it is, but please forgive me any little mistakes.


During the summer season I am working as a ride attendent at the wonderful park Walibi World. Most of the time you can find my near the S&S Space Shot or Vekoma SLC "El Condor". My absolute favourite coaster ever is Montu, I just want to ride it over and over again.


If you have any questions about me, please ask.

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Hey Yall. I am Anthony, But most of my friends call me "Anfronee"(apparently it is from the movie Mean Girls). I am really new to this Theme Park/ Roller Coaster thing, but i enjoy reading everyone's posts and pictures about it. I worked at Dollywood for the past 2 summers and i loved it, for the most part (and the mullets). I am originally from New Orleans, but now i reside in Johnson City, Tn. I guess that is it about as far as introductions go.

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^ Welcome! I'm pretty new too, but I just wanted to respond because I hit Dollywood this summer, and it was soo much fun! You work at one of the best parks in the US imho!


When you see entire families walking around with the same mullet, you know you're in Dollywood.

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Hi everyone!


I'm Bob!, but my real name is Baptiste. I'm a young french (15 years old) and I love theme parks, and coasters!

In France, there are no Intamin, no B&M just vekoma....(Alix?)

But I visited Europa Park (with EuroMir, SilverStar...), Walibi Belgium, Disneyland Resort Paris, Parc Astérix, Bellewaerde Park and other litte theme parks in France.

I live in the Bourgogne (the bourgogne's wines are very famous in europe), there are so much beautiful places to see there!

I play RCT2 too...


PS: Sorry for my bad english...

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Hey Robb and anybody else listening,

I have been a TPR member for a little while, but first time in the forum. I am a coaster Junkie and a member of ACE. Live in Rochester, N.Y with my wife Stacy. Home park is Seabreeze. Looking to meet some more coaster freaks. May be joining TPR on the Texas trip in July. Will be my first TPR trip. Talk to you later.....Ride On!

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^ Welcome! I'm also an ACE member, coming up on 20 years in the club.


"PS: Sorry for my bad english..." (Bob!)


Believe me, you write better English than a lot of Americans do!


And welcome to you, too!



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