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  1. I'm kinda confused on this. Moving th Demon Drop across the country seems very odd for me, since the ride is older and its Cedar Fair. I'm thankful that I had a chance to ride the Demon Drop this past summer, when I went to Cedar Point. I rode it up to five times, there was hardly a line, and I got plenty of footage of the ride. It was a great ride. Just hope at Knotts, it goes well with the people. Sorry if this was already asked, but wasn't The Edge accident in California? People might be scared to ride it for some reason. Just a thought, I wouldn't, plus Intamin added more safety features after that.
  2. King Kahuna was on its last leg, it had many problems, I'd be very interested to hear if it is removed this off season what Kennywood would do with the rides land. I say remove it this off season and add a traditional family ride to replace the King Kahuna. Then change the Volcano back to the Enterprise. Volcano Valley is dead.
  3. Nice pictures. I haven't seen pictures of this ride in a while. It just makes me want to get up to Six Flags New England. They have some great looking coasters.
  4. Great pictures! I didn't know that a few boats from the lost river survived. Where they auctioned off? For a previous post, The Kooky Castle and Kennywood's Le Cachot were installed the same year. From what I read somewhere, because of where Kooky Castle was, the designer Bill Tracy, didn't design the front like Le Cachot. But I do agree, it is great to see pictures of the flat rides of Idora Park. I request if you haven't look into buying the DVD Rediscover Idora Park and the book Idora Park: The Last Ride Of The Summer. Thanks for sharing your pictures again
  5. I'd have to say Lakemont. Yeah Waldameer is great, but Lakemont Park in Altoona PA, has the Skyliner which is a nice coaster, and not to mention the worlds oldest coaster. The park also has a Toboggan which I think is really fun, a cool antique car ride, plus a ride called the Twister which is fun. I say Lakemont because it is only about 10 dollars to get in with the water park and the ride lines are empty. You can ride the rides without getting off.
  6. Well if anyone did not know, tomorrow July 19th at I believe 2:30, Kennywood Park is going to announce a major announcement to the public. Since tomorrow is an ACE event at the park, many people are speculating a new roller coaster for 2010 or 2011. I don't know what to expect, but I'm hoping Garfield's Nightmare will be rethemed since the Garfield contract is up. So I'm asking, what does anyone else think or speculate, and does anyone plan on going to Kennywood for the announcement?
  7. As stated, ride X-Scream and Steel Dragon, they are underated. Buy the Pop tickets, the waterpark is nice and the slides are fun. I also request the Pirates Cove and Whacky Shack. These are two classics created by Bill Tracey that are rare to find. These are fun attractions and fun for the family. I went this summer to Waldameer on a saturday and it wasn't very packed. Surprisingly, the Whacky Shack had the longest line all day, and then the Ravine Flyer, but that's because they only had one train running.
  8. Last time I went to Lakemont, I rode the German Swings, and I have to say it was a boring ride. The ride operater let the ride run for about five minutes. I'm not kidding. It is not a Wave Swinger but a nice ride to have for a park like Lakemont. For the Skyliner, I have rode it in mostly every seat, and the last three seats gets alot of air time and the last seat gets the most airtime. Personally, I thought the first hill was awesome since I would almost fly out of my seat since I'm small. But I think as stated already, the first hill is the best and you get the most air time out of any of the hills. The seats in the middle are not bad, getting some airtime, and the front seats don't really get anything. But all in all, I like the Skyliner alot, fun coaster. Going back to the Skydiver, I have to say it is a fun ride, I rode the one at Conneaut on June 12. Both time I was a Lakemont it was closed.
  9. Nice pictures. The first time I was there, I got sick on the Octopus, the 1950's spider. The second time I was there, I rode the Skyliner ten times in a row, it was awesome. I had the back seat for eight of the runs. And for me, the Toboggan is a fun ride except for the first drop after the spiral. I don't even remember how many times I rode that ride there. Too many. Lakemont is truely a nice park. To bad when it became Boyertown, The Carousel and the building were demolished, the whip was sold, and the Monsters Den dark ride was removed. The only good thing was bringing in the Skyliner and then some idiot decided to paint the entire ride white before they built the ride again. So the park had to look at pictures and hire a specialist to help rebuild the coaster. Thanks for posting your pictures. And one more thing, dollar days are awesome because you get the rides and the water slides and still you get on the rides fast because most people jam Lakemont's water park.
  10. Thanks for the information about the bumper cars. I was wondering what was up with them because when some one would hit those cars, the operator would put the cars back in that location. I took video all over the park and I'm glad I took some of the Musik Express and Toboggan since they will gone for sure. I was able to just walk up onto the Toboggan to take video of the ride, I was surprised. Thanks again for the information on those two rides.
  11. Great pictures! I was there this past Friday and there weren't to many people at the park. Rollo Plane, Round Up, Toboggan, and Musik Express weren't running still. I thought the train ran some this year but it was also down. The Blue Streak looked really bad. The wood was pealing and worn looking. The station sign was gone along with the trains. I did hear from a lady at Hotel Conneaut that workers have been working on the coasters motor. The Tumble Bug looked great. The Sky Diver at night looked really nice. The midway looked terrible. Almost all the games were closed. The Midway really needs a lot of work. I was surprised the Ultimate trip building wasn't cleaned up. The buildings walls are stacked up by the bricks. I do hope they get more bumper cars working because only five were working. I do believe this park will continue to work its way to looking better and attracting larger crowds.
  12. I'm heading to Conneaut tomorrow and can't wait. It's great to see the park up and running again. I'll post how my trip went. I hope the Devil's Den is up and running because it looks like a great dark ride. The price is a great deal. Thanks for the update.
  13. Rick Davis from dafe.org was at the park on opening day. If you don't know, he's in charge of dark ride site. I went up to talk to him, he's a cool guy, really nice.
  14. I actually liked the top of the second hill of the phantom. The kurve seemed faster and I liked the new horn, loud as ever. I also think the train should have more objects on display. Did anyone notice how when you hit some targets in Ghostwood that objects fell from the ceiling and more things were frequently poping out? I did, I thought it was a good, small addition to the ride. Is the video of the kurve test run from test run around 10:20, because I think that might be me in the green hoodie on the far left having my arms between the top of the fence. I do remember someone using a camera on the test run. Just wondering when you shot the video. But all in all, opening day was a blast.
  15. If the park does bring in some outside rides, do they have any idea what rides would be, and where would they place them, where the wild mouse once stood? I do plan on visiting Conneaut this year, I wish them the best.
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