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Hey! I'm Stuart from New Zealand... I'm 16 (sudden influx of Southern Hemisphere teenagers?) and that's about it.

I totally think you guys should come to New Zealand for a coaster trip. I mean, our single head-banging Arrow coaster will just blow your mind.

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Ahem...*stands up*

Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I've been addicted to coasters for 5 years. I've been feeding my addiction with season passes to my home park Canada's Wonderland and am one of VERY few people who love Wild Beast and Minebuster.

I've been lurking for a little over 5 months now and I feel it's time to join everyone as you all seem to be amazing awesome people.

My favourite thread so far has been Big Mike's AMAZING road trip. It took me a little over 6 hours to read all 200+ pages but it was worth it. I hope to make a appearance next year if he decides to come back to Canada.

My first contribution to this site will be in February when my family and I travel to Orlando to go to Disney and Universal. I plan to post my first ever TPR style Trip Report. Until then, I really just want to make a few friends on here and just have a good time.


-Alex "Happy to be out of the lurking stage" Cross

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Adding my name to those thousands of others on this site! Pretty staggering to realize that there's 151 pages of introductions here!


It seems like there's a common theme in this thread. I, like many others was a 'lurker'. I must have spent weeks reading all the old threads and i'm at the point where I feel like I know everyone really well without even having introduced myself.


Little about me..


I have been and always be a coaster nut. I worked for 12 plus years at Great America (Gurnee, IL) - it's actually where I met my wife. She, much like myself is also a coaster fan. We have a 2.5 year old and another one on the way. This is a bit of a bummer for my wife since she's now coaster verboten for the next 6 months. She'll just have to live vicariously thru me I guess.


I have been to a number of different theme parks. As a much younger person we lived in a number of different countries so i've had the pleasure of having been to parks and ridden coasters in Australia, Japan and the UK as well as a number of different parks here in the states.


Well, enough for now I suppose. I look forward to interacting with the folks here and adding content.


No longer a lurker!

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Hey everyone.

My names Paul.

Im new.

Frrom Sydney, Australia.

Sydney, i know right. How could i possibly be obsessed with

coasters when i have none to ride here..

But yeah. It all started with wonderland.

Since then Queensland,

and not so long ago I took a trip with my family

to LA. Did knotts berry, SFMM, the disneys, sea world and

universal. Loved them all. Now, i just crave for rollercoasters..

All i get is Lunapark..

Eastershow is good. Comes round once a year.

Has a few portable coasters, some top notch thrill rides and yeah.

Its great to finally be a member after not recieving my

confirmation code twice. Haha. Cant wait to post more often,

and maybe become a regular

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Helo, I'm Julian, I'm 18 (birth at 8th January 1990) and I'm from Mannheim in Germany. I train as a locomotive driver in Mannheim by the DB (Deutsche Bahn AG) since 1st September 2007.


I love Roller Coasters, but I was only in 7 different Parks yet

(Tripsdrill, Holiday Park, Taunus Wunderland, Hansa Park, Europa Park, Phnatasialand and Heide Park) and I only ride 24 different Roller Coasters.

But I live only 20 minutes (with the S-Bahn) from Holiday Park

and there is my favourite coaster: Expedition Ge Force


I ride it at the first time when I was twelve, since then I was a Roller Coaster Fan.

At the time I rode it 121 times yet, and at my last visit 31 times.

Before 2007 I was only with my family at a theme park, but now I have free tickets for the ICE, because I work at the DB, and now I can get to every theme park in Germany with the train. Last year I was alone in the Heide Park and in the Phantasialand. I found them very good. Next year I will drive to the Europa Park because I want to ride the new Blue Fire.



And sorry my English is very bad because I didn't need it since I came out of school at July 2007.

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... Yo. My names Hayden. Local Park: Melbournes Luna Park (HOME OF THE WORLDS OLDEST ROLLER COASTER!! At an amazing 20* angle its... actually really boring) Being from Aus my closest GOOD theme park is like 1000km away. Favorite Ride is definetly Superman Escape. Worst Ride is definetly either Mick Doganflabbingabbin(watevever) Motocoaster at Dreamworld or The Carousel at Luna Park. Tallest ride ever: Tower of Terror. RaNdOm: My iPod Touch has 1,614 pictures of rollercoasters on it and still growing. MoRe RaNdOmNeSs: My dog just ran into a pole

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Hey there!


After years of reading the boards I've finally decided its time to join! My name is Mike, I enjoy theme parks, rollercoasters, cliches, going to the movies and spying on the neighbours. I hope to speak to you all soon, before more than likely forgetting my username and password at some point and going back to lurking.

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Hi I'm Mike, I'm 16 and live right outside of Pittsburgh PA (Harrison City- 40 minutes away from the city). I joined a few weeks ago and the members only forums are really cool. I have many books and other papers/ articles on parks. Sadly I've only been to very few parks, Kennywood, Idlewild, Lakemont, Delgrosso's, Knoebels Geauga Lake, and Disney World, and if you count Sea World Ohio (gone). I look forward to reading and talking to everyone.

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Hello! I am Michelle. My husband and I relocated from Ohio to Florida in July of 08. I'm a Cedar Point Alumni, formerly a Magnum girl from a very long time ago. I hated coasters until I actually had to ride one and now I cannot get enough of them. We're about a little over an hour from Disney/Universal/Sea World and are really looking forward to branching out to more than just the parks in the mid-west.


