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  1. Here are my favorite games of all time, although I won't rank them. ICO Okami Rayman (the very first one) Parappa The Rapper Shadow Of The Colossus The Last Guardian (been waiting for this one during 7 years, I had a blast when I finally played it) GTA V RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Brothers Journey
  2. Hi ! 2016 was a busy year for me, although I managed to go to some music festivals and random concerts. The very last one was Jean-Michel Jarre. I've been a huge fan of his work since my childhood, I was so happy to finally see him perform !
  3. The very last one I rode was a junior boomerang Vekoma on Sunday. But I also rode the brand new Mack megacoaster Alpina Blitz at Nigloland on Saturday and I had a blast. What an awesome airtime filled ride it is ! Junior bommerang Alpina Blitz @Nigloland, France
  4. I rode that one about two months ago, when I was living in New Zealand. Very rare credit to have on your coaster counter !
  5. Last concert I attended was Breakbot + Kavinsky last summer in Dijon (eastern French city). I must say Breakbot did an awesome set with pretty visual effects. Next concert is The Postal Service tomorrow night in Paris !
  6. Well, Robb, I also had to disagree with you. When I rode Oziris late April, I found the ride pretty amazing and very smooth. I don't know what happened on your visit. I know that the ride had encountered several problems (process and trains), but I don't know if those problems really helped to give you such a bad opinion towards the ride. I didn't find it bumpy, I didn't have any headache or other problems, though I rode it 5 times in a row. Your opinion on the ride is pretty weird indeed, compared to others' opinions. However, I must agree with you that the ride is forceless. I was also disappointed by the lack of positive G forces throughout the whole ride. But it also has some nice negative G forces (the drop before the Zero-G-roll, the segment between the loop and the immelman, the first drop ridden in the back rows), so I enjoyed it a lot.
  7. On April 30th, I rode Wodan at Europa Park. It was very good indeed.
  8. This photo was taken by a friend at Sea World Orlando. I thought it would make a good wallpaper. Manta
  9. ^ Seriously, you find Oziris awesome? I had the strange impression that I was riding a kiddie B&M. Not forceful, no positive G forces, nothing but very small airtimes ... Other than that, it is very well themed.
  10. Yesterday, I rode Oziris (the Parc Astérix's new B&M Inverted). Well ... It was a very smooth ride, very very good theming all over the place. It has a nice zero-G-roll, but ... I thought it would be more intense. In fact, I think you can consider it as a kiddie inverted coaster B&M, and not really as a very intense and awesome one. I'm a bit disappointed by this ride, but eh, I prefer old-school B&M, and that's all.
  11. Yup, that's right ... Expedition Ge Force. My God, what a ride!
  12. Walygator tomorrow afternoon, Holiday Park on Sunday. I definitely need to ride Monster and Expedition Ge Force.
  13. KingRCT3 : Here is your video (you filmed it in HD, that's a very good thing ).
  14. Several good friends of mine will ride it tomorrow, I'm so jealous! Ahahaha, well anymay, I'll ride it on April 21st, I'll probably shot some photos and post it there.
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