I am so glad I stumbled upon TPR's site and my husband and I look forward to possibly joining in one of the trips soon!

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Hello, well im a newbie at this forum:P let me introduce me:)


Name: William Bauset

From: Aurora, ON

Country,States: Canada

Occupation: Student grade 12:) Graduation this year (YEAH BABY!!!:p)

What kind of music you listening: Metal, Operatic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Movie Soundtrack, but Mostly Metal!!!

Current Themepark Location: Canada's Wonderland (only 15min away from my house:D)

Language that i speak: French, English (mostly French)

Favorite TV Series: Smallville, Friends, That 70's Show, The Simpsons, Malcolm In The Middle.

Age: 19

Birthday: October 7th 1989

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Hi people.^.^


My name is TwistedPepper, but if you want you can just call me Liz. I normally never do intros, but whatever. I'm thirteen and...well, I love roller coasters, obviously. You know, I didn't just join the site for no reason. I'm from Albion, PA, which I pretty much know haven't heard of. To tell the truth, I really have only been on...two roller coasters, reason being is that I don't travel much. I'm more on the dorky side. I'm into the mechanics.


Besides roller coasters, I love to write. It may not seem evident, but really, I love to. I also love music. I play bass guitar, and listen to many different types. Mostly industrial and...I guess it would be considered alternative. My other hobby is makeup. I play with MAC and such, although I do use drugstore.


Was that decent? ^.^

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I just noticed this forum, lol. Shows how much I pay attention to things, .


Well, I'm Shawn Clisso from A little community near Princeton, West Virginia (southern WV). I'll be turning 17 in April. I have no friends that are interested in roller coasters and theme parks so after bothering them with things they didn't care about, I decided to find people interested in things that i'm interested in so i came here . I've only been to two amusement parks sadly , Dollywood and Carowinds, but I know so much more about other parks too. I'm really interested in The "Science" of an amusement park, for example, What determines a good and bad park? What little things can help attendance? What location would be the best for new parks?( apparently not Myrtle Beach,lol),ect. . I really like the business aspects of Theme parks too. And then there's the coasters obviously,haha.Well, that pretty much it.


Oh Robb, I'm the guy that you had to send that Replacement DVD to, I did get it by the way, thanks. Was I supposed to mention that on here?lol

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Just ordered some DVDs from the store so thought I better introduce myself


My name is Grant and currently living in Scotland - just outside Glasgow. Scotland not particularly known for its "theme" parks - we have M&Ds and Loudon Castle.....and that's about it!


I'm definitely the wrong side of 30....OK nearer 40 but a total roller coaster junkie. I just wish that money had permitted me to go and ride more of them over the years but hoping to catch up.


Have ridden some good woodies over the years (Grand National at BPB anyone) and some not so good ones in my humble opinion (Stampida at Port Aventura). Have always wanted to goto Cedar Point and still on my hit list to do along with some US parks as most parks have been limited to the UK or Florida.


First coaster I ever rode was the Texas Tornado at Morecambe.


Anyway hello to everyone and hope to keep posting.

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Long time reader, first time poster.


I'm Richard (or Rick, Ricky, or Dick depending on who you ask). I'm 20 years of age. Live in Perris, CA currently. I've been a Theme Park fan practically all my life, but the love affair with coasters began with my first ride on Boomerang at Knotts. (I know. I know.) It was the most incredible thing I'd ever experienced up to that point. I was hooked.


So that's my intro. TPR Rockz. Glad to be a part of it.

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Hi all! I saw the Asia PTR that Robb posted on another site, so I thought I'd come here and check things out. TPR and the forums are awesome. I've spent a lot of time exploring and reading all the great info.


I'm Carly and my home park is SFGAm. I was 4 when my parents first took me there. I was able to ride Whizzer and Demon, and I've loved coasters ever since. I now have a 2 year old daughter and I can't wait til she hits 36 inches! She and I will for sure be enjoying all the kiddie rides at GAm this year.


I must comment to those of you who participated in the trips to the ghetto fairs. I don't even know any of you, but those videos are some of the funniest things I've ever seen. I was having a terrible day at work when I watched them and they certainly made me feel better. So, thank you for that!

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haha hey I am new here


from Sydney, Australia


My local parks have been (in the past)


Australia's Wonderland, Sydney (10 years)

Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast (1 year)

Dreamworld, Gold Coast (1 year)

Lotte World, Seoul (2 years)


been to loads more, I Should make a list


La Ronde, Montreal

Luna Park, Sydney

Universal Studios, LA

Universal Studios, Orlando

Disney World, Orlando

Universal Studios, Tarragona (Barcelona)

Wet N Wild, Gold Coast

Everland, Seoul

Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur

Disneyland, LA

Alton Towers, UK

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Hi, my name is Richard, 34 years old and I am living in The Netherlands. For me it all started back in 1981 when I ride my first coaster .... it was The Python in De Efteling !!! Since that day I am infected with that same virus you all have. Nice to have friends all around the world too share my passion with.


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Hey, Newbie on this forum.

Name: Mit deLuxe

Home Park: Oakwood Park


I live in Cardiff which is the capitol city of Wales.

I am 18years old and study Events Management in University. People might know me as Insane or Hydro sort of guy on various forums.

I speak 2 languages Welsh is my first and English as my second!

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